En liberté! (2018) 2


A film by Pierre Salvadori

Cast: Adèle Haenel, Pio Marmaï, Audrey Tautou 

English title: The trouble with you

Yvonne, a young police inspector, discovers that her husband, Captain Santi, a fallen local hero, was not the brave and honest cop that she believed but a true rip-off. Determined to fix this, she will cross the path of Antoine unjustly incarcerated by Santi for eight long years. An unexpected and crazy encounter that will blow their lives away.

Pierre Salvadori offers us an amazing film, explosive, dealing with serious subject matter in light mode, almost humorous or, more accurately “burlesque”. Burlesque is the situation that Yvonne (Adele Haenel) and Antoine (Pio Marmaï) are in. It is about a man sentenced to eight years in prison while he is innocent but want to make for lost time and thinks he deserve it to do whatever he wants. Yvonne who feels guilty when she who is a police officer in an office learns that her husband was on the take. Plus she told great stories about him to her kid before he goes to bed. Yvonne one night after following Antoine meets him accidently.  From there, a strange relationship will form but wait there’s  more she falls in love with someone else. There are some comic scenes here especially the one that when he robs the bank, it is an homage at the silent movies. It is the most hilarious scene in the film trust me. In reality here is that yvonne built this perfect father at the eyes of her son but when she find out that her husband was on the take she has to destroy the image of her husband in order to rebuild it at her son eyes. That is why she is doing what she is doing in the film. I hope I made that clear. Well you’ll see when you see the film. Do not miss this one. Well so far Three great  French comedy in the space of three weeks what the hell is going on?

En liberté! (2018) 3

En liberté! (2018)



santa et cie

A film by Alain Chabat

Cast: Alain Chabat, Golshifteh Farahani, Pio Marmaï

A few days before Christmas, Santa Claus celebrates his silver wedding with Wanda. While opening numerous letters that he receives every second from the children of the whole world, he discusses with her what they will do to celebrate this anniversary . But now that a problem suddenly arises, the elves who prepare the gifts suddenly fall ill one after the other …

When SANTA & CIE starts,  the special effects are colorful, crazy and quite magical. And then starts a film by Alain Chabat and may the adventure begins. Here Chabat Plays Santa who needs medicine for his elf and has to go get it on earth which he will end up well if you have not guess it yet in Paris on the top of the moulin rouge at Pigalle. Nice going Santa. Trying to find the medicine is not going to be easy especially if you tell people you are Santa. Chabat here who wrote the script, act in it and directed it has a lot  his plate but luckily he play it wonderfully well with poetic charm. Here is a film for kids as well as for adult, not the big film But it is entertaining. And for the little ones, do not forget that Santa appreciates a glass of milk (with almonds  …) with some cookies specially made by you. “Ho, ho, ho,” Merry Christmas to all of you.





ce qui nous lie 3

A film by Cédric Klapisch

Cast: Pio Marmaï, Ana Girardot, François Civil, Jean-Marc Roulot

English: What links us. 

Jean left his family and his native bourgogne  ten years ago to go around the world. When he learns of the imminent death of his father, he returns to the land of his childhood. He finds his sister, Juliette, and his brother, Jeremie. Their father died just before the harvest began. In the space of a year, at the rate of the seasons that are linked, these 3 young adults will find or reinvent their fraternity, flourishing and ripening at the same time as the wine they make.

It is much more than a summer film here. and I love film about wine as I am typing this I am drinking a red wine Les Ormes de Cambras Cabernet Sauvignon Pays d’oc 2016 . It is pretty good but if I age the other bottles it is going to be awesome wine. First the director had to find a location to film and did he going it an actor Jean-Marc Roulot who happens to owned a vineyard how lucky can you get and yes he plays in it. Of course the script calls for a biologique wine. The film took one year to film because Cédric Klapisch wanted to show the season in real-time. smart move more realism there plus the actors had to be trained for the job. 

ce qui nous lie 2

Three human beings: two brothers with a sister who is the boss, the title of the film in What linked us, words that are stuck with  five names: those of brothers Jean (Pio Marmai) and Jérémie (François Civil) and sister Juliet (Ana Girardot) Valverde (Alicia) the sister-in-law, wife of Jérémy and Marcel (Jean-Marc Roulot) and without whom the film could not have been what it is! It is a journey of Jean back and forth between present and past , it is the evocation of a father and a grandfather, their conceptions of wine. It is a sort of rebirth to reconnect with his family and his father who is now dead. A few thing that the brother and sister are going to discover along the way and at times it is funny as hell. Also what are they are going to do keep going with the family business or sell it, and if their sister is up to the chanllenge to become the boss.  This film will get you drunk without drinking but consume it without moderation.

ce qui nous lie

VENDEUR (2016)


A film by Sylvain Desclous

Cast: Gilbert Melki, Pio Marmaï, Sara Giraudeau

English: Salesman

Here is a first film for Sylvain Desclous who also wrote this film where a job is transmitted from father to son and where the power of money will destroy human relations. Here is a film well written an original idea that works and you will get thrown in the story and transported  in their world of greed and power.

