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compartiment tueurs

A film by Costa-Gavras

Cast: Catherine Allégret, Jacques Perrin, Simone Signoret, Yves Montand, Jean-Louis Trintignant

English tile : The sleeping car murder

Six people share a sleeping-car on a Paris-bound train. When it reaches its destination, one of them is found murdered. As the police headed by Inspector Graziani (Yves Montand) frantically search for the killer soon after an other murder happens ,no!!! this can’t happen in Paris. It is the work of a serial killer? Or not. Well….

The thing is here is an other one of Gravas film that kick ass, it is his first film feature . It is in black and white  and shot in Paris so cool. It is fun to watch those old film I get to see how Paris was back in the day plus I love the old cars. Gravas here has done a cool thriller frantic that moves quickly. But it is not your typical stylist thriller here it has been done differently , plus you will see a car chase with motorcycle throughout  Paris. Michel Piccoli plays this unusual dude who is a little pervert sweaty and talking to himself. Yves Montand who plays the inspector does it with finest bit like a French Columbo. Simone Signoret does an outstanding job here. The director uses effective camera angles that create a sense of claustrophobia during suspense scenes. The appearance go the killer has his own style trench coat, hat, and lather gloves. Once the killer  shoot ,he repeatedly does it until the victim is dead which the killer taking sufficiently long pauses in-between shots to allow for the frightened victims to struggle around and stare in terror at their assassin. Here Catherine Allégret and Jacques Perrin plays young lovers and yes their chemistry are fresh as a croissant from the oven. There a cool non stylist film noir.


compartiment tueurs 2




Un film by Alain Robbe-Grillet

Cast: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Sylvie Bréal, Zuzana Kocúriková

English: Man who lies 

A man named Boris (Jean-Louis Trintignant, whom we have already seen shot to death in the credit sequence, set during World War II) returns to the village where he says he fought in the Underground nobody remembers him. Is he telling the truth he might have fought underground? or might be in this village? Jean might have or have not been betrayed or might or might no live in exile.

To this end, he checks into the unfriendly local inn and makes contact with the castle, Jean’s home, where  he lives with his father, an old servant, and three beautiful women (Jean’s wife, his sister, and the maid) living in deep sensuous seclusion. He seduces the maid, and tells endless different versions of his story. Robbe-Grillet has always done his own film not like everybody else. He has a different view of every day life and some good imagination. Jean here dies several time in the film he always miraculously escape.The young women, with their passive pretty faces,  their alluring glances, so pointedly indicate eroticism as almost never to be erotic.It is  an unusual film here not for everyone. It is a nice piece of art film I must say.







A film by Alain Robbe-Grillet

Cast: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Marie-France Pisier, Christian Barbier

Here is a director that I did not know I finally saw a film from him and man I am not disappointed at all. Here it is at theme they was this new train coming out called the Trans-Europ-Express it was the deluxe train, inside there were glass doors and Alain Robbe-Grillet the director liked it because it reflected images well once he film inside. Also it is the first film film on a train, usually they film it in the studio. You do not know really what is going on in the story.

It is a film Neo-Noir that has 4 stages. First you have the writer played by Alain Robbe-Grillet,  the script girl, and the producer who thinks that this train is cool and need to do a movie about it. Stage 2: is Alias ( Jean-Louis Trintignant) who is this drug dealer trying to pass drug from Paris to Belgium. Stage 3 The police man who follows Alias and Stage 4 the prostitute that Alias sees. The thing is you do not know what is going on in the story and where is it going to take you. Alain  did not want to do a film like everybody, he wanted to do his own story. The film is a little parody of the old New Wave crime eroticism movies, and the process, in general, by which films are thought out, or not. Alias played by Jean-Louis Trintignant has this perversion fetish, he is a sado-masochistic and go see a prostitute. It is Alain fantasies he also lived it and he said in an interview it is different to film the fantasy that I lived. Living it was much better than filming it in the way when you film it you become the voyeur to me. Alain got along well with Trintignant which also loved Marie-France Pisier who played the prostitute. Pay attention  the way he filmed the sex scene it is beautifully well done here. There is one thing that is going to shock you is that Alias is a different gangster he tells the truth and yes the film is a little bit off beat here. But seriously here I think it is his master piece here but I have to see the rest of his films.





the great silence

A film by Sergio Corbucci

Cast: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski, Frank Wolff

A young boy watches his family murdered by bounty hunters. The leader of the gang is unable to kill the boy so he slashes his throat so his vocal cord won’t work and  that would silence him for ever. The boy grows up to be a man and now is a bounty hunter. he is known as silence. And yes he is the bounty hunters who hunts down other bounty hunters who has broken the law and cashed in on the immoral behavior. Oh yeah! there is more the main thing is to trick them to draw first so it is self defense that is the irony of it.

The story takes place in the winter in Utah. This is not you typical western sets in the desert or deserted town under the hot sun. This is the western in the snow.  Corbucci creates this chilling atmosphere that will stick with you though out the movie. Of course the great music in this film is by Morricone. The opening scene is just chilling to the point that the music fits right in there there are also moment of silence.  Nobody could be as diabolical as Klaus Kinski in the role of Loco. After all he plays the bad guy very well and he is a great actor. Jean-Loius Trintignant plays this part well although he had no dialog in this film his facial expression speaks for itself. Vonetta McGee is exceptional  as Pauline, a beautiful black woman, who falls in love with Silence after losing her husband to the bountykillers. It is a master piece of a western who is violent and has dark humor at times. I found this film by accident and decided to see what is was about I wasn’t disappointed.

le grand silence









A film by Jacques Deray

Cast: Alain Delon, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Renato Salvatori

 This movie depicts the authentic story of the hunt for the dangerous criminal Emile Buisson, who escaped from prison in 1947. During three years Buisson manages to hide from detective Borniche by repeatedly killing his informants. When he’s finally caught with help from the little criminal Paul, Buisson will have committed more than 100 robberies and killed 30 people.


A beautiful model named Valentine crosses paths with a retired judge, whose dog she runs over with her car. The lonely judge, she discovers, amuses himself by eavesdropping on all of his neighbors’ phone conversations. Near Valentine’s apartment lives a young man who aspires to be a judge and loves a woman who will betray him. From these characters’ proximity comes spiritual kinship and mutual redemption. This is the kind of film that makes you feel intensely alive while you’re watching it. SERIES TRADEMARK: In all three parts of the trilogy, an elderly person can be seen trying to throw an empty bottle into a recycling bin. In this final entry, Valentine (Irène Jacob) helps her, while in the other two parts the main character just watches. Final movie for filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski. Citing that it does not meet enough of the necessary guidelines concerning a film’s “artistic control” within a foreign co-production, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences disqualified the film from competing as Switzerland’s official entry for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. (In an unprecedented move, Switzerland rejected the Academy’s offer to submit another film.) Miramax Films’ co-chairman Harvey Weinstein persuaded more than sixty industry heavyweights to sign a letter of complaint urging the Academy to reconsider its stance, to no avail. Krzysztof Kieslowski s best known work was the Three Colors trilogy: “Red”, “White” and “Blue”. “Red” brought him Academy Award nominations for best director and best screenplay (with Krzysztof Piesiewicz) in 1995, “Blue” shared the Golden Lion at Venice in 1993, and “White” earned Mr. Kieslowski the best director award at Berlinale in 1994.


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