A film by Mel Gibson

Cast: Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey, Vince Vaughn

Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge is a hard-hitting drama about faith, conviction and conflict. And why is that surprise me. It seems to me that Mel has this passion for religion and faith. After a while he was trying to get rid of his demons I won’t go in the details. It has been 10 years since Gibson directed Apocalypto (2006) and this Australian co-production (shot in Australia) is a  reminder of his strong vision and directing skills.The heart of the film is about morality.

It is the true story of Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield), a WWII Army Medic who refuses to carry a gun because killing is against his beliefs; he wants to save lives, not take them. Strongly influence by his dramatic childhood when his self loathing drunk father (Hugo Weaving) would beat up on his mother (Rachel Griffith) and became obvious that killing for the worst sin on earth. First his mother and father is trying to protect him not to enlist for the war obviously he did not work for his brother who enlisted and soon after Desmond who falls in love with a nurse enlist as well against his mother and father wishes.


What better way to make a film from a director who is religious himself who also questioned his own religion plus Gibson has this great vision for the film and that makes it a different kind of war film. The beginning of the film is charming and you see how it was when a man court a woman with the romance that is going to follow. Soon after that the battle starts on the battlefield where bodies are piling up shooting and merciless Japanese getting to be killing machines.Vince Vaughn is awesome  as the bullying drill sergeant and  Sam Worthington is perfect as the battalion leader. The action is merciless, bloody, violent when to think a soldier without a gun went as a medic to save 75 wounded soldiers in extreme condition well my hat goes to him to top it all off he is the first conscientious objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor. Look out for footage of the real Desmond Doss at the end of the film.



MAD MAX (1979)

mad max

A film by George Miller

Cast: Mel Gibson, Joanne Samuel, Hugh Keays-Byrne

Set in the future in Australia a motorcycle gang terrorist the people of any town they stop by, they own the road. The MFP (police) pursue them in vain until the Interceptor ( Mel Gibson ) can track them down; Why is he tracking them down is because they kill his son and his wife.
Look it is simple we have seen this film many times in spaghetti western, but this time it is set in the future, where it is a waste land and fuel is hard to come by. I seen this film at the time on Cinemax when cable made its mark back in the 70’s. This film is like an exploitation film because of the violence where they push the envelope including the rape scene. Basically it is an American western that takes place in Australia’s waste land with some cool cars. It is a high octane action thriller with Mel gibson 20 years old trying to get recognized by the audiences all over the world. This film has became a cult classic at his best. It is predictable you become addicted and you can’t stop watching. it starts by the revenge of Max’s partner Goose but when Max aggravate the motor cycle gang by killing one of them or so they are going to take in on his family. The car chase are spectacular as hell. The stunts were dangerous as it is especially the motorcycle stunts. Over all a fun film to watch and must see.






A film by George Miller

Cast: Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Michael Preston

Here is this film that has not much of a plot and little dialogue but has this furious vision of the post-apocalyptic world set in the future that is violent as hell. The film takes place in the future where civilization has collapse and violence reign and they are killing each other over a little bit of what is left of gasoline. The vehicles are what is left from the other world before they are remade to certain specification even the motorcycles, and there are this customized race cars. The costumes are also customized of what was left of the special flashing blue light at Kmart. it is a fiesta of road warrior, week-end warrior, hells angel, gangs, and kamikaze. Mel Gibson at the time was not that big he is now. An Australian actor trying to make it, he reprise his role as Mad Max.

