JOKER (2019)

A film by  Todd Phillips

Cast:  Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz 

The film, which tells an original story focuses on the emblematic figure of the sworn enemy of Batman. He paints the portrait of Arthur Fleck, an uncompromising man despised by society.

Little problem this film feels a little too much like Taxi Driver and the King of Comedy combine to me. it has a lot of similarities of this man who is alienated with mental issues. Ok Nice story telling here no doubt because most people love this film which have great performance from Joaquin Phoenix and even Robert de Niro. The story takes place in the 1980 in Gotham where the garbage truck strike makes big news on TV. Arthur Fleck played by Phoenix takes care of his mother. Here is a man who is broken by the system and where the world is rejecting him and in order to channel his anger is going to take it on people who has done him wrong. He meets his idol a talk show host similar than the one on the tonight show with Johnny Carson. It is dark as it is going to get. the violence is meant to shock here and it does. And yes the film belongs to Phoenix with a terrific performance.

JOY (2015)


A film David O. Russell

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper,Isabella Rossellini

Joy Mangano freshly divorced with 2 kids plus a mother living with her including her ex-husband and her father who occupied the basement rose to become this fearless business woman who has build a multi Billion business empire.

Here is a woman who clearly did not think that she was to become this inventor / business woman who owned a business empire. Divorced with two kids has animated characters in her house like her ex-husband and dad living in the basement trying not to kill each other and her mother who is in her room 24/7 watching the soaps. First you are introduced to her life when she was a kid narrated by young Joy’s grandmother (Diane Ladd) about the talented child, is about her difficult home life. and you would think that she was going to crack under those circumstances but no she keeps all together. Yes she invent the so call Miracle Map I remember those on QVC she is charmed by Walker (Bradley Cooper) the head of the QVC network who gambles on Joy’s latest invention.  And yes you will see an appearance from Joan rivers in this film played flawlessly by her daughter Melissa. The performance from Lawrence is outstanding here she flourishing as the film progresses. She practically carries every scene not an easy thing to do. She must of talk to and did her research with joy and some how she trusted her with her instinct as well as her as a caring mother. Lawrence truly shines here. The one scene where she step outside after with a meeting with the girlfriend’s father played by Isabella Rossellini takes the shot gun off this man and began to shoot to receive the pressure and the anger that is building inside is pure joy to see. It is a lot and difficult for an actress to pull that off but Lawrence came out with blazing saddles in this film and it is a joy to see her at her best.




The Intern

A film by Nancy Meyers

Cast: Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Rene Russo

Meyers does those film the old school the way they made film back in the 40’s but in today’s theme. She finds way to tell the story like a light hearted dramatic comedy and it works here very well. Robert Deniro is old school here and the legendary actor never disappoint with his acting after all he is the greatest actor of any generation, genius at his craft and my favorite actor.

the intern

Here is a start up company created by Jules (Anne Hathaway) has created an senior intern program. Meanwhile Ben who is a widower and retired gets bored out of his mind. He makes a video of why he want to get this internship. Ben just wants to work again and be with other people but the technology he does not know too much of. Once he gets the internship then old-school meet New age. Well for instance the old-school shaves every day wears suit and ties at work, carries a brief case tuck in your shirt, and keep a handkerchief in case a lady needs it. New age well you know that one already. You see here old-school is learning from new age and vice versa. Even the young man are teaching ben how to use the technology. Jules on the other hand is overwhelm with her company so Ben offers her his services. Jules is bit guilty about working too much even has a staying home husband who takes care of the kid.

The film is about the relationship about ben and jules not there is no romance here just being friend with a mentorship that will develop later on. Anne incarnated the role very well plus the chemistry of the two actors is there. Meyers put more situation in the mix smart move there. It is like adding spices to a meals it is going to taste better.




A film by David O. Russell

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro

After being in a mental institution Pat  Solitano (Bradley Cooper) who is a former teacher moves back with his parents and tries to reconcile with his wife. But one Pat meets this girl who has problems of her own. Oh boy!!!

Pat is up beat and wants to prove everyone he is better man not a bitter man or an angry one If you have not guess it yet he is bipolar. At the top of his priority list is rebuilding his marriage with his wife, after they split, he beat up her new boyfriend, but what’s past is past. Pat assures his parents, Pat Sr. and Dolores (Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver), that all will be well. Yeah! well okay. Dolores is used to it her husband is compulsive and he is a fanatic of the Philadelphia Eagles and he is convinced that they will win if he fulfill all his superstitions.

