LOVE & MERCY (2014)

Love & Mercy (2014)

A film by Bill Pohlad

Cast: John Cusack, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Giamatti

The film start where you are going in Brian Wilson’s ear and into his head. The film is smart unconventional and refreshing look at the autobiography of Brian wilson. I used to go see them in Pine Knob Music Theatre in Michigan now it is called DTE energy music theater, i think I saw them at least a dozen times every summer and did they put on a show. It is a tribute to the beach boys which they had a distinguish sound like no other band had. 

Love & Mercy (2014)

You see you will see how Wilson creates a new tune in his head then on the piano get the gang together and gets it right on the money it took time and sometime it was frustrating for the other member of the band. It was not easy but it was done right. There is the flashback from back in the 60’s and into the 80’s where brain was not so well and meet his second wife Melinda. Pay attention to the details the instruments the costume, the decor was done just right for the time period in the 60’s.

Wilson was the key to the success to the beach boys here and went on making of Pet sound. The Beach Boys were a family business, including Brian’s brothers Carl (Brett Davern) and Dennis (Kenny Wormald) and their cousin Mike Love (Jake Abel). Wilson had sound in his head take on a sinister turn, and his odd behavior plus paranoid ramblings scared his bandmates and his first wife, Marilyn (Erin Darke). LSD din’t help it made matter worst. There is the other part of the film were it is in the 80’s and a sinister character enter Wilson’s life Landy ( Paul Giamatti) just looking at his hair you knew he is going to be the villain in this. And I am a little stunt that this happened to Wilson. Melinda (Elizabeth Banks) was a ray of sunshine for Wilson and the rest is history they say.

Love & Mercy (2014)


the butler

A film by Lee Daniels.

Cast: Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack.

Cecil Gaines  ( Forest Whitaker) was a sharecropper’s son who grew up in the 1920s as a domestic servant for the white family. Unfortunately his dad got shot by the owner of the cotton field and his mom wasn’t the same after getting raped. He gets out on his own and find his way in hotel and becomes a valet. At a request of a friend he gets himself into being a butler in the white house. Cecil would serve numerous US Presidents over the decades as a passive witness of history with the American Civil Rights Movement  as his family has troubles of its own. His wife (Oprah Winfrey) was an alcoholic and his eldest son fought his way in and out of jail fighting for civil rights for the black man .

Here is a piece of history.  Cecil would serve in the White House for 30 years and serve many Presidents, but this movie is much more than just about a job. It is about his family and the struggle that they had to go through. There is the movie going from 1920 through 2008 there is a lot of history that goes along with it. Forest Whittaker carried himself well in this movie. Gaines was a noble man he provided for his family had a house got married and 2 kids to him life is good. But his son later on was fighting a war that seems endless and impossible to win. His wife was unhappy because she was neglected by Cecil, he was working at the White House too much. His son with his own struggle with the civil rights  trying to fight it until it was going to change. Here is  some of the entertaining casting with Robin Williams as Dwight Eisenhower, James Marsden as JF Kennedy, Liv Schreiber as Lyndon B, Johnston, John Cusack as Richard Nixon and Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan. Minka Kelly resemblance at Jackie Kennedy as does Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan. There is humour, too. Daniels paints a brilliant picture of all the changing time.  There is some powerful scenes as well some interesting one.

The Butler




A film by John Sayles.
Cast: John Cusack, Clifton James, Michael Lerner.
The great Chicago White Sox team of 1919 is the saddest team to ever win a pennant. The team is bitter at their penny pincher owner, Charles Comiskey, and at their own teammates. Gamblers take advantage of this opportunity to offer some players money to throw the series. (Most of the players didn’t get as much as promised.) But Buck Weaver and the great Shoeless Joe Jackson turn back at the last minute and try to play their best. The Sox actually almost come back from a 3-1 deficit. Two years later, the truth breaks out and the Sox are sued on multiple counts. They are found innocent by the jury but baseball commissioner Landis has other plans. The eight players are suspended for life, and Buck Weaver, for the rest of his life, tries to clear his name.

Watching the movie, I gained a new appreciation for the old-fashioned Hollywood style of telling a story in which, right near the beginning, which there is a close up of each of the key Characters and someone would describe them. A villain emerges: Charles Comiskey, the “Old Roman,” who owned the club and treated his players like slaves. When they won the pennant, he sent them flat Champagne. If he promised a pitcher a $10,000 bonus for winning 30 games, he’d bench him after his 29th victory. The movie argues that there would have been no Black Sox scandal if Comiskey had shown the proper respect for the greatest baseball team of its era. Maybe so ,maybe not Who knows. But then various big-time gamblers swim in and out of focus, making cash offers and arguing that everyone was going to be in on the deal. And they thought they were going to get away with it? The Sox are throwing off the games it is hard to believe that no one has caught onto the gig because their errors was subtle. Well they din’t want to open their eyes. The White Sox were found innocent in court, the judge banned them from big-league baseball all the same. Great film even more so if you are a baseball fan.


