A film by Richard C. 

Cast: Richard Harris, John Huston, Henry Wilcoxon

1820. A trapper, left for dead after having been wounded by a grizzly bear, tries to survive in a hostile nature with only one idea in mind: revenge his former companions, led by a visionary captain whose ship is dragged By 28 mules through a territory  infested with Indians …

The film focuses on an 1820 trapping expedition to the Northwest territory led by Captain Henry (John Huston), a former naval commander. The opening of the film where Henry and his crew are hauling a loads of furs on a boats on wheels pulled by 20 mules and what a raw site that is in this raw nature, they are trying to get to the Mississippi river before the Indians gets them. When two trapper goes hunting one get hurt by a bear and his left on the side of the road to die.


The thing is is that here is a man who is left on the side on the road to die. But this man named Bass (Richard Harris) has this incredible will to survive. With broken ribs and a broken leg is trying to get to the convoy back to his friends to seeks revenge. Richard C. Sarafian has been able to capture the essence of nature where back in the day men was hunting to get food and fur. There is flashback when he was an orphan and so on. The dialogue is minimal. Sarafian relies on facial expressions and the ever-changing landscape to evoke a sense of wonder and mystery. It is the law of the jungle here one must feed himself and in order to do that has to kill. Kill to eat or die and get eaten. Which it is clear in Bass’s case. It is as realistic as it gets here. The formula is simple no heroes, no bastard here, and no clichés. Well done Mr.Sarafian. 




The Misfits (1961)

A film by John Huston

Cast: Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift

Guido (Eli Wallach) meeting Rosalyn (Marilyn Monroe) and her friend/landlady Isabelle (Ritter) as she’s on her way to get a divorce. Guido is speechless when he meets Rosalyn well she is a beautiful woman. They bump on each other at the local bar where he is drinking at the local bar with his buddy Gay (Clarke Gable) who’s trying to convince Guido to hit the open road again to round up some horses because he does not want to see anybody for a while.Gay is taken by Rosalyn. Isabelle warn Rosalyn about cowboys saying they are up to no good. They take off to guide’s house outback in the boondocks. A house that he build but not yet finish. Once there the two men is trying to get the attention of the blonde goddess. Later on a friend of Gay tags along and is trying to get her attention as well.

The Misfits -2

It’s the last feature film starring either Clark Gable or Marilyn Monroe. That was a big loss in the world of cinema. Written for Monroe by then husband, the great playwright Arthur Miller, The Misfits gave her the greatest role of her career, a terrific performance at that. As well for the other actors look at Gable’s career he has done well as he is a outstanding actor. Clift as well I did no know that he made this film very few people I think do not know about this film I didn’t on Thursday night in Paris there is a movie theater UGC who puts those cult film back on the big screen. And I am there most Thursdays. So it is so cool to see it on the big screen. Well you see those 3 people as cowboys does not want to get a jobs. they do not want to work for wages. They want to be free. They are dead man, in an other word they do not want to do like the rest of society they work round up horse sells them go to rodeos get drunk after and have nothing to show for it. The other thing is the part where Rosalyn find out why they round up the horses. He makes her feels sick to her stomach. She portray the beautiful blonde who every men wants to possess has a sweet innocence but very intelligent side of her make her more powerful sexually. All she want is like every beautiful women wants that they respect her and love her for who she is not for her body part. Gable is sweet and charming in this one. Eli Wallach play this cold guy who went to war and Clift is unable to fulfill his heard desire. Those two has some great scene together. The chemistry of the actor is so perfect it is not even funny.The cinematography and art direction are wonderful making the desert like it was paradise even in black and white. John Huston has done an outstanding job here. So check out this cult classic film.

misfits+huston monroe


After years of wooing director John Huston via good reviews, film critic James Agee was given a chance to write the screenplay for a Huston picture. Adapted from a novel by C.S. Forester, The African Queen stars Humphrey Bogart in his Oscar-winning portrayal of Charlie Allnut, the slovenly, gin-swilling captain of a tramp steamer called the African Queen, which ships supplies to small East African villages during World War I. Katharine Hepburn plays Rose Sayer, the maiden-lady sister of a prim British missionary, Rev. Samuel Sayer (Robert Morley). When Germans invade and Samuel dies, Allnut offers to take Rose back to civilization. The first choices for the lead roles were John Mills and Bette Davis. This is the role that won Humphrey Bogart the only Oscar of his career. The Queen of Africa was played by the LS Livingston, which had been a working steamboat for 40 years. It is now docked next to the Holiday Inn in Key Largo, Florida, just off US Highway 1. To show her disgust with the amount of alcohol that John Huston and Humphrey Bogart consumed during filming, Katharine Hepburn drank only water. As a result, she suffered a severe bout of dysentery. In “The Making of ‘The African Queen,’ or How I Went to Africa with Bogie, Bacall and Huston and Almost Lost My Mind”, Katharine Hepburn described the first day of shooting. Five cars and trucks were needed to take the cast, crew and equipment 3.5 miles from Biondo to the Ruiki river. There, they loaded everything onto boats and sailed another 2.5 miles to the shooting location. Press materials and contemporary articles detailed the perils of shooting on location in Africa, including dysentery, malaria, contaminated drinking water, and several close brushes with wild animals and poisonous snakes. Most of the cast and crew were sick for much of the filming. In a February 1952 New York Times article, John Huston said he hired local natives to help the crew, but many would not show up for fear that the filmmakers were cannibals. Columbia originally bought the novel as a vehicle for Charles Laughton and his wife Elsa Lanchester. Instead, they made The Beachcomber, which was same story, but a box office failure. And at one point David Niven and Paul Henreid were each considered for the male lead. ecause the boat used in the film was too small to carry cameras and equipment, portions of the boat were reproduced on a large raft, in order to shoot close-ups of Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. Interior and water-tank scenes were filmed in London, as were most of the scenes containing secondary characters. Robert Morley shot all of his scenes in London, including footage of him preaching, which was edited together with shots of the natives praying, which was filmed in Africa. While filming the scene where Charlie finds his body covered with leeches, Humphrey Bogart insisted on using rubber leeches. John Huston refused, and brought a leech-breeder to the London studio with a tank full of them. It made Bogart queasy and nervous, qualities Huston wanted for his close-ups. Ultimately, rubber leeches were placed on Bogart, and a close-up of a real leech was shot on the breeder’s chest. In 2007, the American Film Institute ranked this as the #65 Greatest Movie of All Time. ‘The African Queen,’ built in England in 1912 was used by the British East Africa Company from 1912 to 1968 to shuttle passengers and cargo across Lake Albert (on the border between Uganda and Belgian Congo). It is now located in Key Largo. ‘The African Queen’ sank and had to be raised twice during filming of the movie. Lauren Bacall quoted “The natives had been told to watch it and they did. They watched it sink.”