A film by Abel Lanzac (as Antonin Baudry)

Cast:  François Civil, Omar Sy, Mathieu Kassovitz 

English title: The wolf’s call

A young man has the rare gift of recognizing every sound he hears. On board a French nuclear submarine, the crew depends on him, the Golden Ear. Deemed infallible, he makes an error that puts the crew in danger. He wants to regain the confidence of his comrades but his quest leads them to an even more dramatic situation. In the world of nuclear deterrence and misinformation, they find themselves trapped in an uncontrollable descend.

As the film begins in a rather conventional but highly documentary manner, it takes a turn on current events of an increasingly organized and offensive Islamist terrorism, the destabilizing role of Russia – to braid a tortuous intrigue on the background of nuclear anxiety. Here the sound is the theme of the film. The audience is an univers of the deep blue seas in a submarine where the crew depends on one man the one who can recognized sounds. Also the are the protocols that they have to follow to the letter. it is tense and the director do not let go the tension however the film plunges into an ocean of clichés and sinks into the abysses of bad American formulas. Despite its shortcomings, Le Chant du Loup is a nice achievement , offering a boost of energy for a French production that dares to renew this genre of cinema.


Sparring 3

A film by Samuel Jouy

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Olivia Merilahti, Souleymane M’Baye

At over 40, Steve Landry is a boxer who has lost more fights than he has won. Before hanging up the gloves, he accepts an offer that many boxers prefer to refuse: To become sparring partner for a great champion.

Steve (Kassovitz) is a veteran boxer is at the end of his career. His record is not great: 49 matches, 13 wins, three draws and 33 losses. he is washed up 45 years of age, he has one last fight to do than he retires. He promised his wife (Olivia Merilahti) to quit at 50 fights. He hears a conversation that will make it some extra cash. He goes for it but his wife does not approve. He will be part of a trio who will be a sparring partners for a great champion who is coming back. It is dangerous plus he needs to feed his family and pay the bills because they are stranded with cash most of the time.

Sparring 2

Mathieu Kassovitz assumes the role of this loser boxer who loves the art form, even to become a human pushing bag. The thing is  it is not the same boxing story Jouy did his own without the cliché. Here is a man who is trying to fit in with his family and struggling at his sport. He has a regular job to get extra money. You feel for the guy. He wants his family to be proud of him. Than is his the second story his daughter who has a gift at playing the piano and he needs to buy her a piano so she can practice at home and realise her dream. Here however it is real boxing Kassovitz boxes and he took some real punches, no make up here it is his real black eye and cut on his face. Kassovitz assumes the role perfectly he boxes as well in real life. Here is a film not like the other boxing film but who explore behind the scene of this champion who is making a comeback but needs to train with his trio sparring partners. Finally a boxing film not like the other.




A film by Anne-Gaëlle Daval

Cast: Florence Foresti, Mathieu Kassovitz, Nicole Garcia

English: More beautiful 

Lucy is cured, her illness is almost a distant memory. Her family is pushing her to go ahead, to live, to see the world … So she meets Clovis, charming  and  arrogant. Intrigued by his frankness, Clovis will do everything to seduce Lucy, who has no desire to be seduced . In contact with Dalila, A dancing teacher, Lucie will learn to love, to finally become the woman she never knew how to be. For his mother, for his daughter, for Clovis …

This is the first film of costume designer Anne-Gaëlle Daval. Keep in mind there are many women director in my country than most. She who is accustomed, after all it is her job to dress actors and actresses, she will make us see these them naked, or rather get naked,  stripped of this second skin which is a protection, an interface between the body and the others.The film is the story of Lucie (Florence Foresti) told with decency and fragility and with a touch of humanity. When she meets Dalila (Nicole Nichole Garcia) the dance teacher will allow Lucie to get rid of her tinsel of that prevents to see her as she is and not as she thinks she is. With this little show a dance that we shade off her skin so a new one can be born. Clovis the seducer who is having trouble seducing Lucy is asking himself what is wrong with me or is it her?  The film is moving,  like a fairy tale. Yes we know how to make them very well but to sell this over seas it is going to be a tough one.

de plus belle 2


de plus belle 3

AMEN (2002)


A film by Costa-Gavras

Cast: Ulrich Tukur, Mathieu Kassovitz, Ulrich Mühe

During WWII SS officer Kurt Gerstein tries to inform Pope Pius XII about Jews being sent to extermination camps.Young Jesuit priest Riccardo Fontana (Mathiew Kassovitz)  helps him out to get this information to the world but it is not that simple and obstacle will be on their way.

Gerstein (Ulrich Tukur)  is horrified when he discovers the lethal application of his invention, which he had thought was intended to purify drinking water for German troops at the front. He tries to inform the world about the unfolding genocide and also to slow it down by whatever bureacratic and technical means he can. He finds himself in two situations: He continues to participate in it, and because of that his testimony is ignored and mistrusted and they want more proof before they do something about it. Gerstein’s name was cleared in 1965. It is an uncomfortable situation that he finds himself into. The only one who believed him was Riccardo Fontana who is trying to convince the pope and others but takes upon himself to do something drastic in order to convince them. Amen which was loosely adapted from “The Deputy,” Rolf Hochhuth’s groundbreaking and controversial 1963 play which has some fascinating themes. The frustration that they had in order to convince them was the topic of the film and it is going to to  get you. Plus the scene where he is looking through the peep hole is very powerful but as well as terrifying Here is a part of history that I didn’t know. This film has won a caesar at cannes, a golden globe, and an award in Germany the Bear for best picture.

