A film by Andreas Prochaska

Cast: Sam Riley, Tobias Moretti, Paula Beer

Through a hidden path a stranger arrives in this little town hidden away by the mountains. The stranger wants to stay until spring but nobody knows where he comes from, they know this much they do not want him here.


The stranger named Greider is hosted in a hostile and suspicious way, especially by the six Brenner brothers who terrorize the village and whose father owns all the land. He is lodged by a widow who lives with her daughter, Luzi, about to marry the young Lucas. Greider begins by photographing the village, its inhabitants, the valley, he tells Luzi that he lived in Texas, he wears strange serrated spurs and hides a Winchester-type rifle unknown in this  town. Flash back reveals the village’s heavy secret little by little you are beginning to know what the stranger is doing here in this little town, and it is not going to be pretty. Here is a patient, intelligent man waiting for the ideal moment to let his purpose be known. It is nothing that you are already seen in western but this one takes places in Austria’ alps. The film is  incompatible to the traditional American Western.

Also the story takes a spin once you know the secrets of the town and providing the flashback. Andreas Prochaska showers  this film in mystery and you are going to sense the blood bath that is going to follow. The cinematography captures the raw paysage of winter as well as spring. The dark valley here fells like a Clint Eastwood film like the one High Plain Drifter. This film however is an adaptation of the book I think of the same name I am not sure yet.

the dark valley

CONTROL (2007)


A film by Anton Corbijn

Cast: Sam Riley, Samantha Morton, Craig Parkinson

Control, one of the most perceptive of rock music biopics, has been made of Ian Curtis.  It is based on a memoir by his wife Deborah (played by Samantha Morton), a teenager when they married. The title of Deborah’s book is, Touching From a Distance. The movie is quietly, superbly photographed and acted. The film is shot in black and white well Ian at times was depressed, confused and didn’t dream in color.

The film is about his marriage and some of his time with the band. He was not ready for marriage as she was she adjusted very well to it and was the rock of the family. She got pregnant soon after a little girl. Ian had an affair with Annik Honore (Alexandra Maria Lara), a Belgian woman that he meet on the road. Early in the film Ian and Deborah attend a Sex Pistol concert and tells her he has an idea what a band and music should be. He goes from there puts a band together and start singing, he looks like Jim Morrison who was a shy introvert singer. Ian Curtis suffered from epilepsy I don’t think he fully understood what was happening to him. Also he got depressed and confused where the band was headed with follow by moodiness. Here is a young man who was shy maybe didn’t want the band to go any further because he was scared to be too famous, he was suppose to go to America for two weeks nut it seems to be that he was not enthusiastic about it. This is not a rag to riches story here. Well we all know what happen with him I think we lost him too early age 23 that is too young. To me he was a manic depressive and the epilepsy didn’t help. I don’t even think (because of the suicide) he was Bi-Polar but then again. The film does not say it just leaves it at that a suicide.





A film by Saul Dibb

Cast: Michelle Williams, Kristin Scott Thomas, Matthias Schoenarts, Ruth Wilson, Margot Robbie, Sam Riley In 2004, two novels were published in a single volume under the title Suite Française. It is the journal belonging to Irène Némirovsky, a French Jew who wrote about the experience of living under Nazi occupation in wartime. Unfortunately there were to be 5 books publish but Iréne was murder in Auschwitz before she published the third book. Némirovsky’s daughter finally got the nerve to read her mother journal and the rest his history in the making.

Director Saul Dibb’s movie is the second novel and tells the story of a small village in France that finds itself under the german occupation. Lucille Angellier (Michelle Williams ) whose husband left to fight for France and may or may not be dead. She lives with her mother-in-law Madame Angellier (Scott-Thomas), a wealthy landowner despised by most of her poor tenants. Well she is a tough woman and wants her money don’t matter what no excuses. When the german takes over the village commander Bruno von Falk (Mattias Schoenarts) is assigned to stay at the Angellier’s home, much to the displeasure of  Madame Angellier. Bruno and Lucille found that they have a love for classical music but soon fall in love with each other.

Suite Française (2014)

Thee is a great story well written and well filmed by Dibb. My mom actually sold an apartment to Kristin Scoot Thomas in Paris, she said she is a very nice woman who is also very smart. The affair is the center of the story here. Dibb shows here the tension when the german comes into the village people do not know what to expect and they are walking on egg shells. The middle class rooms over for the germans while the poor suffers a little more. The habitant of the village will do anything to save their own skin they even rat on each other. The poorer of the village struggles to fit in and starve. Some of them steal food form the rich. It is an emotional story her with a bit of romance going on but let’s not forget the atrocity of the war here. Of course there is other romances going on here. The cinematography is awesome in this film I love the village in France I have been in some of them already there are awesome and have a lot of history. Also I want to say here if you have a chance to see Un village Français the french series is about the occupation of a village. i al quiet fond of it. I think it is going to get the 7 seasons in 2016. If you get a chance to watch it do it is quiet good. Now back to the film there keep in mind it is loosely based on a true story. there is fictional element thrown in there.


ON THE ROAD (2012)

A film by Walter Salles.
Cast: Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart.
Based on Jack Kerouc’s beloved American novel you have a young free spirited man(Dean Moriarty) and his some what girlfriend(Marylou) who meet this want to be writer. They go across the country experimenting with sex and drugs along the way meet a some strange and so so strange characters Thirsting for freedom, the three young people head off in search of the world, of other encounters, and of themselves. This was the memoirs of a man named Sal. What a trip this took place in the late 40’s to early 50’s. Good movie. carefully plan film by Walter Salles and a good adaptation it moves just fine.