la fete des meres

A film by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar

Cast: Audrey FleurotClotilde CourauOlivia Côte

They are President of the Republic, nanny, baker, actress, teacher, florist, journalist, unemployed, pediatricians. They are possessive, benevolent, clumsy, absent, omnipresent, overwhelmed, guilty, indulgent, loving, fragile, in full possession of their means or losing their heads. Well alive or already a memory … Son or daughter, we remain whatever happens to their child with the desire that they let us go and the fear that they leave us. And then we become mom … and it’s going to be our party!

English: Mother’s day. 

Here Marie-castille took the American film Mother’s day and did her own version of Mothers’s day and what a beautiful raw honest version it is. it is a choral film like Claude Lelouch used to make them. It evokes several topics and problems that women today encounter in our society, whether they are mothers or daughters: the challenge of being both a working mother in today’s world. A woman president who is just a new mother where the press blames her to be a working mother and thinks she can’t jungle both. Some woman are blaming their mother of being selfish not giving too much attention to them. Some adore their mother and gives them to much attention. It is a rollercoaster ride of emotion. Plus the choice of leaving their mother in a nursery home is not a pretty one. The only thing is that the characters are not developed fully. Other wise it is watchable and a beautiful film with a great cast.

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A film by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar

Cast: Noémie Merlant, Naomi Amarger, Sandrine Bonnaire

English : Heaven will wait. 

Sonia, 17, failed to commit the irreparable “guarantee” to his family a place in heaven. Melanie, 16, lives with his mother, loves school and her friends, plays the cello and wants to change the world. She falls in love with a “prince” on the internet.

Melanie (Naomi Amarger), 16, has everything a serene and balanced life. She lives with her mother, full of friends, and is passionate about the cello. Yet her world will rock as she accepts “spirit of Freedom” on Facebook. A strange account whose profile photo is a head of Lion. Behind it hides Mehdi, a young man whose young redhead falls in love. For social networks, it transmits the conspiracy videos reflecting the sickness of capitalist Western society. Melanie now feels manipulated by the world in which she lives in and intends to change it following the good wills of her prince. The young man asked her gradually to convert to Islam. Make prayers. Wear the Jilbab. And to join him in Syria to marry and live in the love of Allah.

I saw that coming big as a house but yet the subject matter is handle with grace and humanity. It is a film who is so well written and acted that it will surprise you. There are two destiny here one who is slowly converting into Muslim ( jihadist)  the other who is trying to get out of it. The three female portraits, Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar dissects a difficult subject, sensitive, and deeply rooted in a reality that man strives to understand. There is a bit of realism here that flows the air. It is brutal and direct this film right in your face it is like receiving a punch in your stomach. However the director had this narrow vision on the causes of the problem that is the only flaw in the film.





A film by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar

Cast: Ariane Ascaride, Ahmed Dramé, Noémie Merlant

It’s back to school for Leon Blum high school. Anne Gueguen, history teacher who is passionate about it, is also head teacher of a second class with difficult student . At the end of the first quarter, she offers its students to participate in the national competition of the Resistance and Deportation . And there history is being made. 

This one is based on a true story also and it is a great film. Anne Gueguen (Ariane Ascaride) goes to the extreme is to get a class where the student are extremely difficult and need discipline. When she get control of them she invites them to do a concours national (A National competition) about children and adolescents in the Nazi concentration camp system. You see in France let me just say that so you understand in high school there is such competition if you want to enter it the school does  not have to enter I think unless they change that and I didn’t know about it, that is on the side after school that they have to do this project. In France the education system is a lot higher than the one in the US. Some of my American friends has friends that went to school in France and graduate from high school actually I knew of one who lived in Paris until she graduated from high school and they all agree with me it was a lot harder in France than in the US. Back to the film the student were not crazy about it what so ever they thought they were going to fail even the principal of the school told the teacher to give this the senior not to the sophomore the class were those student were difficult to discipline. She didn’t listen. At first the director takes us on a journey were the student does not care too much about this make jokes and working against each other instead of with each other.

Les héritiers (2014)


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