All the Money in the World 2

A film by Ridley Scott

Cast: Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, Mark Wahlberg, Romain Duris

The story of the kidnapping of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III and the will power of his mother who devoted all her energy to convince his Grandfather to pay the ransom due to the fact he was a billionaire.

Ridley Scott has said that is his last film he is going to direct, so to me he goes out with a bang. He will have a foot in the cinema by just producing. The story focuses on the trio’s awesome performances: Michelle Williams as Gail Harris, the mother of an abducted heir to the Getty fortune; Charlie Plummer as the heir, John Paul Getty III; and Christopher Plummer as the grandfather, John Paul Getty, was the richest man in the world at the time of the kidnapping. (The two Plummers are not related.) 


The thing is here is that John Getty here is so cheap it is not even funny to the point you will see how he spent his money to avoid paying taxes. So you think at first that he does not want to negotiate with terrorists but he comes down he is cheaper than scrooge. In the mix of it all John Paul Getty III ’s parents was getting divorced due to the fact that his father discovered drugs and free love. His grandfather had his reasons not to pay. Money will do usually thing to some people it will deformed their mind. Like i said you will see a scene where J. Getty stays in a nice star hotel but washes his own clothes and sheets because he doe not want to spent more on Laundromat. His stubbornness of not willing to pay the $17 Million could of getting his grandson killed. Wahlberg here plays Fletcher Chase who plays a negotiator for Getty and his right hand man plus he is in charge of security. The mother had to endure this nightmare plus she was patient, I would kill the grandfather myself even tortured him. The film was shot in location in Italy, London, and Jordan. It is beautifully well shot. Plummer embodies the character so completely that he must had to breathe, eat and think like a Getty. to make it so believable. As Ridley Scott would say” that is all folks. “

All The Money in the World





A film by Peter Berg

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Douglas M. Griffin

Deepwater Horizon has  a two-act piece: Act 1: Meet the Crew, Act 2: Watch the Disaster.” So, we get a little bit of time with Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg) and his family, including wife Felicia (Kate Hudson), before he heads off to work at his admittedly very unusual job an oil-drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. We meet one of the elder lead man of the rig, “Mr. Jimmy” (Kurt Russell) and one of its younger employees, Andrea Fleytas (Gina Rodriguez). Of course, there are also a few pain in the ass BP executives floating around, including the remarkably devious  Donald Vidrine (John Malkovich) great actor there.

The first part of the film is simple you meet the crew and their wife and boyfriends etc…then they go to the rig in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Louisiana. So far so good. The there is the tech talk is the pump has enough pressure to pump without messing up of course no surprise to me they are behind schedule plus the equipment on the rig is going to shit. There no surprise. The thing is you can push people too much in order to get the job done right. But a deadline is a deadline.

The second part of the film the catastrophe the big bang the biggest disaster in the US from a petrol company. It is based on the accident 20 April 2010 when all hell broke loose, explosion and fire every where it is amazing that most go the crew survive only 10 death (that is too much) out of I think 120. Here it is an effective disaster film that shows you what they say will never happen, happened . The thing is here to me is the film has missed the aftermath how people has coped weeks down the road, the people, the tragedy. and yes BP cut corner here no surprise there. Do not get me wrong here it  is  a piece of entertaining film but something was left out.






lone survivor

A film by Peter Berg

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch

Yes someone told me one time that 2000 soldier apply to be navy seals and about 20 makes it, that’s how hard it is to finish the training and if you graduate you are one the best and toughest dude on the planet. Of course you have to work as a team and every team has to have a good leader. This film is based on a true story. Marcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg) is a member of Seal Team 10 stationed in Afghanistan. In June 2005 four members of this team will go on a mission to kill Ahmad Shah (Yousef Azami). The other members of this group are Michael Murphy (Taylor Kitsch), Danny Dietz (Emile Hirsch), and Matt Axelson (Ben Foster). The code name for the mission was Operation red wings. They plan their mission and are drop off in the mountains Shah and soon get into trouble. They surprise a bunch of shepherd but unfortunately the leader of the seal releases them. Mistake big mistake one of them gets down  as fast as he can to warn the Taliban. The seal get lost and soon after that the Taliban are firing and trying to kill the team. Their radio does have a signal so they can get a rescue to get there in time when they do radio them finally the rescue is a disaster and result in more death.

Great film by Perter Berg who portrays those heroes as true to the book as possible. 3 weeks of training for the actors so they look like navy seals on-screen of course supervise by the lone survivor himself Marcus. Thank god that this film has avoid the hollywood trap. it would been glamorized to death and the film would been not good. The film was shot in 40 days. The tension and the fighting that those soldiers is frighting, it seems to me that they killed a lot of Taliban but more were coming in. They did some serious damage to the Taliban. Thank god for a village near by that saved Marcus. Great acting from all the actors. May they rest in peace.



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A film by David O. Russel.
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams
The Fighter is a drama about boxer “Irish” Micky Ward’s unlikely road to the world light welterweight title. His Rocky-like rise was shepherded by half-brother Dicky, a boxer-turned-trainer on the verge of being KO’d by drugs and crime. Based on a true story. great performances by christian bale who got the Oscar for best actor. This is a movie about two brothers and their overcoming demons and obstacles in order to succeed and reach their mutual goal, together.