sin hombre

A film by Cary Fukunaga

Cast: Paulina Gaitan, Marco Antonio Aguirre, Leonardo Alonso

The film has 2 stories. First you have a young woman Sayra (Paulina Gaitan) from Honduras Who join her father and her uncle to go to Guatemala through Mexico than the United States to relatives in New Jersey for a better life. The other involved Willy (Edgar Flores) his gang name Casper and a 12 year old kid who want to be in the gang and their leader to rob the train where the people are going to the United states the 2 stories collide with each other. The is the film debut of Cary Fukunaga who was 31 at the time and he has already master story telling and the cinematography of this film. Sayra’s father and her uncle are on this journey to get to Jersey to see the family who lives there but the journey is carved in hell. You will see what people will endure to get there. Casper join the gang by force and smiley the 12 years old kid want to be in the gang he get initiated by being beating to death then Casper show him around the compound where the gang leaves and show him the rope.  when Casper meets Sayra you think their fate is sealed but all hell breaks loose. You see Cary has ride the train and he knew what went on. It is not a pretty site, bu it is the reality of it. And smiley it is terrifying to see a 12 years old kid to want to be in the gang and be accepted on the top of it he will do anything they will ask him to do even kill someone. The scenery is superb is this film no doubt. Before they reach a train station the jump off the train and make a detour on foot to avoid the guards. Sin Hombre is a great film showing the incredible will power to endure anything to get to their destination.