Hirokazu Koreeda winner Palme d’Or

A film by  Hirokazu Koreeda

Cast:  Lily Franky, Sakura Andô, Mayu Matsuoka

On the return of a new shoplifting expedition, Osamu and his son gather in the street a little girl who seems left on her own. At first reluctant to shelter the child for the night, Osamu’s wife agrees to take care of her when she understands that her parents are mistreating her. Despite their poverty, they are barely surviving with low income, the members of this family seem to live happily – until an incident reveals brutally their most terrible secrets …

Palme d’or winner here in an interesting film by Koreeda about a family who are shoplifters because they are not making enough money and need to supplement their income. They have a system that never fail well they never got caught. On the way home they meet this little girl left in the cold. The father takes her in despite that they have enough mouths to feed. They find out later that her parents are abusing her. Well the head of the clan here justify the shoplifting saying  if it’s not someone else’s property and items in a store don’t belong to anyone yet. plus his girlfriend justify taking the girl by saying it is not kidnapping if we don’t ask for a ransom. This film has some grey areas. You see how they get along and they are happy of what they have. But later an incident happens and secrets will be reveal. Beautiful story is told in its natural state. The big finally has some serious emotional moments. The final shot of the film is the greatest shot in the entire film.