A film by  Lucas Bernard

Cast:  Charles Berling, Swann Arlaud, Jennifer Decker

English: A handsome Thief

Commissioner Beffrois waits for retirement with mixed enthusiasm when a bunch of stolen paintings catches his attention. Is it the elegance of the process, the different painting that are stolen, the audacity of the crime or the cat and mouse game that is going to take place. Is the Commissioner going to catch this thief before he retire?

A investigation jubilant in the world of art. It is a surprise for the first film of the year the tone, the dialogue, the story, the chemistry with the actors shot in Paris what more do you want? It looks like a bit from the film to catch a thief from Alfred Hitchcock, rewriting in today’s context. Here is the commissioner who is going to retire soon but is fascinated by the thief who is stealing work of art in the apartments in Paris. He has some issues about his sons who are leaving the apartment and the fact that he is going to retire which he won’t be able to work with his colleague, it looks like he is going to miss that. Charles Berling gives his character a facetious tone, with shining eyes and a quirky humor. Swann Arlaud brings the touch of mystery, discretion and sympathy to his character. You even kind of like him. There are a nice chase on the top of the roof of the apartments in Paris. A nice film by the first time director Lucas Bernard.




A film by Hubert Charuel

Cast: Swann Arlaud, Sara Giraudeau, Isabelle Candelier

English title: Bloody milk 

Pierre, in his thirties, is a breeder of dairy cows. His life is organized around his farm, his veterinary sister and his parents, whose exploitation he has taken over. While the first cases of an epidemic are reported in France, Pierre discovers that one of his animals is infected. He can not bring himself to lose his cows. He has nothing else and will go all the way to save them.

petit paysan

It is certainly an autobiographical film : Hubert Charuel, graduate of the Fémis, and this is the first feature film, was inspired by the experiences of his parents, farmers, now retired, and the farm is located in Droyes, between Reims and Nancy. The filming took place at his parent”s farm , the casting mixing professional actors and close friends of the filmmaker. If the parent company has never experienced the drama that unfolds on the screen, the anguish of such an eventuality has long marked the childhood and adolescence of the director, whose scenario and mise en scène here a place of true catharsis. You will see the rituel around 5 am what Pierre does it is more than a full-time job. The actors had to do some serious training in order to look like a farmer but be a farmer. How to treat the cow there is certain things technique. The scenario approaches with a real concern for authenticity with different problems, economic, .environmental and sociological problems related to the primary sector: mechanization is not only productivist, the robotic farm of the neighbor being supposed to optimize the welfare of the animals. also there is a little love story that seems to be developing with the baker. She delivers herself his bread every morning.

Pierre on the other hand is on his job all the time worrying if one of his cows is going to get the haemorrhagic fever from Belgium. The sister who is a veterinarian played by the wonderful Sara Giraudeau thinks he is paranoid. But one day all hell break loose and Pierre will do the unthinkable to correct the problem. Here is a farmer who loves his cows and takes care of them very well. He even treats them with respect. The thing is when you do the unthinkable more stuff is going to be developing. Here the director has gone where no one dared to go. Filming a farmer milking his cows taking care of them with the fear of a disease that might come or not which you do not see too much in the cinema those days. It is a master piece here and it is doing fine at the box office here so far. A must see. 

petit paysan