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A film by David Robert Mitchell

Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Topher Grace, Riley Keough

Los Angeles, Sam, 33, unemployed, is a dreamer. When Sarah, a young and enigmatic neighbor, suddenly vanishes, Sam goes looking for her and then begins an obsessive, surrealistic survey of the city. It will plunge him into the darkest depths of the City of Angels, where he must elucidate disappearances and mysterious murders against a backdrop of scandals and conspiracies.

It seems to me what are the directors that influenced Mitchell are Paul Thomas Anderson, David Lynch big time because the film has a film of the weird kind. The film goes into the weird atmosphere in L.A kind like film Neo-Noir which it is going to feel like the 60’s but it is not. It goes into a crime film, drama and comedy of sorts. Sam goes into the adventure of looking for this missing girl next door and goes into like the twilight zone. He meets some kind of weird characters and fall into some kind of conspiracy theory. However the sound track is dead on could have been better. the shots are very creative here and flows beautifully well. Like I said it feels like the 60’s , it is like a retro 60’s film. It is a very cool feel where you are going to lose yourself in and get out the movie theater saying damn going back to reality. Technically it is a pop culture extravaganza.


Under the Silver Lake 2





A film by Andrea Arnold

Cast: Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf, Riley Keough

Star, 17, crosses the path of Jake and his clan. Traveling  the midwest aboard a van, they live from door to door from magazines sales. Breaking from her family, she embarks on the adventure. This road trip, punctuated by encounters, parties and scams brings to it what it has always sought: freedom! Until she falls in love with Jake, as charismatic as dangerous ….


Here is a road trip with a  naturalistic depictions of the working class, with intense sexual situation, great physical energy, while going to the most uninviting landscape of America at its rawest form. It is a coming of age road movie of sub culture who goes state to state finding business opportunities to keep their dream alive while drinking, partying, listening to some dynamics music while  sucking on a bong, and  other drugs are involved which lead to casual sex. A romance of carefree interactions will evolved with Star and Jake who is the lead salesman / recruit new girls, who is jealous of Star and what she can do with her sex appeal. including the mix the  controlling boss Krystal (Riley Keough, Elvis’s talented granddaughter). what I like about this film is that there no resolution here and even the characters you know where they are from but you do not know what is their stories or how they got there. Nice going Andrea Arnold. Beautifully film.  Here what is pissing me off when I got out of the movie theatre I went to myself what the great film I am going to see it again soon by next week to see if I missed anything, but this film is not nominated at the oscar not even for best actors nothing. What the hell are you fucking kidding me excuse my French (I always wanted to say that) . This is a beautiful experimental film that is  great. Snubbed at the Oscars what am I not surprised. A must see do not miss this one. It has won the Jury price at the Cannes Film Festival I rest my case.