PUPILLE (2018)

A film by  Jeanne Herry

Cast:  Sandrine Kiberlain, Gilles Lellouche, Élodie Bouchez 

Theo is hand over for adoption by his biological mother on the day of his birth. It’s a birth under X. The mother Has two months to reconsider her decision … or not. Child welfare and adoption services are going to work. Someone will take care of the infant until they find someone to adopt Théo. The others must find the one who will become his adopting mother. Her name is Alice and she’s been fighting for adopting a child for ten years. PUPILLE is the story of the meeting between Alice, 41, and Théo, three months old.

Pupille is name for an orphan who is a minor. After the very successful Elle L’adore, Jeanne Herry turns to this sensitive subject rarely done or talk about in the cinema adoption, and here is a film that will take you from start to finish in the adoption process. It is a fictional story but very near real life. And so the adventure begin from the day where the mother gives birth to the social services, the nurses that takes care of the infant and finally the adoption. Herry here has done a beautiful choreography with this story, directing it with harmony. You will see how it is important to talk to the newborn to tell them what is going on even if they don’t understand. A man will take care of that in this story. Not too many men do this job to begin with but the world is changing nowadays. He will take care of the newborn until he gets adopted. Meanwhile the others social workers will try to find a mother suitable for Théo. Here Herry has wrote this perfect film as well as directing it. To top it all off the casting is excellent. Here is a beautiful film that cannot be missed.



A film by Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

Cast: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Jean-Paul Rouve, Gilles Lellouche

English title: C’est la vie. 

A French wedding is going to take place in the 17 century castle as the staff is getting ready for the big event are they going to pull it off without a scratch.


Here you will follow the staff who will put together the big event this wedding at a French the 17 century castle. Here is a warm and touching but hilarious comedy from the Nakache and Toledano (The Intouchables, Samba) and did they nailed this one to a T. First you will find the staff preparing the event, taking care of the guessed until early in the morning. You see managing a team is not easy but it is like watching a magic show. Max (Jean-Pierre Bacri) goes around the chateau to see if his team is fine and every thing is on schedule. Bacri here does an excellent job playing Max who is at the end of the rope with his job and thinking about retirement. The gags, the mishaps, the people trying to get along and do their job without a scratch is not going to be an easy job. Le Sens de la fête has this inexplicable magic of cinema. You will see a few tricks of the trade revealed of which some are funny as hell. The film also pays a  tribute to the working class service staffs working tirelessly on their feet to cater to the clients who demand perfection. Of course the directors found an awesome ensemble of actors and characters who work in perfect harmony to satisfy the audience. Basically we are in good hands with Max and his team who are catering to the audience need. Well you know what they say c’est la vie.



ROCK’N ROLL (2017)


A film by Guillaume Canet 

Cast: Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard, Philippe Lefebvre, Gilles Lellouche, Yvan Attal,  Kev Adams,  Maxim Nucci,  Johnny Hallyday.

Guillaume Canet, a 42-year-old actor, is questioning the day when, where on a set of shooting, a young collaborator tells him that he is no longer an object of desire for the women of the younger generation …and bang!!!

Since I am in France I have read an interview with Canet who said he came up with the film poking t himself and his life as an actor when he was being interview a while back the interviewer said to him you are not very Rock’N Roll are you. Meaning he his at his place well manner, and well dressed that is how he is in real life. He said to her no not really. Now he wanted to make fun of his life and of the industry where they told him the image of a star is that don’t smoke, stay in shape, no grey hair on your head, wriggles are a no-no etc… Basically forbidding to age. So he decided to write this film with his friends. And this film is pure joy.


