KURST (2018)


A film by Thomas Vinterberg

Cast: Michael Nyqvist, Léa Seydoux, Colin Firth, Mathias Shoenaerts

August 2000, The Russians Navy engages in exercise with the unsinkable submarine called the Kurst (K-141). But before performing this exercise, they celebrated the wedding of one of their comrade.

Mitkhail Kalekov (Mathias Shoenaerts) says goodbye to his wife who is played by Léa Seydoux and son. Shortly after departure the explosion occur due to the fact they could have prevented it but the orders are the orders. Another explosion followed and more violent than the other which force the crew to be in a small compartment with water freezing to death. The soviet government was trying to save them but their equipment was defective and did not want to admit to the English who themselves offer to help.

Government especially the soviet government are this bunch of liars who would admit that it was their fault and too proud to ask for help because they suppose to have the equipment to rescue them. Plus they lied to the families to top it all off, and why is that  not surprising me. We all know what happen it was news back then in 2000 august 12. Luc Besson who produced the film decided to go with what happen in the sub and the rescue attempt than showing more of the politics with the soviet government. Keep in mind that Norway wanted to help too but the soviet turn them down. The director tried to shoot the film in the soviet but the soviets would not have it, so it was film in France and Belgium. Also he was trying to get documents for his research but the soviets refused because those documents are classified. It is a sad thing to see that the government does not care about its people, especially those crew members that had families.



SPECTRE (2015)


A film by Sam Mendes 

Cast: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci

With casino the studio one back to the novel of Ian Flemming. they kept it going so far and Craig has been lucky enough to be part of it. Last year Skyfall has pulled the numbers and the most profitable Bond ever a billion some dollars it is crucial that they do not miss the next one.

Bond act as a rogue agent. Following instructions left on a DVD by the late previous M (Judi Dench), Bond has been tracking down members of a mysterious organisation, and following a pre-credits ‘incident’ in Mexico City, he’s suspended from duty. Is that going to stop bond? no what so ever Bond is going to look into it some more with the assistance of Q (Ben Wishaw).

The film starts with some quite spectacular cinematography in Mexico where they celebrate the day of the dead. In one shot we follows two people in costumes into a hotel room, they reveal themselves to each other and then the girl says “where are you going “ of course the replied from Bond is “I’ll be back” and he jump off the window unto the ledge to do well you know. And that there sets up the film very well. Since from Casino they went back to the old formula not doing over the top stunts with explosion after an other. They stuck within the books which was smart to do. However the cast the film well Lea Seydoux and Monica Belushi. One plays the nice widow the other has is cold but yet has deep feelings for Bond well she has two sides. The cinematography and the location are out of this world of course there is the fine Christopher Waltz who does an outstanding job here as always. Dave Bautista does well there is the perfect role for him. I am going to say this in a good way I expected a little more here but did not get it, I am not saying that the film was not good it is a very good film but it needed a little paper in the sauce sort of speak. I still enjoyed it. I hope you will too.





A film by Yorgos Lanthimos

Cast: Jacqueline Abrahams, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Jessica Barden, Lea Seydoux 

In a near future, single people, according to the laws of The City, are taken to The Hotel, where they have to find a romantic partner in forty-five days or are transformed in an animal of their choice and sent off into The woods.

Here is a creative an original story. Just think you do not have a choice you have to find a matching partner and have to be in love with them however you are not allowed to be single it is against the law. They take you to this hotel where in 45 days you will have to find a suitable partner or you will be turned into an animal of you choice. What are you kidding me, here is an original story from Lanthimos who has done a beautiful job here to tell this fable out of the ordinary with dark humor to go with it. It is an absurd idea for a film but it works well here.

