A film by Terry Gilliam

Cast: Adam DriverJonathan PryceStellan Skarsgård

Toby (Adam Driver) who is a commercial director who shoot a vodka commercial that utilises the figure of Don Quixote . One night, he finds someone selling a bootleg DVD of his thesis film from ten years ago, itself a Quixote adaptation he shot with some friends and nonprofessional actors at a local village. To get inspired he tries to reconnect with the past by going to the village where he shot his thesis film and may the adventure begin…..

Orson Welles has tried to make this film but the director has died before he could finish it and it took 30 years by the way. Here Gillian tries to make his own film which took 30 years or so in the making, he had truly had a hard time to get the project done. I kind of love it feeling what the hell was this made a lot sooner. Here Toby embarks in the village hoping to reconnect with his youth. He finds that some of the non professional actors that was in his film some had great luck others not. But soon after that he meets the man who played Don Quixote the aging shoemaker Jonathan Pryce who thinks he is Don Quixote. Toby will embark then is this strange adventure in the wild west of Spain. Here you are going to feel lost in the film but Gillian wants you to be. The energy of Gillian here is infectious. The plot is not linear it is going to be going every which way. Not too worry you are going to have a good time. It is presented like a kaleidoscope fable. What I like about it it is going to go in a loop. You’ll know what I mean when you see the film. Here is one for you the actor Jonathan Pryce after the film was done was suppose to go to Cannes but he suddenly had a stroke. Some say it is a curse. Maybe maybe not.



DOUGH (2015)


A film by John Goldschmidt

Cast: Jonathan Pryce, Philip Davis, Ian Hart

Nat (Jonathan Pryce), whose kosher London bakery is struggling and facing a hostile takeover bid from a cutthroat developer who wants to tear it down. When Nat’s apprentice quits, he  hires Ayyash (Jerome Holder), a Muslim immigrant from Africa. I know right a Muslim and a jewish dude in the same room, run people run. Okay just kidding, Ayyash supplements the family income by selling marijuana on the side so he can get out of this hell hole of an apartment that he occupies with his mother. But one day by some stroke of luck well you know what I mean some pot goes in the family bread recipe and yes suddenly every one wants some.

Take an aging white Jewish baker, add a young black Muslim immigrant, and what do you have? The ingredient for a funny pot story where bridges are build across religions racial and generational divides that will make a feel good movie. There is no doubt where the story is going mutual respect will develop, friendship will form, bonding will hit them, lessons will be learned, and greed will fold.

Dough is a sweet, touching, light comedy that will surprise you and is nonthreatening done à la Ken Loach. What more do you want people? A little pot to go with this film perhaps? Sorry I am not a drug dealer but I can get you wine.