Serge (GilbertMelki)  is one of the best salesman in France. For 30 years, he worked in  all the shopping areas and department stores, guaranteeing his employers an immediate return on  their investment. He sacrificed everything to his career: his friends, his wife and son he hardly ever sees. And health. When Gerald, his son, just ask him a job to fund the renovation of his future restaurant, Serge hesitated then finally agrees to hire him as a salesman. Against all odds, Gerald discovered a gift.

With realism, cynicism describes the methods used by the salesman as well as the managers. You have to make them believe that they need it or want it. The more money they bring keeps the managers happy otherwise the salesman who does not make the cut is fired. The sales scenes have this drum like music that is dominate and accentuate the pace of the salesman. To cope with this insatiable thirst for power and success, Serge goes shows to shows with his BMW from the earlier 80’s late 70’s a symbol of his success but also there is where the man’s life stop at his life, his marriage and not seeing his son it stop where he bought the car you see he is not moving on with his life but he is  stuck there in the late 70’s early 80’s. His nomadic life is deprived of all genuine relationships with others. to fill the emotional wreck that he is in he spent his money on call girls, booze and drugs. Thanks to this call girl that he will see himself how selfish and deprive he has been. No doubt that she is the key of the film plus she has a great line. Sara Giraudeau plays Cloe who looks younger than she looks does an outstanding job here as well as Gilbert Melki who incarnates this character so well. A terrific film here from Sylvain Descioux do not miss this one.




Nos futurs (2015)

A film by Rémi Bezançon

Cast: Pierre Rochefort, Pio Marmaï, Mélanie Bernier

Two childhood friends haven’t see each other since high school find each other again and tries to relive once again those good old days. Here is what I didn’t know Jean-rochefort has a son who is an actor of course what else is he going to do. Is name Pierre Rochefort who has the lead role here.

The story goes like this here is a dreamer Yann Kerbec (Pierre Rochefort) who has this boring life as well as a boring job his life has become routing. One days he decided to call one of his old friends from high school and decided to go on a road trip to  rekindle some old friendships from high school. Here is a cool comedy about friendship, parties, booze, girls, more booze and beautiful scenery of France. Yann needed a boost in his life and he got it by rekindling with an old friend from high school. But can we stir the ashes of the past? Can we replenish, rebuild? Can we dream? And the dream itself can it contain a nightmare? What about our happy days and our teenage follies? The time is lost? Should we plant a tree to remember or go moped with his best friend returned to reconstitute the group of friends of yore? Can we open a souvenirs box where and see things differently. And what do you do if you are afraid of death?

It is a unique way of looking at the past with two great actors here who has done a splendid job here. Here is two guys around 30’s who see 40 approaching and are scared stiff of what is going to happen to them. Are they going to grow old and boring or died of some kind of heart attack. You are going to laugh often and you will get out of the movie theater thinking man there was a lot of drinking in this film, and it will make you think at your own life and the friends that you have. Now I recommend to see this film with a red wine like a Côte du Rhône 2012. Have fun. Caution here,there is a lot of drinking in this film .Hello! it is a french film so it will be  you thirsty after seeing it.



MAESTRO (2014)


A film by Léa Fazer 

Cast: Pio Marmaï, Michael Lonsdale, Déborah François

Based on a true story the one of Eric Rohmer The french director who has past away and the actor Jocelyn Quivrin who also passed away in a car accident leaving behind his girlfriend who he meet on the set and a son named Charles. The film is inspired of the meeting Quivrin with Eric Rohmer and their collaboration on the film The Romance of Astrea and Celadon. Of course the name has been changed to protect the innocent.

Henri Renaud (Pio Marmaī),  a struggling actor, poorly educated and lover of action movies, has committed to star in an art film inspired by The Astrea and directed by a renowned filmmaker, he knows nothing about. It must initially take a supporting role, but by a combination of circumstances, it is asked to interpret one of the main characters. Initially taken  by the atmosphere of the shoot, and especially interested in his partner he awkwardly tries to seduce, Henry finally takes Thurs Despite their differences in age and cultural references, a relationship of complicity develops between the young actor and the old director.


The film was well thought out funny and you seen relationship between 2 actors developing as well as a romance with an actress. Henri who has a best friend who is gay and is an actress tries to borrow money for his rent when he suddenly see a beautiful actress and it is love at first sight. Henry gets lucky  when his best friend tell him that she can get him a part for the next film from the director Cédric Rovere. He goes not seen one of his films. You see Henry likes action film he is not well educated on film nor poetry nor theater. Somehow he becomes good friends with the director who teaches him about poetry  and literature. Meanwhile he has trouble understanding why Gloria isn’t in love with him. He gets the lead character do to the fact that the lead actor does not want to do the film. He does a Kissing scene with Gloria and something is there she feels it as he did. Unfortunately she falls for the other actor who is gay. Why that does not surprise me. A little predictable there and to make matters worse Henry’s best friend falls for Gloria. Will Henry and Gloria get together finally. At first Gloria does not know what to do with her feeling with Henry. It seems that gloria is afraid to fall in love because Henry is so different than any other man that she has dated. Well here is a nice little comedy to see when it is raining outside.




Sorry This film did not come to the U.S. yet so I have the trailer in French only.