He doesn’t hold back on his actor’s ego, cinema’s obsession with youth and even takes a crack  shot at the trashy way actors are treated by casting directors like they were in a ferry   tale. Everybody plays themselves here not exception. You will find that Marion Cotillard with a Canadian accent Québécois she is preparing for the role of Dolan’s film even plays on her image of a tornado of awards. The uneasiness of loosing at the ceasar, messing up a kid birthday party, cocaine-paralytic bust on YouTube, being difficult on the set etc…Basically he is have a middle age crisis. It is also its ability to implement this on both sides of the camera. Here Canet is back with this comedy that rocks but with all due respect to the viewers I have to say this the film towards the end is a little too much. Still it is so good. Have fun.


L’ENQUETE (2014)














A film by Vincent Garenq 

Cast: Gilles Lellouche, Charles Berling, Laurent Capelluto

English: The investigation. 


2001 a journalist named Denis Robert (Gilles Lellouche) set on fire the financial world by accusing Clearstream the bank of money laundering. His quest for truth will be joined by Judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke (Charles Berling) Who is very combined agains corruption. Their path will lead them to the so-called “Clearstream Affair” and it is not going to be pretty.

The thing is about those film you have to follow very carefully the film because the financial world is a bit complicated. Here Garenq has done is best to explain it so the audience understand. This happen about 2001 when a Journalist Denis wrote a book who got the attention of an other man who told him this is the tip of the iceberg. So Denis wrote the following book about what was going on at Clearstream. Denis was working for the newspaper Le Monde but he had enough of the editor who told him to polish his article all the time all he wanted to report is the truth. So he went on to write his first book about the corruption of the banking system.  But when Denis continues to dig further a availing of revelation falls hard. So Clearstream protect themselves. Vincent Garenq film the story like a triller a l’american and that is the way to go with this story. The thing is with big bank who has to much power and cover up files left and right takes out the little guy like Denis to get rid of him. Great performance by Gilles Lellouche. Although a lot of journalist can not do their job right and tell the truth if they are attacked by the big powerful companies out there. A cool little thriller based on a true story made in France.









MEA CULPA (2014)

Mea culpa

A film by Fred Cavayé

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Gilles Lellouche, Nadine Labaki

2 cops that are friends good friends. But something happened a while back that killed the relationship a bit a car accident, that cost the life of the passage including a kid. Simon was at fault and has that on his conscience. Things did not go well for him after that he got divorced from his wife and sees his kid on the weekend. One day the boyfriend of his ex-wife takes them to see a bullfight. The boy has to go to the bathroom, so he goes on his own. When he does not come back anytime soon his mother worries, well he his pursued by a criminal because the kid witnesses a murder. So they want to get rid of the kid so they are no witnesses. They find out it is not an easy thing to do.

Here is a great thriller by the very talented Fred Cavayé. I always love his film. Nothing that you didn’t see before here. Kid saw murder and bad guy wants him dead. There is a twist in the story here, no I am not telling. It is an action pack thriller that you don’t see enough in my country. It is a bit predictable but who cares you are going to enjoy the ride. Even a shoot out in a TGV A train that goes about 200 moles an hour, yes we do have them in France that is how I travel around France or out or I take the plane. The thing is in this story is that is done a la French so there is emotion going through the character not this mindless action film that you see in the U.S. which i call them Guilty Pleasure. So let’s recap you have a scooter chase followed by a foot chase, then a shooting out in the night club and to finish it all in the TGV . Now you are going to ask me what is mea culpa means well here it  is a Latin phrase that translates into English as “through my fault”. Great title for this film you are going to see why at the end of the movie. Enjoy the ride in this one and fasten your seat belt.

mea culpa


mea culpa 2

LA FRENCH (2014)

La french

A film by Cédric Jimenez

Cast: Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, Céline Sallette

English title: The Connection. 

In 1971 William Friedkin released his Oscar-winning film The French connection. The film told the story of the French Connection drug ring which has smuggles heroin in New York from France.. In the connection (La French) by director Cédric Jimenez, the story is taken across the globe to Marseilles, France, where the drug ring was based. Jean Dujardin plays a magistrate Peirre Michel who is transfer to Marseille to be in charge of the case La French . On the other side of the track is Gaetan Zampa (Gilles Lelouche) who plays the king pin of Marseille. It is 1975 and things are good in the drug trade at that time until the new Magistrate Pierre Michel came to Marseille.

