borg mcenroe

A film by Janus Metz

Cast: Sverrir Gudnason, Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgård

The story in 1980 rivalry between Borg and McEnroe. McEnroe the rebellious bad boy of tennis and Borg the god of tennis.

Here is the thing I am a big fan of Tennis so I decided to see this film right away. My mom was working in this sport company they gave her box seat (Front row seat) to see all the matches at Roland Garros back in the 70’s. I saw Borg, Connors, Stanislas, Ivan Lendl, Rob laver etc…is a matter a fact Connors was on the court and running to hit the ball kept running was right in the front of me looked at me and said “man this guy is killing me” Connors was the cool dude who was joking around once in a while. So When it came around 1980 I was in the US and I saw that match Borg / McEnroe.


The Real McEnroe and Borg 

For borg the pressure is on he has everything to lose he has 4 Wimbledon championships under his belt as for McEnroe he had nothing to lose, he was the underdog. I remember seeing him on the court getting pissed of pulling his hair out and the press had a field day. The film show the 3 days before the march, the preparation, the games, how the player prepares themselves mentally and so forth. Then there are the occasional flash back when they were teenagers. McEnroe the party boy and Borg was like a robot focused, nothing gets to him. Amazing! Shia leboeuf delivers an outstaying McEnroe and was trained by professional tennis players so they do not look like he is the actor playing tennis But McEnroe playing tennis. As for Sverrir Gudnason who even looks like Borg has incarnated Borg extremely well. By the way the young Björn Borg is played by Björn’s real son Leo Borg. Director Janus Metz lets the action flows as the drama goes back and forth like a tennis ball. The film was watchable you could feel the tension rising, I remember watching the match and was on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately we all know what happen the next year and I think that is why Borg retire at 26 years old as he said I have done it all in tennis.  Better retire on top I guess.


borg mcenroe




A film by Andrea Arnold

Cast: Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf, Riley Keough

Star, 17, crosses the path of Jake and his clan. Traveling  the midwest aboard a van, they live from door to door from magazines sales. Breaking from her family, she embarks on the adventure. This road trip, punctuated by encounters, parties and scams brings to it what it has always sought: freedom! Until she falls in love with Jake, as charismatic as dangerous ….


Here is a road trip with a  naturalistic depictions of the working class, with intense sexual situation, great physical energy, while going to the most uninviting landscape of America at its rawest form. It is a coming of age road movie of sub culture who goes state to state finding business opportunities to keep their dream alive while drinking, partying, listening to some dynamics music while  sucking on a bong, and  other drugs are involved which lead to casual sex. A romance of carefree interactions will evolved with Star and Jake who is the lead salesman / recruit new girls, who is jealous of Star and what she can do with her sex appeal. including the mix the  controlling boss Krystal (Riley Keough, Elvis’s talented granddaughter). what I like about this film is that there no resolution here and even the characters you know where they are from but you do not know what is their stories or how they got there. Nice going Andrea Arnold. Beautifully film.  Here what is pissing me off when I got out of the movie theatre I went to myself what the great film I am going to see it again soon by next week to see if I missed anything, but this film is not nominated at the oscar not even for best actors nothing. What the hell are you fucking kidding me excuse my French (I always wanted to say that) . This is a beautiful experimental film that is  great. Snubbed at the Oscars what am I not surprised. A must see do not miss this one. It has won the Jury price at the Cannes Film Festival I rest my case.


FURY (2014)


A film by David Ayer

Cast: Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman

Set in world war II Germany are short on soldiers so he gather men, women, children to fight the war anyone opposing are to be hanged. Sgt. Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Bratt Pitt) , the commander of a five-man Sherman tank crew that has been together since North Africa, and who he is determined to see survive to the end of the war. His men are the religious dude gunner Bible (Shia LaBeouf), the Hispanic lead driver Gordo (MIchael Peña) and the scumbag mechanic  (Jon Berenthal). As the story opens, they have just lost their second driver in battle, and at their next stop, they take on a new man in Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman), a rookie  who has only been in the war for a few weeks as a typist and who has never fired a gun before, let alone drive a tank. Good move there. They have to keep going to the next town to take it and liberate it. The newbie who throws up at the sight of blood does not impress Wardaddy and the others. He makes a few mistakes that cost the life of men on an other tanker. But he quickly exhale at killing German. Later the get into an ambush barely survive it but the tank is broke down. While the crew fixes the tank 300 SS German soldier are coming. Wardaddy and his men makes a last stand. Will they survive to tell about it?


Here is a Sergent who hates German especially SS. He truly despise SS. He is on a mission to kill german and to get back his men intact home at the end of the war. Norman who has not seen the horror of war being behind a desk for all that time is not crazy about killing Germans. It is them or you basically in the war and it is better that it is them. As many WWII veteran has mentioned it is not easy at first because you are scared stiff but later on you have to do it and it becomes routine. They weren’t scared of death but din’t want to die because they wanted to do more in life. There is some controversy about Shia LeBeouf Playing a religious man but it works there and he delivers it just right. Brad Pitt on the other hand played a much serious Sergeant iin this film than on the Inglorious Basterds Were he played it with humor. Jon Bernthal is  mean and violent although he sees good in Norman. Michael Pena’s Gordo is  a tutor to Norman. The cast is fantastic and great job on the acting everyone delivers. A great gritty but violent war film.