The plot is so simple it is not even funny,  a group of people are trying to protect their gasoline and an other group of people are trying to put their hands on it. Max drives a tanker full of gasoline through the surrounding warriors and take it a few hundred miles to the coast, where they hope to find safety. It is like a Sci-fi cowboy movie the violence comes and goes speed chase people dying left and right, they will do practically anything to get this tanker full of gasoline.The special effects and stunts in this movie are spectacular. Well George Miller has done a very skillful film and what an extravaganza that was. You are going to need a beer after this one.

mad max2


PAYBACK (1999)


A film by Brian Helgeland

Cast: Mel Gibson, Gregg Henry, Maria Bello

“Not many people know what their life’s worth,” the hero of “Payback” tells us right at the beginning. “I do. Seventy grand. That’s what they took from me. And that’s what I’m gonna get back.” I so love this already I  watched this one for the second time and I still live it even more now. After Mel Gibson said that line you know what the movie  is about and what is going to do and you are going to have a good ride. Porter is a bad guy, he was betrayed by his girlfriend and his partner and left for dead. They took his share of the money $70,000 that they rob from an Korean mob. Porter gets stitch up and his on one mission it is payback time bitches.

Here is a film that is stylized withe green blueish feel to it. The funny thing is that Porter wants exactly $70,000 and they keep on wanting to give him $130,000. If I was Porter I would take $130,000 they want to give me more that is fine. The film also contains a hooker with a heart of gold (Maria Bello), a two-timing dame (Deborah Kara Unger), a concise cop (Bill Duke), a big mobster (Kris Kristofferson) and an even bigger one (James Coburn). There is some funny moment in this film when Gibson say” this little piggy went to the market”. There are some twist and turn also and some gags to go along with that. I don’t want to reveal too much here just in case you didn’t see the film yet. I love when Porter helps himself from the beggar hat’s takes his money and he narrates now I cured him. Porter is a bad man he knows what to do where to go and stay ahead of the game although you think he is not.





A film by Robert Rodriguez

Cast: Danny TrejoAlexa PenaVegaMel Gibson

Exploitation film does not get nay badder than this. Here is the sequel of Machete. It is over the top with deadly bravado, flying body parts, scantily dressed babes and belly laughs. It has gun double D Bra machine gun, penal gun, explosions, car chase, machetes, molecule blaster, and lots of graphics violence and blood. Just right for a grindhouse movie. It is fresh, bloody and outrageous, just the way I like it.  Rodriguez had fun with the first one so here comes the second one with more outrageous characters.  First everyone is going to like the joke about Charlie Sheen as the president of the United States, who recruits Machete to find Mendez the Madman (brilliantly played by Demian Bichir) and a deadly missile. The mission gets complicated by Desdemona (Sofia Vergara), the man-eater bordello madam with D-cup machinegun attachments and male-inspired genital accessory for extra fire power. The bordello bimbos are decked up with skippy leather bikinis and armed with machine guns. Cuba Gooding Jnr is memorable as the man with many faces, Lady Gaga and Antonio Banderas who also had a role in it,and let’s not forget Jessica Alba. Amber Heard is a knockout as the pageant queen and has great cleavage and goes head to head with Robert Rodriguez. Mel Gibson plays the over the top villain.  Trejo has a few lines but his action speaks for itself, of course he handle a machete like a pro and it is is favorite weapon. Of course you have body parts flying .  Fun time watching this film. Have fun.




A film by Peter Weir

Cast: Mel Gibson, Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hunt

The film takes us to Indonesia in the middle 1960s, a time when the Sukarno regime was shaky and the war in Vietnam was just getting started .Guy Hamilton (Mel Gibson), who is a journalist , is a slender, unappreciative , chain-smoking young man who is addicted to excitement. He doesn’t know the ropes in Indonesia, but he learns them quickly enough, from  Billy Kwan. Billy is half-Oriental and half-European, and knows everybody and can tell you where all the bodies are buried. He is a nice guy all around and becomes friends with guy. He introduce Guy to Jill Bryant (Sigourney Weaver), a British attaché with two weeks left on her tour. The revolution gets closer and the stories gets bigger. Guy and Jill becomes lovers and billy who has propose to jill one time to an other begin to fell pushed aside.

Here is great film. The film follows the 2 Pairs Billy and Guy becoming good friends. Warning it is a complex movie about complex characters more than events. It moves oolong perfectly well. great performances from the actors. The directors as done a great job here he masterfully directed a masterpiece. There are some nice moments at times beside the violence that erupt. The cinematography is exceptional. This this a must see.