A film by Cameron Crowe.

Cast: John Cusack, Ione Skye, John Mahoney.
High school senior Lloyd Dobler wants nothing more than to go out with beautiful and intelligent Diane Court. Lloyd attempts to win her heart over the objections of her over-protective father before Diane leaves for a scholarship in England.
She is the class brain, and so of course no one can see that she is truly beautiful – no one except for the sort of weird kid who wants to devote his life to kick-boxing and who likes her because of her brains. Of course she says no at first than the first date happens and she wants to continue to see him and tell her father that he his dependable and straight forward. She discusses him so openly with her father because they have made a pact: They can say anything to one another. When her parents got divorced, she chose to live with her father because of this trust, because of the openness that he encourages. In this movie no one is the hero sort of speak. Diane father (John Mahoney) is a caring, trusting parent who will do anything he can to encourage his daughter, but his secret is that he has done too much.
They find that out when IRS agents come knocking on the door with charges of criminal tax evasion. This movie concluded itself very well.
Say Anything is one of those rare movies that has something to teach us about life, and it does not have a message. Great film A must see.


A film by George Armitage
Cast: John Cusack, Minnie Driver, Dan Aykroyd.
Martin Blank is a freelance hitman who starts to develop a conscience, which causes him to muff a couple of routine assignments. On the advice of his secretary and his psychiatrist, he attends his 10th year High School reunion in Grosse Pointe, Michigan (a Detroit suburb where he’s also contracted to kill someone). Hot on his tail are a couple of over-enthusiastic federal agents, another assassin who wants to kill him, and Grocer, an assassin who wants him to join an “Assassin’s Union.”
For Matin blank the job is getting routing and he discuss that with his shrink while he is on the job which he missing his target so to redeem himself He goes to his high school reunion and on a kill. Cusack Play this character well Blank his character is smart like Cusack who is smart to play this role. He gets reunited with a girl that he was in love with in high school and an other player is an assassin who wants martin to join the union. The film takes the form but not the feel of a comic thriller. I like this one.

CON AIR (1997)

A film by simon west
Cast: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, John Malkovich.
Cameron Poe, who is a highly decorated United States Army Ranger came to his home of Alabama to his wife, Tricia. only to run into a few drunken regulars at where Tricia works. Cameron unknowingly kills one of the drunks and was sent to a federal penitentiary for involuntary manslaughter for seven years. Then, Cameron became eligible for parole and can now go home to his wife and daughter, Casey. Unfortunately, Cameron has to share a prison airplane with some of the most dangerous criminals in the country, who somehow took control of the plane and are now planning to escape the country with the plane. Cameron has to find a way to stop them while playing along. Meanwhile, United States Marshal Vincent Larkin is trying to help Cameron get free and stop the criminals including, Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom.
Of course this movie is absurd but it is fun to watch.
Let’s take an inventory. There’s the ringleader, Cyrus the Virus (John Malkovich), who cheerfully reports that his last evaluation found him insane; Diamond Dog (Ving Rhames), a black militant who’s pretending to be Cyrus’ lieutenant until he sees an opening to make his own move, and Johnny 23 (Danny Trejo), so-called because of his 23 convictions for rape it should of been 69. Plus there are about 10 more creeps–including Garland Greene (Steve Buscemi), a serial killer with 37 victims Why not 69 that would been funny. They go on a plane and you know dam well that the plane is going to be jacked and going to crash But so what it is a funny action pack film and fun to watch.


A film by Stephen Frears
Cast: John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Todd Louiso.
High Fidelity follows the ‘mid-life’ crisis of Rob, a thirty-something record-store owner who must face the undeniable facts – he’s growing up. In a hilarious homage to the music scene, Rob and the wacky, offbeat clerks that inhabit his store expound on the intricacies of life and song all the while trying to succeed in their adult relationships. Are they listening to pop music because they are miserable? Or are they miserable because they listen to pop music? This romantic comedy provides a whimsical glimpse into the male view of the affairs of the heart.The film is a highly humorous and informative look at men, relationships and love.”High Fidelity” is based on a 1995 novel by Nick Hornby, a London-based writer, and is directed by Stephen Frears, also British. Frears and his screenwriters (D.V. Devincentis, Steve Pink, Cusack and Scott Rosenberg) have transplanted the story to Chicago so successfully that it feels like it grew organically out of the funky soil of Lincoln Avenue and North Halsted. This is a film about the only obsessed clerks in record stores, but the video store clerks who have seen all the movies, and the bookstore employees who have read all the books. The John Cusack character is someone I used to know in college.
That why I can relate to it so well.