The film opens with Colin Farrell plays David, an architect who  on separating from his partner  is taken to the hotel where, along with other singles, he must find a partner or be transformed into an animal of his choosing. He chooses the titular lobster. The singles spend their time at the hotel undergoing  punitive social mixing, uncomfortable small talk and watching staff-led vignettes on the benefits of being a couple I do love this one it is hilarious as hell. Also they endure some other bizarre punishment. And the go hunting for loners in the woods. If they get one they might have a day or more added to their stay. Suddenly after an incident David gets out of the hotel and into the wood. Everybody is talking like zombie repeating the conversation the they heard in which the film is carefully frame here. The lobster is a film is the most structure story define by culture and ideology. And trust me when i say that it is the most bizarre comedy that I have seen in a long time that has the great perfect ending.


the lobster


la vie d'adele

A film by Abdellatif Kechiche .

Cast: Léa Seydoux, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Salim Kechiouche.

English title: Blue is the warmest color. Adèle (Adèle Exarchopoulos) is a high school student who is beginning to explore herself as a woman. She dates man but she finds no satisfaction sexually with them. She is interested by a girl in school but the girl rejects her. She crave for something more. She meets Emma who is a free spirited girl with blue hair. Her relationship with Emma grows into more than just friends as she is the only person with whom she can express herself openly. Together, Adèle and Emma explore social acceptance, sexuality, and the emotional scope of their maturing relationship.

First Kechiche throws the viewer into the world of Adèle (Adèle Exarchopolous) a beautiful teenager that friends tells her that she should be wows by a lot of guys but instead almost breaks the heart of the one fellow she experimentally dates. Feeling no sparks with any other guy she fixed on the girl with blue hair. as they discover each others body in ecstasy the most talk sex scene they devour each others body (wait I think I need a cold shower and to jump on my girlfriend ) and they love to eat food that is. (One of the sex scenes took 10 days to film) . But things get complicated like any relationship and he gets ugly. As Adèle  is still searching herself. Their love is being betrayed . The 2 actress has done an outstanding job. It is a film with a emotional roller coaster. The Story is moving along just fine but it is a 3 hour epic master piece film. There is too many close up in this film which was driving me crazy. But other than that it is a great film. here was controversy surrounding the director and his work methods. It was revealed that he would do hundreds of takes for small scenes to achieve the desired realism of the story. Both actresses stated that the film looks so real because Kechiche pushed them to their breaking point, and that they were really struggling. Initially planned to be shot in two months, the film took nearly five-and-a-half months.  The first film adaption of a graphic novel to win the Palm D’Or.

la vie d'adele

la vie d'adele



A film by Rebecca Zlotowski
Cast: Tahar Rahim, Léa Seydoux, Olivier Gourmet.
Gary (Tahar Rahim) and his new friend, the pickpocket, who buy the vehicle from gypsies, get a job working at a Nuclear plant. They are hiring people with little experience and training to clean a Nuclear plant. Karole (Lea Seydoux) meets Gary and it is love at first site, but Karole has a fiancée who also works at the plant. The job is so dangerous that they live in the moment. You see people are coming from different corner of the country to work at the plant, they live at the camping site not too far from the plant. Gary at first when he came for the interview for the job is withdrawn but as the days goes by he gets comfortable with his new family. Gary and karole has their sexual encounters in the woods and then the big news she is pregnant an emotional Karole start crying when she finds out tears of joy and fear, because her fiancé is sterile on the top of that she does not want to leave him. Nice movie from Rebecca Zlotowski.


In the wake of screen adaptations by such acclaimed filmmakers as Andrzej Zulawski and Manoel de Oliveira, director Christophe Honoré updates Madame de Lafayette’s novel La Princesse de Clèves while placing the story in a contemporary setting. Junie (Léa Seydoux) is new in Paris, and there isn’t a man in the city that hasn’t noticed. Chief among her admirers are teacher Nemours (Louis Garrel) and gauche fellow student Otto (Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet). As passions flare, it becomes readily apparent that Nemours maintains a rather liberal approach to student-teacher relationships. Basically it is a love triangle story. See it at valentines day with your love one.