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A film by Aki Kaurismäki

Cast: Ville Virtanen, Kati Outinen, Tommi Korpela

English title:


Helsinki. Two destinies that will cross each other. Wikhström, in the fifties, decides to change his life by leaving his alcoholic wife and his work as a sales representative to open a restaurant. Khaled is a young Syrian refugee, stranded in the capital by accident. He sees his asylum application rejected but decides to stay despite everything. One night, Wikhström finds him in the courtyard of his restaurant. Touched by the young man, he decides to take him under his wing.

Here is a narrative of crossing paths, an apology for a rare optimism. Finnish director and writer Aki Kaurismäki, not happy with the way refugees are seen and portrayed in today’s society, created a story almost like an apology and an attempt to manipulate your emotions. How is it possible to change one’s behavior or the way people think, however, is subject to never-ending discussions.

Khaled (Syrian actor Sherwan Haji) goes to Finland on a cargo ship. The circumstances surrounding his arrival are not yet fully unknown that is what I like here. After taking a shower he goes to the police station and seek Asylum. What I like is that they take his fingerprint on a digital machine that will stream to the laptop as the police officer does the report he types it on a type writer too funny.  Some how after escaping the war he part ways with his sister with all of the chaos that is going on he gets arrested and thrown in jail. While he waits for the bureaucracy to kick in he is trying to find a way to find his sister only to end up later by the garbage can of a restaurant where the owner can’t help himself to help him.

l'autre côté de l'espoir 2

Although set in this day and age, the story looks, like and feels like in is stuck in the 60’s 70’s maybe a stroke of genius from the director. With it bold design and colour the viewer is going to feel like they are in an other dimension welcome to the twilight zone. This dramatic comedy has a life of its own with nonsensical lines are delivered with the straightest of faces in to navigated in such a way that it keep the dignity of the characters. Like I said pure genius here and yes an other successful film here. A series of local artists perform songs that merge blues and tango with local sounds an interesting concepts here that makes this film unique. I am telling you now do not miss this film directed with this unique director, I’ll say it again it is pure genius.





the man without a past

Creator: Aki Kaurismäki.

Cast: Markku Peltola, Kati Outinen, Annikki Tähti . 

A man gets out of a train with a suitcase with all his belonging in it . He gets off the train to go to the park sits down on the bench and fell asleep. A bunch of hoodlum gets a 4×4 and hits him with it on the head , he falls and they continue to beat him while one of them gets to look in the suitcase to get his radio and his wallet. He is left for dead. He is in the hospital and dies there so you think. After the doctor pronounce him dead, He leaves and our hero suddenly wakes up and no he is not dead yet any way. He walks out go the hospital and makes it by the river si far so good. He his laying there while a homeless man gets his boots. 2 kids passes by one of them says ” is he dead” our hero opens his eyes and the kid says “no”. they get help and a family takes care of him. They lives with a community of people who lives in a shipping containers.  The landlord rent him one. Keep in mind this is a comedy as well as a drama “If you don’t pay up,” the landlord says, “I’ll set my savage dog to bite your nose off.” “It only gets in the way,” the man says.”You wouldn’t be able to smoke in the shower,” the landlord points out.  This film is full of dry humor as I call it. This film won an oscar for best foreign film as well as caesar at the cannes film festival for best foreign film also. The man gets to know his neighbors. the family who took care of him, The landlord, a man who leaves in the garage dump a woman who works at the salvation army. I am not going to tell any more for fear that you did see the film. But you will see the journey that this man takes to trying to romancer his name. It is a terrific film from Finland and I would strongly recommend it.

man without a past

the man without a past

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