THE POST (2017)


A film by Steven Spielberg

Cast: Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Sarah Paulson

The story of the Post who got the hold of the Pentagon Papers and the unfolding battle between the free press and a White House that struggled to keep the secrets of how our government handled the Vietnam War under wraps.

Daniel Ellsberg (Matthew Rhys) who heard a government official lied to the press decided to walk away with classified documents of the Pentagon on the history of Vietnam, including sensitive and confidential information that revealed the lies the government had told the American people for years, and why this does not surprise me at all, the government lying that would be a first yeah! right. One said “McNamara knew we couldn’t win in ’65.” And they went and sent more people to Vietnam . The thing is that the truth came first in the New York times and the Times got shut down by the government so the source wanted to have his stolen papers published and did the unthinkable.


The two central character here Kay Graham (Meryl Streep), the publisher of the Post, doing a job that too many men around her consider her incapable of doing, and Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks), the editor of the Post, and the man who never questions whether of not they should publish. Both actors incarnated their characters well plus they had big shoes to fill. Also everything is at stake and Graham feared that she could make the wrong decision. There is tension in the film but lack of suspense and Bob Odenkirk almost steals the show here the guy who investigate he is the key piece of the post without him I think none of that would happen. You will see a parade of familiar actors in there as well.  the Post had balls knowing they could lose everything. The Freedom of the Press do not mess with it. Over all the film works well here and it is entertaining.




JULIE & JULIA (2009)


A film by Nora Ephron. Cast: Adams, Meryl Streep, Chris Messina. You have Julia child a woman who mastered the art of french cooking. She must be a blast to live with and a little bit demanding at times they say that her husband was a saint. she was always joyful. Now you Have Julie Powell Julie Powell. That’s the woman who wrote an online journal documenting her vow to cook all the way through Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, 524 recipes in 365 days. She is also married to a patient man. Together, they make just about enough money to live above a pizza parlor in Queens. Meryl Streep creates an uncanny version of Julia Child, of course with an accent. She seems to have grown several inches to play the great 6’2” chef. Because of Meryl Streep’s height (5’6″) several camera/set/costume tricks had to be employed to mimic Julia Child’s height (6’2″). Countertops were lowered, Streep wore extra high heels, and forced perspective camera angles were used. Meryl Streep gained as much as 15 pounds while filming the movie. Stanley Tucci, playing her diplomat husband, stands 5’8” in real life. Julie becomes obsessed by her cooking like Julia that it dominate her married life. Julie get home around 8 PM – 9 Pm then start cooking and they eat around midnight and a lot of martinis in between. The film, directed and written by Nora Ephron (Her last film she passed away), cuts back and forth between the two women, showing how their dedication to cuisine shaped their lives and marriages. No they are not great eaters, they put food in the mouth and say MUNNN!!! that is it. That what most people do instead the should taste it slowly and use adjective to describe how food it is. Paul eats fast loves it and woof threat down as quickly as he can because he is so hungry and he has been waiting for hours. Julia Child was a rarity, an American woman studying haute cuisine at a French school for professional chefs, she has a gift for it and he a natural chef. There is humor in this film. Julie has a real job in a cubicle then goes home a cook. Julia Child really did write a cookbook that changed American culinary history. I had a good time watching this film. I am going to get a blog going about french cooking myself and more when I get some time.