Amen 3




A Film by Matthieu Delaporte

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Marie-Josée Croze, Éric Caravaca

English An illustrious unknown. 

Matthieu Kassovitz in the lead role of this Dark Thriller raises a number of questions about identity and isolation in a tense, dark well written film. Here is the story of Sebastien Nicholas (Mathieu Kassovitz) Is a quiet man a loner who has one passion in life to imitate everyone he meets in the full sense of the word. He studies them repeat and rehearse how they moves, talk , walks etc… going as far as to break into their homes and assuming their identity when they are away. It is a Harmless bobby until he meets Henri de Montalte, (Kassovitz in a dual role) a famous musician, with whom he is both fascinated and repulsed by him. He finds out that Henry has an ex-lover and a kid and soon he has fantasy where he is not going to give up. A terrific but frighting film by Delaporte which revolves with great rapid dialogue great timing and attention to details. He recreated Sebastien’s house who is sterile clean. Sebastien is meticulous and pays attention to details he wants to be the man that he is imitating. He is a dark, loner schizophrenic. Sebastien wants to escape his boring life by becoming someone else. And yes there is a twist in this film. Great film a must see.


Un illustre inconnu 8

Video In French only.



A film by Jacques Audiard

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Anouk Grinberg, Sandrine Kiberlain


Albert Dehousse (Mathieu Kassovitz) is schooled in deception since he was born. From his mother he learns that his father was a hero in the first war. From nasty local kid Albert learns the real story, that his father was a drunk who died of liver failure, and his mother made the whole thing up. Albert is a daydreamer he tell a girl that he is a novelist he even reads romance novels. She even marries him, but her family  mistrusts him that it is only after the war that he discovers they were in the Resistance, and sheltered Allied pilots who were shot down. Albert spends the war as a salesman, having evaded the draft. He leaves his wife and travels to Paris were he is penniless he meets the Captain (Albert Dupontel), a Resistance parachutist who assumed so many fake identities during the war that he perhaps lost touch with himself and identified only with his deceptions. he tell Albert to invent a new past. Albert does this easily he can guess what other people wants insert himself in news footage by just being there and talking to someone. He has a gift on finding someone who can tutor him in deception. He even infiltrate the resistance and they trust him with their lives. You see there are people like him and I knew of one who used to tell stories all the time sometimes you didn’t even know if he was telling the truth or lying, he was inventing store so much that he really believe that he lived them. Even when the guy i used to know was telling stories about Vietnam and what he did over there sometime you were wondering if it was true or pure fiction. I do not know what happen to him we kind of lost touch. Yeah I once knew a guy like Albert. Great film by Audiard and he won a caesar for best screenplay for this film at the Cannes film Festival. Nice going dude by the way an other film soon please.



Could find the trailer in French only. 

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vie sauvage

A film by: Cédric Kahn

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Céline Sallette, David Gastou 

Based on a True Story. One day the mother of this nomad family decided to take her kids to her parents because she is fed up with the nomad life. But her husband decide to pursue her and get his 2 kids to go with him. One kids from a previous relationship is his step son. So the mother pursue him in justice to find her 2 sons to go live with her.

Here is a true story about a mother who is fed up to live like a nomad and takes her 3 kids with her to live back with her parents. She does not get along with her husband any more she wants stability for her kids and her on the other hand her husband does not want the same things. He does not like the other side of the world. For 10 years the police tried to capture the dad and kids when one day it finally came to an end. With style and grace Kahn shows the difficult life that they lived trying to escape from the police from town to town. They hunted, fished, got into construction in small town building houses. Khan does not judge the father in this for his love of his children that is up to the audience to judge in favor of the mother or father. He does not forget to show the horror of the mother trying to find her kids. The drama intensify as the story goes along. It is a touching human story masterfully filmed by Kahn. The actors has done a terrific job in this , the chemistry is there. Even the story end perfectly. This film could not been better.

Vie sauvage (2014)


LA HAINE (1996)

A  film by Mathieu Kassovitz

Cast: Vincent Cassel, Hubert Koundé, Saïd Taghmaoui

The story traces a fateful day in the lives of alienated ghetto youths Vinz (Vincent Cassel), Saïd (Saïd Taghmaoui) and Hubert (Hubert Koundé) — a Jew, an Arab and an African, respectively — who are grappling with the aftermath of unexpected tragedy. When their friend Abdel lies comatose after a police beating, Vinz vows to dispense rough justice, sealing the destiny of all three. Great film form Mathieu  First film for Taghmaoui, Hubert Koundé, and Vincent Cassel. To this day they are still working and are big stars. It is Boyz n the hood french style.

It is the course of 24 hours they runs into the cops, who try to clear them off a rooftop hangout that has become such a youth center, it even has its own hot dog stand. The go a bit further and there is a riot of a cop who shot an Arab. The youth here in the ghetto has no hope, no jobs to go to, no school why bather to go where there is no hope. They pass the timee at doing stupid thing just hanging out. They are not bad kids , they are targeted because of their race. This was shot in the suburb of Paris and Paris itself. It is raw and honest. This film has won a caesar Palm D’or for best director.









HATE, (LA HAINE), Vincent Cassel, Hubert Kounde, Said Taghamoui, 1995.