LE JEU (2018)

Le jeu

A film by Fred Cavayé

Cast: Bérénice Bejo, Suzanne Clément, Stéphane De Groodt

English title: Nothing to hide 


The title translation however is The game.  A bunch of friends at dinner time decide to play a “game”: each must place his mobile phone in the middle of the table and each text, phone call, mail, Facebook message, must be read out loud and the phone calls are to be listened on speaker. And yes the nightmare is going to begin.

It is the evening of the total lunar eclipse at the beginning of the 21st century that the couple Marie and Vincent have chosen to invite their best friends to a good meal at home. Remake of the Italian film PERFETTI SCONOSCIUTI (2016), why is that not surprising me at all. Ok then the thing is that we missed and messed up some comedies  the last few years that this one stand out and thank god. Here is a casting nothing but stars and it works here. Be Careful what you wish for and make sure that not one sees your cell phone. The thing is here the cell phone is  something private for some people. The director make sure here that there was a little bit of everything in there. People have secret that they don’t want their spouse or friends to know. When the Pandora’s box is open everything could happen. Yes it is a dramatic comedy where you are not going to be bored but you are going to laugh and yes there are times it is going to be serious. Think about it would you want your spouse see you cell phone? Everybody has secrets it is a fact of life. Now that is not a game I am going to play ever well like the rest of you. After such a rush of tension and secrets reaveled how can anyone go home?

le jeu2$

le jeu 3



A film by Bouli Lanners

Cast: Albert Dupontel, Max von Sydow, Michael Lonsdale, Suzanne Clément, Bouli Lanners

English: The first one the last one.

In an waste windy plain, Cochise and Gilou, two inseparable bounty hunters are looking for a stolen phone who has sensitive content. Their path will cross  Esther and Willy, a couple on the run, and if it was the end of the world.  In this small lost city where everyone is a failure, will they find human nature at its best? Those maybe the last men, but there are not as deferents that the first one.


So even if this film is a little off beat a poetic force lights up. It is a slow thriller on a burner with grippy scenery, rainy with something a small window of light like if it was hope but then darkness arrives again. The wide shots of the country of Beauce, cleverly interweaving rainy plains and raw infrastructure of the suburbs  filmed in wide Scope, like a magnificent paintings. Bouli Lanners delivers to us a beautiful marginal ode those two bounty hunter will cross path with a deer, a couple running away, 4 guys with guns, a mummy in a warehouse,and 2 undertaker. This spiritual equation will rub you the strange way where the fear of the end of the world will turn into a chase of biblical proportion. I love the choice of Dupontel’s film it has played in those poetic kind a fable film that suits him just right, it fits him like a glove. Terrific performance by the actors. Phillipe Reboot plays a modern jesus and Mannerist. Here is a modern western tale of jesus well sort of you decide.


MOMMY (2014)


A film by Xavier Dolan

Cast: Anne Dorval, Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Suzanne Clément

Diane, a young single mother, has a very difficult relationship with his son, Steve. Violent and hyperactive, he is struggling to control his emotions and violence. After he was sent to an institution, Diane wants to try again to live with Steve in a small suburban house in a quiet neighborhood . Completely flat broke and overwhelm by the violence of her son, Diane will find her neighbor Kyla and important role model for Steve, the arrival of the woman makes a daily mark and a new beginning for both of them. Hope to get rid of his demons and prove to the love of his life (his Mommy) that he is someone good.

Here is a great film. When you will see this film in the movie theater it is going to drive you crazy. Many critics disclose that information but I am going to contain myself. In the middle of the film You will noticed it when Pilon does it Xavier film it an other way for a while and went back. There is a reasons for that. Now you will have different opinion. Try not to see what the critics wrote about it because most of them will disclose that information. I have 2 Opinions about it. Having said that I will not say much about the is film because If I disclose too much you might not want to see it. But xavier Dolan has done a great job in this film. the Cinematography is remarkable. Anne Dorval, Antoine-Olivier Pilon and Suzanne Clément are outstanding, the casting of this film could of been better it sis perfect. This is a film with great story telling and character developing as well. Emotion will run high. Every song in the movie has a meaning to the scene it is done purposely. They had to put subtitle in French because the french in quebec they have a strong accent and some of the words and expressions ante different. The thing is there is some single mother who are in the same situation so the film for them is going to be so real. This film is an unusual film, magical, poetic, full of tenderness and hope. A must see. It is a work of art. Also this film as won the prix du Jury at the festival of Cannes.