A film by Terry Gilliam

Cast: Adam DriverJonathan PryceStellan Skarsgård

Toby (Adam Driver) who is a commercial director who shoot a vodka commercial that utilises the figure of Don Quixote . One night, he finds someone selling a bootleg DVD of his thesis film from ten years ago, itself a Quixote adaptation he shot with some friends and nonprofessional actors at a local village. To get inspired he tries to reconnect with the past by going to the village where he shot his thesis film and may the adventure begin…..

Orson Welles has tried to make this film but the director has died before he could finish it and it took 30 years by the way. Here Gillian tries to make his own film which took 30 years or so in the making, he had truly had a hard time to get the project done. I kind of love it feeling what the hell was this made a lot sooner. Here Toby embarks in the village hoping to reconnect with his youth. He finds that some of the non professional actors that was in his film some had great luck others not. But soon after that he meets the man who played Don Quixote the aging shoemaker Jonathan Pryce who thinks he is Don Quixote. Toby will embark then is this strange adventure in the wild west of Spain. Here you are going to feel lost in the film but Gillian wants you to be. The energy of Gillian here is infectious. The plot is not linear it is going to be going every which way. Not too worry you are going to have a good time. It is presented like a kaleidoscope fable. What I like about it it is going to go in a loop. You’ll know what I mean when you see the film. Here is one for you the actor Jonathan Pryce after the film was done was suppose to go to Cannes but he suddenly had a stroke. Some say it is a curse. Maybe maybe not.




borg mcenroe

A film by Janus Metz

Cast: Sverrir Gudnason, Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgård

The story in 1980 rivalry between Borg and McEnroe. McEnroe the rebellious bad boy of tennis and Borg the god of tennis.

Here is the thing I am a big fan of Tennis so I decided to see this film right away. My mom was working in this sport company they gave her box seat (Front row seat) to see all the matches at Roland Garros back in the 70’s. I saw Borg, Connors, Stanislas, Ivan Lendl, Rob laver etc…is a matter a fact Connors was on the court and running to hit the ball kept running was right in the front of me looked at me and said “man this guy is killing me” Connors was the cool dude who was joking around once in a while. So When it came around 1980 I was in the US and I saw that match Borg / McEnroe.


The Real McEnroe and Borg 

For borg the pressure is on he has everything to lose he has 4 Wimbledon championships under his belt as for McEnroe he had nothing to lose, he was the underdog. I remember seeing him on the court getting pissed of pulling his hair out and the press had a field day. The film show the 3 days before the march, the preparation, the games, how the player prepares themselves mentally and so forth. Then there are the occasional flash back when they were teenagers. McEnroe the party boy and Borg was like a robot focused, nothing gets to him. Amazing! Shia leboeuf delivers an outstaying McEnroe and was trained by professional tennis players so they do not look like he is the actor playing tennis But McEnroe playing tennis. As for Sverrir Gudnason who even looks like Borg has incarnated Borg extremely well. By the way the young Björn Borg is played by Björn’s real son Leo Borg. Director Janus Metz lets the action flows as the drama goes back and forth like a tennis ball. The film was watchable you could feel the tension rising, I remember watching the match and was on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately we all know what happen the next year and I think that is why Borg retire at 26 years old as he said I have done it all in tennis.  Better retire on top I guess.


borg mcenroe



A film by Lars von Trier

Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Willem Dafoe

Vol.2 opens, Joe is now married to the drippy Jerome (Shia LaBeouf), and they have a baby son. Unfortunately, she has also lost all interest in sex, and has no more sexual sensation. He tells her to take on other lovers to get her groove back. Three years as past and so Charlotte Gainsbourg plays joe now so if like Jerome (Shia LaBeouf) looks the same and he  should say dam my wife looks totally different now the story takes a darker turn, Joe seeks dangerous man like two African American who does not speak a word of english and that is fine with her because she wants just sex not a conversation, they argue who get what hole and you see Two erected penis and the face of charlotte in the background watching them fighting it out.  Come to think about it is a funny scene. Joe then seeks out the mysterious K (Jamie Bell) with a great performance there. He services women in what looks like a deserted office building. It is film so naturally but if you go further into the building it gets ugly , tense even erotic. K sets out the rules to Joe, he will not have sex with her, and there will be no safe word here is a terrifying thing. He weeps joe with a whip to the point she is hyperventilate, he his violent but yet gentle by take of putting on her coat. And joe gets her groove back. Seligman keeps interrupting her by anecdote and such. You see joe still depend on sex and always will until her sex drive dies around when she is 50 or so. I used to know sex addict and they din’t think they had a problem they just love sex period. Joe ends up broken. She even join sex anonymous, but if that is going to work. The film delivers especially towards the end and great ending. Yes we know at the end the situation is worse and will nor get better? There is no cure for sex addiction as a psychologist told me once however there what we call time management.





A  film by Lars von Trier

Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Stacy Martin

I will say this sex on TV is simulated but sex at home is a all different ball game. I review Shame about a sex addict man and how lonely he was disconnected from anybody. Now Mars Van Trier has this female character who is a Nymphomaniac and of course a Nymph is a sex addict. Charlotte Gaisbourg who play a nymph is lying there in an alley with bruises on her face. Seligman ( Stellan Starsgārd)  takes her in, tucks her in bed, and gives her tea. They are 2 complete strangers , he asked what happened , she warns him this is not going to be a nice story because she is a bad person. He tells her nothing she can tell him will shock him. she tells him the story. The film is broken in section Chapter 1 etc… she tells her story Seligman stops her and tells her about fly fishing. Than she goes back to her story, Seligman is not shock by the story but he is delighted.Seligman listen to the story of this nymph without judgment. Although Joe (charlotte Gainsbourg) wanted to loose virginity as fast as possible also she told Seligman that she use to lure man in different kind of way every time for sport . Stacy Martin plays the young Joe and has done an extraordinary  job especially with the sex scene some of the scene scene are not simulated they are real thing is in order to be real they were body double as in porno star doing in withe CGI you can put the head of the actor on the double body and voila you think the actors really didi it but no. The censors are alittle bit looser than the on in the states. Gainsbourg has done also an outstanding job as well as Starsgārd. Seligman listen to the story of this nymph without judgment. I haven’t see volume 2 yet when I do I will tell you.