LUCKY (2017)

Lucky 2

A film by John Carroll Lynch

Cast: Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Ron Livingston

Lucky (Harry Dean Stanton) lives in Arizona is a WWII veteran who is retired, has this routine every day and does his round to see his friends and basically like all old 91 years old are waiting to die. 

Here is a film that most people won’t see but deserve  a chance here. It was shot in 18 days but the thing is Stanton died a few weeks before its release. Every day lucky gets up at the same time light up a cigarette does his yoga, drinks a glass of milk, goes to his local store buys milk or cigarette than goes at the bar and drinks his margarita talking to his friends. However my grandfather when he retired did not know what to do with himself and was doing the same thing gets up drinks his coffee has breakfast go the newsstand gets his paper then goes to the bar and talks to his friend, once in the while he will go to this village where he owned an apartment. The thing is that Lucky here does not know how long he has and is scared of his loneliness.


Lucky is filled with frank talk about divers subjects. Tom Skerritt plays another World War II veteran. Ed Begley, Jr. plays Lucky’s physician and has the best scene with him. Plus all sorts of others characters. The film is about death, fear and the loneliness that everyone is going to dread once they reach that age. Lucky who does not open up only  to certain young people, he is the kind of man who speaks frankly and have a hard time making new friends. The film feels like a modern western with the great panorama of Arizona. The camera here tells the story, we follow Lucky everywhere. The film with people who are a bit eccentric are not easy to do but this one has an elegance to it. It is a beautiful poetic film. The ending is so perfect, it is a farewell to Stanton’s fans. This film however is the perfect one yet.




Paris texas

A film by Wim Wenders.

Cast: Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski, Dean Stockwell .

A man comes walking out of the desert, he wears jeans and a baseball cap. This man, whose name is Travis,(Harry Dean Stanton) was once married and had a little boy. It all went to hell and he lost his wife and child. He wandered the land for 4 years until his brother got the call that Travis was in a clinic in the desert a rat home of a town.

Great film. The story is simply told. After his brother fetch him his brother got up and started walking when his brother started asking him question. He will not speak. When he does is when he finds out about his son Hunter. His son lives with his brother and his wife. So far we know piece of the story. Hunter was left by Travis’s wife (Natassja Kinski). As the story goes on we know more and all your question are answered. Travis is not insane in the beginning of his marriage it was happy times but his drinking and jealousy killed it. He stayed at the Hendersons to gain their trust. He walks home from school a cool little scene there. When he is in his pick up he decided to go to see to search for Jane with his son so he can reunite them. Will he succeed that is the question? Here is the thing the screen play is from Sam sheppard a guy who loves the open road and movies. The film the searcher where a man walks the desert searching a woman taking by the Indians. Sam Sheppard was inspired by this movie in order to write his screenplay in modern time. the heroes are misguided by their quest not quite understanding the role of the woman. Travis tells the story to Jane but can’t look at her he has a great monologue there that kick ass big time Sheppard know how to write them. Enjoy this one.