A film by Ludovic Bernard

Cast: Ahmed Sylla, Alice Belaïdi, Kévin Razy

“For you, I could climb the Everest!” Samy should have shut up  that day … Especially since Nadia does not believe much in those beautiful words. And yet … Out of love for her, Samy leaves the  city and goes to climb the mythical 8848 meters that make the Everest the biggest mountain of the world. When he leaves his friends who also leaves in the suburb of France La Courneuve where they say the slackers resides has a radio station going to follow step by step Samy.

Ok it is based on a true story from  Nadir Dendoune from his book “Un tocard sur le toit du monde”A loser on top of the roof of the world. You see Nadir is the first Franco-Algerian to climb Everest without unkind of experience what so ever and did it the first time around. For the sake of the story here the name was changed and it is a black dude climbing who falls in love with a white girl. What I like about this story is that they will be no name calling nor race joke however it is a light comedy like us French people likes to make them.



For the love of a woman this man will climb Everest, That is a crazy dude see in the Courneuve suburb there are a lot of laid off people and that are slackers. In the news recently it came to my attention that now there is a lot more business owners in that area. So a bank and a group of people who owns a small time radio station sponsor Samy to go to Everest in return he has to call once a day so he can tell everybody his progress. The thing here is that Samy has to succeed in order to win the love of Nadia and for the slackers friends that he has so they don’t ridicule him when he comes back. It is the journey of this man who at times who said to himself what the hell I am doing here and am I going to make it. Nice little comedy with breath taking cinematography. At the same time as a sentimental comedy, an adventure film, a social chronicle and an initiatory trip, this “l’Ascension ” that starts from the Courneuve  and ends at the snowy summit of Everest, Art is a mountain of sensations, from laughter to tears. Besides, Ahmed Sylla who plays the main role, would have largely lived up to this great performance in incarnated his character. Not too bad for a first time Director here who had to film this under extreme conditions.