A film by Frank Perry, Sydney Pollack

Cast: Burt Lancaster, Janet Landgard, Janice Rule

Here is a jewel of a film that you might not have heard of it. It is the favorite film of Burt Lancaster. On a Beautiful morning Ned Merrill (Burt Lancaster) an athletic man but getting older in his bathing suit takes a swim in a pool of a friend of his and suddenly decide to swim in avery pool until he reaches home.

Ned runs in the wood takes a dive in a pool and swim gets out of the pool and a voice says Ned how are you? They makes small talk soon some more people arrived, they seems to know Ned. Than Ned decided out of the blue to swim from pool to pool all the way home. As the movie goes along you beginning to think what is going on here. Some of the pool owners loves him some hate him. He sees a young woman who use to be his babysitter she goes along for the ride and she confide in him that once she had a crush on him. You beginning to know that something is going on There is a fine line between fantasy and reality. The thing is when Ned is in the water he is in this fantasy when he comes back on the ground reality checks in some what. I am not going to say anymore than that just in case you didn’t see this work of art of a film. Burt Lancaster is superb in this great performance. The sequence with Janice Rule was directed by Sidney Pollack because Perry had creative differences with his producer so Sidney stepped in. And what a beautiful performances by both actors. Also introducing Janet Landgard with other string of actors who did a remarkable performances. This film is brilliant but yet disturbing.

the swimmer 1

the swimmer