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A film by Anne-Gaëlle Daval

Cast: Florence Foresti, Mathieu Kassovitz, Nicole Garcia

English: More beautiful 

Lucy is cured, her illness is almost a distant memory. Her family is pushing her to go ahead, to live, to see the world … So she meets Clovis, charming  and  arrogant. Intrigued by his frankness, Clovis will do everything to seduce Lucy, who has no desire to be seduced . In contact with Dalila, A dancing teacher, Lucie will learn to love, to finally become the woman she never knew how to be. For his mother, for his daughter, for Clovis …

This is the first film of costume designer Anne-Gaëlle Daval. Keep in mind there are many women director in my country than most. She who is accustomed, after all it is her job to dress actors and actresses, she will make us see these them naked, or rather get naked,  stripped of this second skin which is a protection, an interface between the body and the others.The film is the story of Lucie (Florence Foresti) told with decency and fragility and with a touch of humanity. When she meets Dalila (Nicole Nichole Garcia) the dance teacher will allow Lucie to get rid of her tinsel of that prevents to see her as she is and not as she thinks she is. With this little show a dance that we shade off her skin so a new one can be born. Clovis the seducer who is having trouble seducing Lucy is asking himself what is wrong with me or is it her?  The film is moving,  like a fairy tale. Yes we know how to make them very well but to sell this over seas it is going to be a tough one.

de plus belle 2


de plus belle 3




A film by Nicole Garcia

Cast: Marion Cotillard, Louis Garrel, Alex Brendemühl

English title: From the land of the moon 

A spirited but delusional young woman in post-war France ends up in a marriage of convenience. When an illness takes her to a retreat in the Alps, she meets and falls in love with an injured soldier.

Inspired by Milena Agus’s eponymous novel, Mal de pierre tackles female desire, fantasy and ennui. set after the second world war  Gabrielle (Marion Cotillard) , a bourgeoisie country girl who lives with her parents and younger sister. She gets those crushed like a rush of morphine thought out her body and acts on it but embarrasses herself. The embarrassment causes her parents to arrange a marriage with a handsome, modest Spanish worker named Jose (Alex Brendemühl), the deal is  with the offer of cash to start his own business. Gabrielle  agrees to the match to escape from what she sees as her suffocating home.


Gabrielle gets the stone disease (Mal de Pierre) and must go to a retreat in the Alpes where she can be treated. During her stay she falls in love with a soldier. Well here is a woman who is distant is having a hard time integrating into society to top it all off not a warm person at all. People thinks she is crazy and do not know what to do with her nor less her family. As for Jose here is a man incredibly forgiving and patient  who with the money he was given has built his own business. Here is a beautiful love story who has a hell of a beautiful photography. It is a gorgeous piece of melodrama like they used to make back in the day. The performance of Cotillard is out standing and she is back to the Cannes film festival again like every year. Her performance is pulsing and she will astonish you with it. The rest of the cast with what they had to go with well my hat goes to them. although there will be a twist in the story.




place vendome

A film by Nicole Garcia

Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Emmanuelle Seigner

A women who is a drunk is in an establishment for recovery. One of those night where she was allowed to go home with her husband who owned aj jewelry store at Place Vendôme in Paris shows her 5 beautiful diamonds that is kept hidden in their bedroom. When one day he kills himself with his car running into a limber truck.

Marianne Malivert, played by Catherine Deneuve, once knew something about the diamond trade herself. She meet her husband while making a deal. She is a recovering alcoholic and drinks left over wine from glasses. Her husband has accepted her alcoholism as a part of her life. She has lost all interest and hope her best friend is a bottle of wine. You see the business of her husband is going bankrupt and no one knew but him. Soon the others knew after his death. The film continue as a thriller. Its gradually reveals the details of the relationship. There is a bald man named Jean-Pierre (Jean-Pierre Bacri), for example, who is obsessed with Nathalie (Emmanuelle Seigner), a young woman who works in the store. And Marianne knew that her husband had her for a mistress. Jean-Pierre wants to help because you see that the diamonds are stolen from some bad people the mob. There is more to it but I do not want to reveal it you will have to see the film. Catherine Deneuve is a great star of France here is a little story I was walking in St. Germain des Prés when I crossed Catherine Deneuve walking her dog. Now that is cool. I saw some other actors here and there after all I am in Paris. She is the coolest of them all my favorite by far and what of great actress. The rest of the cast is awesome the chemistry is there. Place Vendôme I go there a lot it is a great place to be. It is one of my favorite place tobe beside St Germain Des Prés. It is a great story told the French way because if the is film was in Hollywood there would of been car chase and explosion left and right. It is better that way it is great story telling. Some of you might not like it some of you will.





A film by Nicole Garcia.
Cast: Jean Dujardin, Marie-Josée Croze, Toni Servillo.
Happily married with a daughter, Marc is a successful real estate agent in Aix-en-Provence. One day, he has an appointment with a woman to view a traditional country house. A few hours later, Marc finally puts a name to her face. It’s Cathy, the girl he was in love with growing up in Oran, Algeria, in the last days of the French colonial regime. Marc hurries to her hotel. They spend the night together. Then she’s gone again. And Marc’s mother tells him Cathy never left Algeria. She was killed with her father in a bombing just before independence..
The film is ‘made from the heart’ by actress, writer, and director Nicole Garcia, who was born in Oran, Algeria, when Algeria was a French colony, and who had to flee in 1962 at Independence, because of the violence. Nice drama great acting and shot on location. It is a romantic ,mystery, and psychologic film well done by Garcia. She co-wrote the story and it is autobiographical. It is well shot with some beautiful scenery. That is all that I am going to say about this film, I do not want to spoil the film for those who has not seen it.

This trailer is is french could not find it in english

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