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A film by Fabrice Du Welz

Cast: Teresa Palmer, Luke Evans, Tom Felton

Jacob (Chadwick Boseman) King arrives from Cape Town in Los Angeles, in search of his missing sister. A stranger in a world of which he knows nothing. $ 600 in pocket and a return ticket to Cape Town 7 days later.

The opening of the film a man in customs where the officer asks him bunch of question , but the man in question is on vacation. He is from Cape Town Africa and drive a cab over there. They ask him if he has family his response is no. Soon after settle in this Roach motel. He goes to see his sister at her apartment. No one has seen her so he begins to investigate. What is he going to find, her is not going to like it and will put in motions a series of events that is going to take place.


This film noir is a slow paces burner nothing that you have not seen before but has a few twist and turn especially at the end. You won’t see it coming. It is shot like a 70’s style film showing the not so good neighbourhood in L.A. An outsider who is trying to find his sister who is going to make some friends along the way or I might have help one in distress. When he finds out what happens to his sister the dark side of Jacob will surface. To me if he did end the film like he did then the all film is out in the water . A nice little ending here that makes the film worth seeing.


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A film by Daniel Espinosa

Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Matias Varela, Dragomir Mrsic

Here is a Swedish film from the book come with a surprise that is really good here, it did well in Europe especially in Sweden and the U.K. a terrific Nordic Noir here.

A student is a taxi driver to make some extra cash with the occasional favour that pay well from the mob when ever they need him. It is to fund his luxury taste so he can hang out with his rich friends. When suddenly the mob needs him to pick up someone who escape from prison before the other gang finds him.

Well pay attention to details where JW buys an inexpensive shirt takes off the buttons and saw other nicer button so it looks like he has an expensive shirt on. Although his rich friends are not all that any way but a girl attract his attention and sees an opportunity to go out with her. Two thing here suddenly JW gets in deep with his mob friends so he can make more money and be with this girl to keep appearances. Second, He begins to think that either side is not what it is. The thing is if you get in with the mob you get out well you know dead, or you are in for life. He finds out the violence behind it and does not have the stomach for it. And yes there is the occasional stab in the back. He finally he gets in up to his neck and see one way out a deal that is not going to refuse is going  to pay big. But is it going to be enough? and it is going to go well? The dude who wrote the book here is a lawyer where criminal are seeking his help all the time one day he thought he might write a novel fictional of course but there is fine line between real life and fictional life meaning that he could not write to many novel noir due to the fact that he was getting to close to his clients. He had advantages over the other writers here he is a criminal lawyer so he knows the life of his clients.



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A film by Guy-Roger Duvert

Cast: Mike Dopud, Jane Badler, Jochen Hägele

Paris 2047. Most of the population spend all their time online, connected into virtual worlds, and don’t care anymore about reality. A bounty hunter Nash is hired to find who are the terrorist who threaten the system.

Virtual Revolution is a stunning visual piece of Neo-Noir film taking place in 2047 in Paris. With VR technology finally becoming something consumers can experience with the release of Samsung Gear VR, if this technology explodes into the mainstream and evolves into something much more than a simple device to play games and watch media well the world is going to hell like the one in this great film from Guy-Roger Duvert, where people go on-line most go the time and never gets out of their home. Nash, (Mike Dopud) a shadow agent hired by one of the VR companies to get  out and kill cyber terrorists who will stop at nothing to destroy these virtual worlds and force people back into reality killing them in the process.


The film resemble a bit like Blade Runner painting a dark picture of a depressing  future lit up only by neon signs, computer monitors and flying cars.The CG background looks awesome here considering that it is an independent film. It paints a clear picture of what is going to happen in the near future. will it happen to us in the near future no one can tell. I think people are smart enough to see that this gaming virtual world is for entertainment only and no more than a few hours a day.



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EL CLAN (2015)

el clan

A film by Pablo Trapero

Cast: Antonia Bengoechea, Gastón Cocchiarale, Guillermo Francella 

English: The Clan

When General Leopoldo Galtieri launched Operation Rosario which failed, included defeat and humiliation in the Falklands (or Malvinas) in 1982, it would be the end of his dictatorship and the tentative return of democracy to Argentina.

This is were this story takes place in 1982 and yes it is based on a true story.Young rugby player Alex Puccio (Peter Lanzani) politics is not his thing but rugby is and he loves it. He goes out with his friends and his fans adore him. He lives in a traditional middle-class household in a nice suburb of Buenos Aires.His sisters help each other with their homework; his young brother Guillermo (Franco Masini) obviously adores him; his mother Epifanía (Lili Popovich) teaches at the local school, and the head of the family is Arquímedes (Guillermo Francella), a white-haired man. Arquimedes own a sport store next to his home. He is doing well and business is booming. But Arquimedes needed a little more money well I guess for his 401k plan. So you hear occasional noise like scream in the basement cover sometimes by loud music. Arquímedes, with the help of his son and the connivance of the family, kidnaps people. He then gets the ransom kills them and moves on to the next victim. They are usually wealthy.


Here is the thing the kidnapping is a tension builder but instead of having normal music Trapero uses pop song. Although the family knows what is going on some of them are not comfortable with it. It creates a tense atmosphere where it is going to feel uncomfortable.  It is hard to believe that a family went through with it. The ending is near perfect in this film Neo-Noir of course with a pop tune to go along with it. Put that on your list.

