lost city of Z

A film by James Gray

Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Tom Holland, Sienna Miller

The true story of Percival Harrison Fawcett, one of the greatest explorers of the twentieth century. Percy Fawcett is a recognized British colonel and a loving husband. In 1906, when he was about to become a father, the Royal Geographical Society of England proposed to him to leave to Amazonia in order to map the borders between Brazil and Bolivia. Right a way , the man has a passion for exploration and discovers traces of what he thinks is a very old lost city. Back in England, Fawcett constantly thinks of this mysterious civilization, torn between his love for his family and his thirst for exploration and glory …


Here is a stroke a genius where James Gray reappropriates a genre fallen into disuse to offer us the masterful portrait of an explorer carried by his thirst for adventure.Here Gray choose to do an interpretation of the novel La cité perdue de Z écrit par David Grann. It is no secret that  Gray makes the viewer follow the adventure of the military man names Fawcett that disappeared somehow into the jungle never to return to England. James Gray’s latest feature film is a beautiful  scenario built around Percy Fawcett’s (Charlie Hunnam’s) back and forth between his home and the heart of the Amazon jungle. Here Gray shot this film à la classic mode the only thing to do to me otherwise the film will fall into the water. Fawcett is not crazy to go to the amazon forest but to reclaim his tile of his name he decided to go which trigger his thirst for adventure and exploration as well as glory. Charlie Hunnam here does a superb job to incarnate his character.It is interesting to see that Fawcett also has other obligations, well he is a  husband and father which his wife makes the sacrifices here  and is beautifully interpreted by actress Sienna Miller. You see  he returns to his home, after several years of travel so it takes a toll on his wife. He has a hard time with the children. The cinematography here is near perfect. I can’t wait until his next picture.




A film by Clint Eastwood

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Kyle Gallner 

Sniper is based on a true story. The story goes that Kyle (Bradley Cooper) is a young boy who goes hunting with his father and kills a deer his father tells him is has a gift. We see some flash back from time to time. As we see that he grows up he becomes a redo star with his brother. But Kyle wanted more out of life. He applies for the seals due to an attack to the American embassy in 1998 attacks on U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. As he goes through training he meets his wife Taya (Sienna Miller). Later one 9/11 happens they soon marry and Kyle got called and his team got called in. Kyle was the best sniper in the navy with 160 kills. Some where women and kids well they were trying to kill Americans. He was so good that his fellow teammates felt like they were invincible. The thing is Clint Eastwood filmed the battle and the private life at home. This is the story of Kyle struggling with himself when he went back home. The thing is when a soldier goes back home after an all time high on the war field well they do not know how to interact with other people or their family they are still back there in their heads. It is called post traumatic stress. Kyle also believe that the war was going to happen and that he was doing something good for his country to protect it from terrorists.  Although when he found out that is brother got called in he was terrified because he could not be no longer be his brother’s keeper. The theme is as Clint put it is this was the war in Iraq was a good thing or was it.  He lets the viewer decided. Going back to Kyle when the first seals died Kyle wants to go back to avenge  his friend. He wanted to do more to kill more in order to save more.  Miller here shines big time playing the mother and wife who want her husband back. Cooper has done an outstanding job here he had to bulk up like a nine volt battery in order to fit the part. He so wanted to do a movie with Clint since 2006 I think that was the right one for him. Kyle became at peace with himself by helping other veteran to find peace. A great film her not to be missed.