beautiful day

A film by Lynne Ramsay

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Ekaterina Samsonov, Alessandro Nivola

A girl is missing a tormented handy man (as I call him) is on a rescue mission which a chain of events will take place. Corruption, perversion and such will sent him to a brutal violence that will lead to his awakening.

Director Lynne Ramsay brings us a chilling take on New York City with this brutal tale beautifully stage that start with the very talented Joaquin Phoenix.

The film open with a man cleaning up a crime scene however he does not want to be seen. Gets out of the alley with hood on, he has a grey beard as the story goes along you will see that he was tormented as a kid, he was a soldier, a law enforcement officer, now he is like the dude you call if you need something and do not want to involved the cops. He will do it efficiently without leaving a trace. He in fact is off the grid. A senator ’s daughter is missing and Joe is asked to find her and returned to the senator.The work is, however, well served by Tom Townend’s elegant photography , Jonny Greenwood’s punchy electronic music, and especially Joaquin Phoenix who incarnated the character’s body and  soul, puffed up, bearded, and completely hallucinated. The editing is brilliant, and Lynne Ramsay has a  real sense of atmosphere while mobilizing, explicitly, a number of cult films. Psycho, Taxi driver, etc…In the end, this sophisticated thriller reflects a real know-how and Lynne Ramsay shines here. The film got just in time at the Cannes Film Festival and got nominated for best actor and best screenplay.

a beautiful day

a beautiful day




A film by Lynne Ramsay.

Cast: Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly, Ezra Miller . 

Eva (Tilta Swinton ) is a mother who is trying to put her life together. She used to live in a big house with her husband and 2 kids. People are pissed at her because of the incident. She barely get a job. Some people threw red paint at her house and car. People give her a Pissed off stare as she goes by. The film has a series of flash back to see what was her life a while back. You get inside of a woman’s head and get pieces of her life form her past. When she get pregnant she does not want the pregnancy and she does not know why she got married in the first place. He son is born and his is a problem child from the beginning. he hates her but loves his father. The father played by John C. Reily (Franklin) is clueless about his son or choose to ignore it with a bunch of excuses. The life of eva went to hell that it is in her head at all the time bits go pieces of it. On the top of that the flashback are told not in chronological order which for the part of the director is pure genius otherwise the film would collapse. Kevin her psychotic/sadist son had a gift he kew how to piss her off, he knew exactly what button to push. On the other hand the father Franklin is totally disconnected although he’s positive and cheerful. Only their daughter is normal well 80% of the time. In any other film they would take Kevin to a counselor or a psychiatric but this is not an ordinary film so they don’t it goes thrown eva’s mind they din’t talk nor got help for Kevin. This film is perfect and totally great, not to be missed. There is a line that the director took out of the screenplay so I have read somewhere it goes like this Eva ask Kevin “why din’t you kill me” he replies “you can’t kill your audience”. After you see the movie think about it. That is a chilling line, it will give you goose bump.