Yes we do believe in god although the devil made me do it.
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52 PICK UP (1986)


A film by John Frankenheimer

Cast: Roy Scheider, Ann-Margret, Vanity , John Clover

Raimy ( John Glover) a charming blackmailer with the looks of an aging British juvenile and a conscience of I don’t give a shit. he try to pull this slick job of taping a rich businessman named Harry (Roy Scheider) having an affair with a topless dancer. Ask for $110,000. Harry thinks it over, tell his wife Barbara (Ann-Margret) who already knew of the affair and was wondering why she si telling her now. Harry concludes that he is paying. well then Raimy goes in deep thinking mode and comes up with this other tape of the topless dead with his gun. That is the first and last mistake that Raimy will do. Rule number one do not piss off a rich businessman who is smarter than you.

Here is a terrific Neo-noir from John Frankenheimer. here is a surprisedly a great film with some great actors here. Yes John clover here shines as the deviant, sleazy dude who will stop at nothing to get his $110,000 then you have Ann Margaret which I love through in the greatest performance here and what a terrific actress she has become. Roy Scheider here does an outstanding job at this revenge melodrama Neo-noir film.  Check out and pay very attention of the energy level and the density of detail in the performances with the tension builder spice up with a few twist and yes ladies and gentlemen you will be blind sided. This is not you typical Neo-noir film, you can’t hep watching those fascinated weird characters coming alive right before your eyes. Did Mentioned the small role of Vanity who nailed it right on the money and it is refreshing to see. Here is one for you Bryancyr from everything noir



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A film by Christopher Nolan

Cast: Jeremy Theobald, Alex Haw, Lucy Russell

Here is the first film by Nolan who had a tiny budget to film this film so it is in black and white. It is only 70 minutes long and that is just fine now days they are longer than shot and lost of them are no that good. Here is a film well written by Nolan. It has imagination and to top it all off it is a master piece. The budget was $6,000 so I gather and it will become a classic. It is in a nonlinear that’s how he told the story and it flows just fine.

A young writer has a writer’s block and he is bored out of his mind. He started to follow people to get inspired, woman caught his attention so he goes from there. Things start to go downhill from there and yes there is a femme fatale in the mix. The scheme is the burglary that is going to follow. The writer is clueless of what he is walking into. He trust the femme fatale and the other man too quickly although they are convincing as hell. You have it all the deception, the manipulation and the nonlinear story telling. Even the techno music is awesome in this film good choice here. To me it is a great pulp story and a great film to start a career of Nolan.



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The Hitcher (1986)

A film by Robert Harmon

Cast: Rutger Hauer, C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Jason Leigh

young man (Jim Halsey), who is taking his friend’s car to other state through the empty and deserted roads of America. He is very tired and almost collides with a huge truck. It rains hard. Soon he notices a figure standing by the side of the road raising his thumb. Jim stops and says the famous  line: “My mom always told not to do this.” And then, the incredible and nightmare of nightmare begins…

Here is this film that kick in your teeth and you will think twice about picking up a hitcher. Cool music by the door as howell drive though out the country when it is raining. Funny story pop ups in my mind. My best friend and I go to Lansing Michigan on a Saturday morning we meet an other friends of mine there who told us he had a 60’s impala at his mother’s house and that he was going to give it to his son on his 16th birthday. I was there to take some pictures for an other friend of mine at this car show . So when this was done we took off and pick up the Impala. His mom was glad that we are getting rid of it. My best friend and I took the car and drove it back to the hotel. It is 5:00 PM some what sunny no problem the car is running smoothly every thing is good. When I look back I go oh!!! fuck, fuck, fuck excuse my french well you know what I mean I am French and I know that is not french so my best friend says “what man?” I replied “Look in your rearview mirror. He takes a look and said well you guessed it. There was a black cloud coming in the back of us, in a matter of 5 minutes everything was dark like it was night. And the rain was pouring like bucket of water. The windshield was working then stopped i gave a punch on the dash board they went back to working I had to do that every few minutes. The blower was not working properly so I had to wipe off the fog off the windshield every so often. Here is the kicker I said “hope the radio is working would be nice to have some music, as soon as I turn it on the song from the film by the Doors Riders on the storm comes in and I said to my best friend and I will kid you not ” I hope we don’t see a hitchhiker on the side of the road because I ain’t stopping to pick him up”. We both bust out laughing out loud and I said ” Goddam we watch too many movies “. That was back in the 90’s good times just good times. By the way we called the car Big Bertha.


Okay let’s go back to the film Here is a dude who pick up a hitchhiker first mistake. He takes him in bit find out that he is not the guy who talks much. Here is a film where you do not know what is the motivation of this serial killer and why he kills people. Nor even a flashback of his life you know nothing about him. No one can talk him out not to kill, he has one thing in mind he will kill you don’t matter what. Howell and Hauer deserve each other here. There is some good action scene there and a gruesome and chilling scene with Leigh. Hauer is always a set ahead of the game. His career has been mostly B-rated movies but once in the while there is one that stand out. Good actor who didn’t make it to the top. the story moves along just fine and the film as grippy as it is as a sliver feeling to it. The cinematography is great just because the director was as cinematographer himself. Hauer plays a hell of a bad guy here and I never understood why he did become a star. This turn to be out a good Neo-Noir Thriller.