Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

A film by Gus Van Sant

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara

John Callahan (Joaquin Phoenix) who has a serious drinking problem gets in a car accident and survive with serious injuries. On the rocky road of recovery discover and heals himself with controversial drawing.

John Callahan (1951-2010), an alcoholic who, following a drunk-driving accident at the age of 21, spent the rest of his life as a quadriplegic. Callahan also became a controversial cartoonist for the a newspaper in Oregon. It is hard to do a story on an alcoholic and make it interesting. This is the film that comes full circle with the addiction of alcohol and the destruction of life that don’t have easy resolutions. A great film by Gus Van Sant who thankfully put to work more than a few screenwriters to pull this off. Callahan’s repeated reference to being abandoned by his mother and  adopted has an excuse for his problems and addiction. But like he said I started to drink at age 13, I liked it!  I liked it a lot. Well he had to blame someone for that. It is just an excuse. The film show the 12 steps program with the use of flashback. Here Jonah Hill who plays Donnie a rich kid who was an alcoholic is now the master of this 12 step program. By the way he lost some serious weight and he delivered a superb performance. It was a joy to see him doing some serious acting for a change. There are some funny moments at times Callahan falling into a bush after going on a skateboard maneuver in his motorized wheelchair, A nurse sitting on his face well I will say no more you will have to see the film. What I like about Gus van Sant is he is not using the studio system. He does his films on his own terms. Callahan becomes a cartoonist the one with the dark sense of humour and not everybody liked his drawing. A terrific independent film here not to be missed. I’ll drink that, Ha!ha!ha!

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot 2

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot 3

TO DIE FOR (1995)

TO DIE FOR (1995)










A film by Gus Van Sant

Cast: Nicole Kidman, Matt Dillon, Joaquin Phoenix


Suzanne Stone (Nicole Kidman) is a woman who lives to be on TV. She lives in the small town of Little Hope, N. H., but in her head, she lives in the hyperspace of supermarket tabloids, and People magazine. Suzanne is small time but she wants to become a star the next Barbara Walters. She is the weather forecaster for a local cable channel you have to start from the ground up as she says. Larry (Matt Dillon) is in love with her but his sister does not see what she sees in her to her she is the ice princess. Suzanne marries him why  it is anybody guess, he’s a nice a guy from a family who owns the local Italian restaurant/bar. Suzanne is played by Kidman as a woman who is always onstage, she can not gain weight and she does not want to have children the thought of boobs to be big and out there plus a big belly well that is just gross and women like her can not get pregnant in order to succeed in this business. It becomes clear that her husband must go. That were it gets a little bit predictable. To help in disposing of her husband, she enlists three airheads from the local high school: Jimmy (Joaquin Phoenix), Russell (Casey Affleck) and Lydia (Alison Folland). That is a big mistake. You see suzanne is manipulative sleeps around with an executive that could help her career and her husband is weighting her down. Great performance from all the actor especially Nicole Kidman. Phoenix and casey  Affleck were fairly new actor back then just trying to get in the business look where are they now they have not stop working since then. Illeana Douglas is Janice, Suzanne’s ice-skating sister-in-law who read Suzanne as a phony ice princess. Matt Dillon plays this dude who is this cool dude who is going to get the babe blonde bombshell, Dan Hedaya plays the father-in-law who is the king in his Italian family. And Buck Henry plays a high school teacher who get harassed by the students. It is a neat little movie fill of eccentric characters and it works here. You will see how it starts the film I am not giving away that one. It is a bit predictable because I knew what was going to happen at the end. I saw to many film already. I went yesterday every Thursday near my apartment at this movie theater will put a cult film. This is the first time that I have heard about film. I am glad I went to see it is a cool little film by Gus Van Sant you can’t go wrong there.








to-die-for -3









 Finding Forrester (2000)









A film by Gus Van Sant

Cast: Sean Connery, Rob Brown, F. Murray Abraham

William Forrester (Sean Connery), who keeps an eye on his Bronx neighborhood by using binoculars from his upper-floor window, wrote a great novel a while back and he stop writing. A young black man playing basketball is getting his attention. Jamal is a brilliant student who has no one to share his brilliance with. He conceals his learning because basketball that where he gets his acceptance. One night on a dare, he sneaks into Forrester’s apartment, is startled by the old writer and begins an unusual friendship.