Great story and awesome film. Never a dull moment. Jimenez shot the film in 35mm to get the authentic look and feel of the 70’s film, and it works. Now I remember hear the story back in 1975 it made the news Jimenez uses real news footage from the 70’s at the beginning of the story. In the early 70’s there until Early 80’s 40 tons of heroin was delivered to the US from France. The story start In the middle where Pierre Michel took over the case. When he took over the case things didn’t go too well for Zampa who was getting pissed off. The thing is that Pierre was so obsessed with the case that he neglected his family life. Pierre was persistent and would never let go. The cinematography is beautiful,and retro. The costumes and accessories were perfect even the design of the set inside disco club. Pierre is the hero of the story well incarnated as humanly possible with his everyday life and life at work. The decline Of Zampa was taking effect even the people around him started to get scared of being taken by the police and thrown in jail. They were very organized and became very disorganized to me later on as the years went by because of Pierre. You know what is going to happen at the end the director build the tension with music that is perfectly integrated for the film. Pierre drives my favorite car of all time the DS Citroen.  Yes we still know how to make a good thriller in France Thank god.


la french

Video in French only. This film is not yet in the US. 


A film by Cédric Klapisch.
Cast: Karin Viard, Gilles Lellouche, Audrey Lamy.
After losing her job at a local factory, a single mother enrolls in a housekeeper training program, soon landing work cleaning the Paris apartment of handsome but cocky power broker. This man is Steve Delarue (Gilles Lellouche): 35, rich, single and a right proper bastard. He has no manners , no conscience , not even much common sense, and no heart, does not like too many people just himself. Tessa (the model that he is dating for a short amount of time) tells him he will never be happy because he will never be able to love anyone but himself. France (Karin Viard), a single mom who lost her job when he manipulated her factory out of existence. In Paris looking for work, she gets a job as Steve’s house cleaner, a task that expands to include managing his clueless life. Technically he is in a virtual world, she is in the real world. When Steve ex-wife comes in and dumps a child at his apartment he ask her to take care of him. They become this virtual family even a virtual couple, She also doubles as his date at two social occasions, at which her brassy confidence stands out. When she finds out let’s say something that he did (I do not want to reveal too much ) she decided to do something outrageous sot of speak. The film does not avoid the cliché unfortunately. But I still like it.


A film by Emmanuelle Bercot . 
Fred Cavayé ,Alexandre Courtès , Jean Dujardin , Michel Hazanavicius ,Jan Kounen , Eric Lartigau , Gilles Lellouche

Take 2 guys who are married and cheats on their wife they party like animals. they screw everything they can think of and lies to their wife like they is no tomorrow. It is done in a series of Comedy skits though out the film and directed by several directors. It has never been done a film in a series of skits in France. Funny movie with some shocking scene and well done. Not too many people like that but I do.


Appréhendé en 1977 pour avoir conçu, organisé et réussi le célèbre casse de Nice, Albert Spaggiari (Jean-Paul Rouve) s’évade du bureau du juge d’instruction. Pendant des années, il va rester insaisissable, résistant à toutes les tentatives de la police. Au cours de sa cavale fabuleuse en Amérique du Sud, il multiplie les rencontres avec des journalistes, fait des photos en forme de pied de nez facétieux au public français. Vincent (Gilles Lellouche), reporter, réussit à l’approcher pendant quelques jours dans une ville d’Amérique du Sud et découvre un être qui n’a rien à voir avec le grand banditisme, une sorte de Cyrano de Bergerac, généreux et fauché, souffrant de ne pas profiter davantage de sa gloire, looser grandiose, vantard plein d’humour et de contradictions mais qui reste traqué par la police française.