LEBANON (2009)


A film by Samuel Maoz

Cast:Yoav Donat, Itay Tiran, Oshri Cohen

Here is a great film By Samuel Maoz from inside of a tank virtually throughout almost the entire film. First that is never done before second Genius. Everything we see is inside the tank so you will see faces, torso, heads, legs, feet but a close up of it most of the time like i said it is on the inside of a tank. You have a commander, a loader, a driver, and a gunner. What is happening out side of the world is seeing through the scope marked with crosshairs, enhanced when necessary by night-vision technology.What the men see out there is pretty terrifying. It is the first day of the war in Lebanon. Sometimes the hatch opens and you see an officer who keeps returning to  gives the order of the mission, they drop a bloodied body of a slain Israeli soldier, and later on a Syrian hostage. Youn fell like you are right there and you see the atrocity of war right in from of you. Maoz was 20 years old when he served as an Israeli tank gunner during the invasion of Lebanon in 1982. He was able to give us the fell of this horrific war with bold images. Engraved on the inside of the tank are the words: “Man is steel. The tank is only iron.” The floor of the tank is full of liquid, cigarette butt, urine, blood, and empty cans of rations. Pretty brutal image right there. You get a sense this is what the war in a tank is about. Well done by Maoz.




Melodsssol 00

A film by Henri Verneuil

Cast: Jean Gabin, Alain Delon, Claude Cerval

English Title: Any number can win.

Charles (Jean Gabin), a sixtyish career criminal fresh out of jail, rejects his wife’s plan for a quiet life of bourgeois respectability. He draft a former cellmate, Francis (Alain Delon), to assist him in pulling off one final score, a carefully planned hit on the vault of a Cannes casino. Bad luck and Francis’s lack of professionalism set the caper to hell, and the stolen cash resurfaces in an unexpected manner. he entire heist sequence lasts 26 and half minutes, and has very little dialogue. Quentin Tarantino loves French gangster film and so do I. I stubble on this film at the library in Paris watch it and decided to buy it last year around Christmas they had some good deal at la Fnac. I since then watch it again and I can’t get enough. Henry Verneuil has rewrote the story of the film Ocean’s 11 (1960) . And it turn out to be a cool film. This heist film is pack with emotions, romance, and a great heist sequence. Of course there are the dialogue of Michel Audiart the genius himself every time they say there is dialogue from Audiart I have to see the movie I know it is going to be some cool dialogue and some one liner jokes. The music is the is cool jazz 50’s, 60’s score that is out of this world. I do love heist film is the matter of fact as Roger Ebert said my favorite genre of film is a heist movie. Jean Gabin and Alain Delon give a splendid performance. A delicious climax of a film, a must see.


Mélodie en sous-sol
youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiinVTani0E&w=560&h=315%5D


un singe en hiver

A film by Henri Verneuil.

Cast: Jean Gabin, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Suzanne Flon. 

English title: A monkey in the winter.



Albert (Jean Gabin)  is an inn owner who vowed never to drink again if he and his wife survived the war. They did and guess what he now does not drink. But never say never. But times have changed and soon after the war, Albert comes in contact with Gabriel, a young man who is in love with his the bottle. Gabriel wants to retrieve his daughter who is in a school with sisters.  Suddenly Albert has enough and goes on a binge with the young man and what happens happens .

I heard it trough the grape wine that Jean Gabin was not too crazy be cause he came from the new wave cinema and was not crazy about doing the film with Belmondo but later on they became good friends and it shows in this movie. This film as a sense of poetry. It’s a movie about friendship, dreams, nostalgia, sadness between two men from different generations. It is also a film about 2 men who drowns their problems in a bat tom of a bottle. Gabin and Belmondo gives a very warm performance. The dialog is from Michel Audiard, you can’t go wrong with that. Now I love these old film because you get to see this little town in Normandie I have been there and he does bring memories. In those little town everybody knew each other inviting each other to their house there were an ambience that you do not find those days. See back in the day the hotels were own by families man an wife were running the hotel their kids if they had any were helping out. You don’t see that anymore. Great film from Henry Verneuil.