Finding Forester resemble at Good Will Hunting, also about a working class genius. The stories are quite different because here you have a genius who contains himself because his friends will consider him as a suck-up. The scene between Sean Connery and the kid is a pleasure to watch, it is reminding me of this film the scent of a woman. You see there both of them are learning from each other. It is not a commercial film it is is film of acceptance both characters sees things in each other. Rob Brown making his big screen debut has done an outstanding job in this film. Both actors have chemistry and coul not be perfect for each other. It is a story on a human level. Keep in mind it is not easy to do a story like this one and keep interesting. Here is an other great one from Gus Van Sant.

 Finding Forrester











 Paranoid Park (2007)









A film by Gus Van Sant

Cast: Gabe Nevins, Daniel Liu, Taylor Momsen

Paranoid Park refers to a rough skateboard park underneath a bridge in Portland, Oregon — a place where, they say, “dead bodies” are buried underneath the contoured cement. A teenager Alex narrate the story using his journal were he is trying to confess the dark secret of his life. He is remembering the terrible thing that has happen in his neighborhood. He is the cause of it. He takes off but a detective is here at the school to interview him of where was is that night. Well that night Alex was suppose to go to Paranoid park to do a little skateboard but he didn’t think he was ready for it yet his friend Jared replied “no one’s  ready for paranoid park“. So he goes and meets a girl there which later he goes on the railroad and the tragedy happens. He runs and goes home. When he gets call to the principal office where a detective waits for him. He takes the low-key conversation.  He references his own youth, saying that he knows what it is to be young after all he was young himself back in the day. After the incident Alex wrote it all down after all his friend Macy (Lauren McKinney) told him to do so it is a good way to deal with things like that. Paranoid Park is a good movie about guilt, about  paranoia, about something that happen and was not intended to happen. Alex is a typical teenager in Portland long hair jean t-shirt fashion tennis shoes as he narrates the story his voice is flat. The audience will begin to feel the knot that Alex has in his stomach. The thing that I like is that the actor who has done a great job here make us think that they are regular kids instead of a star looking like a real kid. The freewheeling cinematography of Christopher Doyle is awesome. Paranoid Park is not a big commercial film but a film that is raw and provocative and well made.













GERRY (2002)


A film by Gus Van Sant

Cast: Casey Affleck, Matt Damon

Two guys named Gerry who goes to the desert for a walk and get lost. That is the all story there.

Here are 2 guys who are walking in the desert but get lost along the way, they talk, and the walk some more in silence. The opening od the film is them driving and saying 2 words. It goes on for a while. Then they go for a walk in the desert and get lost. Now I heard that a lot of people walked out of the theater because they couldn’t take it. The more I watched the film the more I said to myself when it is going to end. But it is good because you have to watched the body language of those two guys ,the breathtaking cinematography and the camera angle that Gus did in an other word the way it is filmed. The script was written by Casey, Matt and Gus the are very few dialogue I take it that it was on page only. But there is a scene where they are talking about this dumb contestant they saw on “Jeopardy,” One morning he is standing on the top of the rock and not sure how he got there and are trying to find out how he gets down. It the last one of a Trilogy the one before that is called Elephant and before that Last days. It is brilliant to me. I didn’t read nothing about this Film and saw it I go  okay so I went in the bonus feature and found out it is a trilogy. Pay attention in all the films Some of you might love it, like it or hate it and some of you will be adventurous like me. Chosen by “Les Cahiers du cinéma” (France) as one of the 10 best pictures of 2002 (#10, with the TV-show 24 (2001)). I think if I am correct it has been film in 3 different location. Algeria, California, Salt lake city.



And yes there is a trailer for this film.

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A  film by Gus Van Sant. 

Cast: Matt Damon, Frances McDormant, John Krasinski. 

Corporate salesman Steve Butler (Damon) arrives in a rural town with his sales partner, Sue Thomason (McDormand). With the town having been hit hard by the economic decline of recent years, the two outsiders see the local citizens as likely to accept their company’s offer, for drilling rights to their properties, as much-needed relief. What seems like an easy job for the duo becomes complicated by the objection of a respected schoolteacher (Holbrook) with support from a grassroots campaign led by another man (Krasinski) who counters Steve both personally and professionally.
Writers John Krasinski (screenplay), Matt Damon Decided to write this story. It is a good one. Natural gas drilling is a touchy subject, Specially with the environment group out there. They are to be a safe way of it. But the story takes place in rural Pennsylvania Where Butler wants the land for gas drilling and says to the people that it will make them rich. Do He really know if the company that he works for is up on the level Like Sue Thomason who says it is just a job. Butler is the top guy in global company and gets promoted quickly but as things get sour when a new guy gets in town and stirs things up Butler starts asking question himself. Good little movie well written By Matt damon and John Krasinski.