A film by Romain Gavras

Cast: Karim Leklou, Isabelle Adjani, Vincent Cassel, François Damiens

English title: The world is yours

A small time drug dealer has a dream and he is unable to make it happen, so he does one last job in Spain which will get him the money to get the life he so dreams for. Two things however has to happen here, get rid of his overbearing mother and to get a girlfriend that is missing in his life.

le monde est a toi

Here is a crime comedy that we were waiting for which Gravas has pulled off very well with a couple of screenwriters. A goofy sort off crime comedy with a perfect casting. Adjani becomes  mother who loves to spend money as well as to steal it , is the head of a gang of North African pickpockets, Philippe Katerine a business lawyer with rather amateur aspects, and Vincent Cassel a former father-in-law of the most disturbed. It has a cocktail of action and goofy characters that is going to be a delicious platter of pastries with laughter. It has the cliché  of the french suburb on fire where the drugs and the dealers takes over at night.   Le monde est â toi maintain a rhythm from hell and has a lot of surprises at every turn.  Terrific performances from the actors here and fun to watch especially Vincent Cassel who is busy those days. Here Gravas reinvent comedy in France with a bunch of gangsters who are obsessed with their power and money but also in taking the throne. And gravas has giving a boost in reinventing a perfect french comedy. Watch this one while drinking whiskey with moderation.





MON KET (2018)

Mon Ket 2

A film by François Damiens

Cast: François DamiensChristian BrahyMatteo Salamone

Dany Versavel (François Damiens) is in jail and has a son who does not want to see him. So he breaks out of jail to see him and try to be a father to the kid.

OK mon, ket is a slang term in Belgium meaning my son. François Damiens here directs, and co-wrote the sketch film. That is how he got started doing sketch on a TV show with hidden camera so it is no wonder that is first film is going to be his first love sketches with hidden cameras; pure genius how he transform himself into a character where you are not going to recognize  him right of way.  The all film is with hidden camera where the other persons has no idea they are filmed. It is hilarious as hell. Dany is a man who has no faith, does not follows the rules or does not obey the law, he does want he wants . To get under the skin of the character, Damiens went under makeup for four hours a day with a different voice as well so the people will not recognized him. Some of you are not going to comfortable watching some scenes. Best scenes is when he teaches his son to smoke it is so hilarious. Dany Versavel spares no one, and his encounters, all more far-fetched than the others, that creates some funny situations and above all, it is totally hilarious. The 90 minutes of this film is going to be a delicious feast.

mon ket3

mon ket



A  film by Carine Tardieu

Cast: François Damiens, Cécile De France, Guy Marchand

English title: Just to be sure

Erwan, a solid  Breton deminer, suddenly is caught off-balance  when he learns that his father is not his father. Despite all the tenderness he feels for the man who raised him, Erwan discreetly investigates and finds his father: Joseph , an old man of the most endearing, for whom he takes affection.

Here it is you have a man who is a father who has a daughter who is pregnant does not know the father and this man found out at the doctor’s office by a DNA test that his father is not his father. And to top it all off on a rainy night a driver hits a boar with her car but guess who is her father. I know scary. Here is a heart-warming comedy that throws a some great  lines at us in every scenes. Cécile de France and Damiens are perfect for each other. Guy Marchand plays the stupid idiot to a T.  In the end, Ôtez moi d’un doute  is a happy and warm comedy  surprise of this year, and  welcome to the French cinematographic landscape.





A film by  Dominik Moll

Cast: François Damiens, Vincent Macaigne, Veerle Baetens

English title: News from the planet mars

For director Dominik Moll and his lead star, Francois Damiens, News From Planet Mars marks a glorious return to the world off beat comedy.

Philippe Mars, divorced computer engineer, trying somehow to lead a quiet life, between a schoolboy son suddenly become vegetarian, a high school girl obsessed with success, a painter sister who paints real bad painting and an ex-wife who is a reporter on  TV … the accidental burst of Jerome, a slightly disturbed colleague succeeds in transforming her life into chaos. But in a world that has gone mad, is madness really so bad counselor?


Damiens plays Philippe Mars who lives a boring life work, eat, sleep, until he spends some time with his colleague, Jerome (Vincent Macaigne) who has a nervous breakdown at work, accidentally sliced off Philippe’s left ear, and then  escapes from a mental institution. Jerome finds himself knocking on Philippe’s door Jerome invites Chloe (Veerle Baetens) round for dinner well all hell breaks loose. Philippe has his two teenager kids with him which his daughter thinks he is a loser, When Jerome enters his life, Phillips realizes that is life is going to change for the better or worse. Dominik Moll here does what he does best an off beat comedy and has shown a talent for blending naturalism and overstated frivolity. To a certain extend it feels sometimes like a Seinfeld episode. And trust me when  I say that do not miss this one.




A film by Eric Lartigeau
Cast : Karin Viard, François Damiens, Eric Elmosnino

Imagine you are born with this beautiful singing voice and you are born in a deaf family who depend on you to run the family business , raising cows and making cheese. Well that is happening to this girl who is the only one who can talk and helps her parents to communicate with the outside world. And yes it is a comedy of 2014 beside Qu’est qu’on as fait on bon dieu. It all started when Paula who has a crush on this student join the school choir. During choir practice her teacher Mr. Thomasson discover that she has a beautiful singing voice and encourages her to go a study singing in Paris. But the thing is for Paula is that she has a responsibility to her parents. There is nothing subtle about this comedy. Where Paula goes to the gynecologist and tells her parents in sign language that they have to abstain sex for 3 weeks, their response no way Jose. The mother who finds out that Paula becomes a woman and takes the bloody pants to show all the family number even her boyfriend like she has won the lottery. Putting that aside it is a portrayal of a deaf family who is going to lose their daughter the only connection to the outside world to becoming possibly a singing star. There is a fine line between doing jokes at a handicap family and Lartigeau is doing a fine job at walking on the line. It is the feel good movie also will grab you by the throat with the scene where she sings in a front of a panel of jury for the trial for the contest in Paris. It is a beautiful scene. Overall do not miss this one I had a good time with it. The actor who plays the son is really deaf, all the others actors had to learn sign language.

belier 2


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A film by Christian Faure.
Cast: Carole BouquetFrançois DamiensEmile Berling
English title: Behind the walls.
n 1932, In France, fourteen year-old runaway orphan Yves Tréguier is sent to a reformatory after several attempts to travel to New York  on a ship. He is sent in a reform home. He is protected By an older boy mechanic Blondeau against the bully rascal Molina. 
Based on a true story of French writer August le Breton the pseudonym adopted by Yves Tréguier.  The life behind those wall was violence between the guards and the kids, the crime committed and the sex was not too pleasant for the kids who were incarcerated behind those wall. I love the speech that fil de fer in the dinning room all children are not criminals. This type of reformatory was shut down In 1979. Great performances from all the actors.