A film by George Clooney 

Cast: Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac

Welcome to Suburbicon, it is 1950 and everybody is happy, well until the black family moves in. Racism in America in the 50’s no you have got to be killing me. Next door well some kind of home invasion is occurring. Too much excitement for me I am packing to go to Paris France.

First Clooney here sent home his screenwriter the one he usually works with because  he did like the script so he went with the Coen brothers and wrote this, and when you see the film it is going to feel like a Coen bother’s film except it is directed by Clooney. I will say this the film start out good until the insurance man played by Oscar Isaac comes in and here is the third story but later it falls into the water. Why? Ok it is funny at times but if you put Issac in it and it does this wonderful acting and then poof. I think here the Coen pulled off Fargo and Burn after reading were it was well done to the fact they know how to film a movie with this kind of theme and never let it go until the end. Here Clooney tries the same thing but does not pull off. He knows very well how to frame his shot but not telling the story . After all the experience he has and all the film he has acted in he should have learn something right? Not an easy thing to pull off a crime story with humour noir. Until next time.





Maggie has a plan

A film by Rebecca Miller

Cast: Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke, Julianne Moore

Here is a woman where her biological clock is ticking and decided to have a baby on her own but it derails when she falls in love with a married man her professor at the university  . to top it all off she destroys his volatile marriage.

This film got presented to the Berlin film festival. The film is a cool little comedy of SSD ( The scene of the sperm donation) a comedy that gently mock artistic circles and new York intellectuals. Maggie has a plan has in addition to its wonderful and eccentric leading lady ( Greta Gerwig)  a big plus, no doubt, with the presence of Julianne Moore who is a control freak, outrageously manipulative and perverse pure genius there. You will have a good time with this one guaranteed with laughter. As for the film it has a surprisedly a surprise ending with a beautiful spread. It is a sweet little jewel.


Maggie has a plan-2

CLOE (2009)


A film by Atom Egoyan.
Cast: Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson.
There was a film called Natalie By Anne Fontaine, Erin Cressida Wilson rewrote the story and made it more erotic. Nothing wrong with that. It works well when it is well written.
Looking down from her office window, she sees a young woman who has the manner and routine of a high-priced call girl. This she stores in her memory. Her husband calls her and says that he missed his flight, he will catch the next one in 2 hours Catherine Stewart (Julianne Moore) has some suspicion that her husband is having an affair. Later on she finds out on his cell phone a message from a young girl and a picture of her beside him that confirm he is having an affair. She hires this call girl (the one she stored in her memory) to have her flirt with her husband to see what he will do.”Chloe” centers on a powerfully erotic young woman with personal motives that are hidden. Early in the film, talking with a patient uncertain about her sex life, Catherine explains that an orgasm is a simple muscular contraction, quite natural, nothing to be frightened of or made mysterious. Chloe tells her about entering a cafe, boldly asking David if she can take the sugar from his table and returning to her own. David understands that Chloe is not interested in sugar. Chloe is skilled in what she does. She goes on to tell Catherine that her husband came on to her and that she masturbated him in a park. Chloe uses her intelligence to be in tune with her client and she knows how to provide to the client. Now she describes details to Catherine that do a great deal more than provoke a wife’s jealousy about her husband. They provoke an erotic curiosity about him. Chloe is perhaps 25 years younger than Catherine, but in many ways wiser and more experienced. She is very clear of what she wants. Moore, that consummate actress, undergoes a change she only believes is under her control. That is all I am going to say about this film see it and discuss it with your friends.


A film by Glenn Ficarra, John Requa.
Cast: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore.
Cal (Steve Carell) and Emily (Julianne Moore) have the perfect life together living the American dream… until Emily asks for a divorce. Now Cal, Mr Husband, has to navigate the single scene with a little help from his professional bachelor friend Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). Make that a lot of help.
CRAZY STUPID LOVE is a nice little comedy about good people With Steve Carrell not too crazy about him but he out done himself in this one and their is Julianne Moore’s character who is cold and distant who has two adorable teenagers. Marisa Tomei enters the movie as a tornado of warm comic energy.cBut the surprise is Ryan Gosling. He is a terrific actor? he is getting getting better and better every time? he plays a lounge lizard /pickup artist Yea! I remember those days (the Russian you can stop laughing now) and he sells a lot of bull shit.
after hearing the news of his wife wanting a divorce cal sinks is sorrows in a lounge drinking cranberry juice and watching the ladykiller makes his moves on pretty women. Soon He meet up with him and teaches cal to dress and to pick up women as he call it to take back your man hood. Here is a great comedy that you wife will love Masahiro. This film will leave you satisfied.


A film by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Cast: Tom Cruise, Jason Robards, Julianne Moore.

24 hours in L.A.; it’s raining cats and dogs. Two parallel and intercut stories dramatize men about to die: both are estranged from a grown child, both want to make contact, and neither child wants anything to do with dad. Earl Partridge’s son is a charismatic misogynist; Jimmy Gator’s daughter is a cokehead and waif. A mild and caring nurse intercedes for Earl, reaching the son; a prayerful and upright beat cop meets the daughter, is attracted to her, and leads her toward a new calm. Meanwhile, guilt consumes Earl’s young wife, while two whiz kids, one grown and a loser and the other young are pressured and face their situations. The weather is getting worse. Could it be the end of the world. Paul Thomas Anderson has done a commendable job in putting on the screen a relatively unique vision Let just day they are similarities between Robert Altman.

This movie is awesome film it has , a joyous leap into melodrama and coincidence, with ragged emotions, crimes and punishments, deathbed scenes, romantic dreams, generational turmoil You name it it has it.