un singe en hiver 2

un singe en hiver 3


A film by Gilles Grangier.
Cast: Jean Gabin, Paul Frankeur, Marcel Bozzuffi, Lino Ventura.
Bertain Louis (Jean Gabin), said, “The Blonde” in the appearance of peaceful mechanic, is the leader of a gang of thugs composed of Pepito, said, “The Gypsy”(Lino Ventura) Fredo (Paul Frankeur) and Raymond (Jean Bérard). After robbing 2 guys from the bank they lay low until the next one . Meanwhile Peter the brother of louis is pinched by the cops who is forbidden to stay in Paris, is arrested by police as he left his mistress, They ask him questions about his brother, but he gives nothing away and get jail time for 2 weeks because is forbidden stay. One night, Peter overhears a conversation between Louis and Pepito: the organization of a new heist. The next day, on the road to Dourdan , an attack on a transportation funding goes wrong: Pepito is forced to shoot the two conveyors and two Motorcycle cops who chased them. During the chase, Raymond was killed. Returned home, Louis is apprehended by the police. Defendant, Pepito is convinced that Peter betrayed them But did he.
This is a great gangster film, adapted from a Auguste Le Breton novel, author of “Rififi” and “The Siciian Clan”. Jean Gabin has a rock hard performance in this film he has a strong presence. He worked with the usual people specially Michel audiard; he loved Gragier because he liked to drink, eat, and smoke like him. Some actors were a little nervous when they were doing some scenes with him. I love gangster flix specially french gangster flix. In this one you see a man who is a brother of a gangster and finds out who he is really, he has a girlfriend who she tries to milk for money every man in town and , the gitan who is trigger happy. The mother who hold the family together. They had to tell Jean Gabin that the woman who plays her mother was going to slap him seriously Jean Gabin did no want too but it was in the novel so that was the first time that a woman slap a man on screen at the time. overall a great film a french film noir.

This video is in french


A film by Gilles Grangier.

Cast: Pierre Fresnay, Jean Gabin, Noël-Noël.

Three old man lives in some little town in France. They old bitter, make practical joke and argue all the time with customers a the bar where they consume a lot of wine Hey! it is a french movie There is wine drinking. They take a basket full of bottle of wine and go to a rest home walking. They hitch rides, make trouble were ever they go most people tells them to go away. They arrived at their destination The rest home to find out that their friend died . The first day there they eat soup which taste like water and they are allowed one liter of wine per week. On that note they get the hell out of there. Nice cast They deliver and great comedy and the actors are in top of their game. It is like the three stooges, Max Groucho, Laurel and Hardy combine into those three.


US title:  4 bags full.
A film by Claude Autant-Lara.
Cast: Jean Gabin, Bourvil, Jeannette Batti.
Two men, a painter and a poor guy, have to cross over Paris by night during World War II and to deliver black market meat. As they walk along dark Parisian streets, they encounter various characters and adventures until they are arrested by German police.
“La traversee de Paris” is a brilliant with perfect blend of comedy and drama. The story is uncommon never seen the war that way before in a comedy drama kind of the way. The fun is mainly based on the duets between the two “heroes”, Grandgil (Jean Gabin), and Martin (Bourvil), supported by a great script. Grandgil is somehow a mysterious man. Sometimes he seems to be a sort of thug. He wants to cheat and steal the pork meat, following a sort of selfish anarchism. The unavoidable quarrels arising between the two men build a non-standard but close friendship. It is not surprising that this excellent movie was reviled by French audiences and critics when released. It is a anti-heroic story well told and well filmed.

La traversèe de Paris


U.S title the big swag. An other great film by Bourvil My grandfather favorite actor beside Jean Gabin. Louis Bourdin, a humble subway ticket puncher at RATP, boastful but cowardly, working at the station Quai de la Rapee. He is so fond of detective stories he wrote one himself. He adopted the pseudonym of Lenormand, and his novel entitled “Rape in the RATP”: the imaginary history of robbery of the train to Finance, which collects daily recipe stations at the end of service, flight he describes with great detail. He proposed to several publishers. Disdaining the latter, he will receive, unwisely, a different profession … grateful, but dangerous! Wounded by the refusal of publishers, and by the taunts of his colleagues, despite Bourdin encouraged by real gangsters to carry out the plan described in his novel, to ensure his literary success, and seduce Angélique, the punching of the dock opposite. In the cafe facing the prison of Health, bringing the name of good health, he tries to approach a gangster released from prison by slipping him the plan of action in his jacket pocket. But his choice is made quickly on a famous gangster, Filippi, true “aristocrat of crime”. Approach it the same way in a bowling alley, it is very interested in the script and wants to follow to the letter. But it requires Bourdin to become an accessory to enable its realization and follow the plan outlined in the novel. Family film you will love it.