Pat meets this young woman Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a young widow in the neighborhood. To pat surprise she can understand him because she is crazy herself. She is pissed because Pat want to reconciled with his wife but she sees that Pat could be the therapy that she needs as well as for him too. Here is a terrific actress only 22 who is going to make a name for herself. In this film you will not recognized her too much she totally transformed herself here. Danny (Chris Tucker) who plays Pat’s friend to my surprise does a great job at playing Danny. Og course my favorite actor DeNiro as always incarnates his character very well as a veteran actor it is after all second nature by now again a beautiful performance here. A crew comedy that speaks for itself. If you have not seen it yet Please do you will not be disappointed. It is a comedy on wheels and gears that is going full speed ahead.




 Midnight Run (1988)









A film by Martin Brest

Cast: Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto 

Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro) is a skip-tracer, a former cop who works for bondsmen, bringing back clients who have tried to jump bail. Jonathan Mardukas (Charles Grodin is an accountant who embezzled millions of dollars from the mob in Vegas, and then jumped bail. And you have your odd ball couple comedy. The thing is that the FBI are after them and the mob are trying to kill them as they are running across country. The chase is going to be more predictable and you will get to know those two guys more as the film goes on. Robert De Niro is my favorite actor and his the greatest actor of his generation, bu there Charles Grodin is the same generation as Robert but does not get the credit he deserves. He is also a great actor. Jack finds Jonathan in New York but has to turn him in In L.A. not an easy thing to do when you have the FBI and the mob at your tale. The chase involved train trips, a shootout at the Chicago bus terminal, hitchhiking, riding the rails in box cars, and being attacked by helicopters. Here is Dennis Farina who of course plays a mob guy who is trying to kill them both and gets pissed off because the hit squad keeps on missing their target. This film plays out as a thriller with comedy which works well here.  De Niro and Grodin deserves each other here and there is perfect chemistry.  The thing is that De Niro and Grodin are at each other throat though out the movie.  Of course let’s not forget Yaphet Kotto an other terrific actor whose character is pissed off because De Niro has stolen his badge and is posing as him. Smart move there. A terrific film by Martin Brest who has directed Beverly Hills Cop.

 Midnight Run






Midnight Run 2






taxi driver

A film by Martin Scorsese.

Cast: Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd. 

Travis Bickle ( Robert De Niro) is an ex-Marine and Vietnam War veteran living in New York City. As he suffer from insomnia he drives a taxi cab at night. He is a loner who can’t connect with anyone. He goes on a date with a girl , he takes her to a porno movie, he sucks up to a political figure and in the process scares him, He want to be friend with a 12 years old prostitute in the process he wants to save her and she is scared of him, he is a loner he can’t connect to any one he feels annihilated. He is talking to himself in the mirror ” are you talking to me?” This loneness is at the center of this taxi driver is the great thing about this film. We all felt all along like travis. You move to a big city like that you don’t know anybody you are all along. We all relate to that. I have seen it at least 3 times and this film is ageless and it works every time. Bickle is a Vietnam war veterans marked by the war, he has so many scares from it. Travis sees the filth in the city driving at night the criminals the scum bags that shouldn’t be there, he wants to clean the street of all this filth in the process he wants to save this 12 years old prostitute from her pimp (harvey Keitel) named Sport. I am not going to say much more that that but this end plays out just fine and gives Travis a piece of mind at least for a while. Here is another great film by martin Scorsese.

taxi driver




English title: The family.

A film by Luc Besson

Cast: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron

A mafia family is relocating in France in this little town in Normandie under the witness protection Program.  The FBI agent Stansfield ( Tommy Lee Jones) tries to keep them in line but Giovanni Manozi (Robert DeNiro) his wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) and their children have a hard time to break old habits and blow their cover.

This film is based on the book Malavita from Tonino Benacquista. Luc Besson has stay true to the book. The thing is if you are under the witness protection program they relocate you in town in Normandie France with a handler and 2 FBI agents who leaves across the street to make sure that nothing happens to you. Dam Man life is good in the witness protection program. Of course placing a well-known Mob boss into a small village in France doesn’t seem like the best strategy for the FBI, because the witness will stick out even more there but you don’t ask those questions when you are watching. The Giovanni has been moving from town to town because they resort to their old ways every time.  Michelle Pfeiffer steal the show in this film. Putting Dniro and pfeiffer in this film is a perfect cast the chemistry is there. When the son says that it sticks in the car and thinks it is the dog he has no idea that there is a dead body in the truck that Deniro killed on his way out of Nice. Then you hane Deniro watching the film Goodfellas. You can see the 2 culture clashing against each other. Things are different in France than the state. It could been funnier but i like this on the action is great. And Luc besson has build a career on stylish thriller.