THE POST (2017)


A film by Steven Spielberg

Cast: Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Sarah Paulson

The story of the Post who got the hold of the Pentagon Papers and the unfolding battle between the free press and a White House that struggled to keep the secrets of how our government handled the Vietnam War under wraps.

Daniel Ellsberg (Matthew Rhys) who heard a government official lied to the press decided to walk away with classified documents of the Pentagon on the history of Vietnam, including sensitive and confidential information that revealed the lies the government had told the American people for years, and why this does not surprise me at all, the government lying that would be a first yeah! right. One said “McNamara knew we couldn’t win in ’65.” And they went and sent more people to Vietnam . The thing is that the truth came first in the New York times and the Times got shut down by the government so the source wanted to have his stolen papers published and did the unthinkable.


The two central character here Kay Graham (Meryl Streep), the publisher of the Post, doing a job that too many men around her consider her incapable of doing, and Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks), the editor of the Post, and the man who never questions whether of not they should publish. Both actors incarnated their characters well plus they had big shoes to fill. Also everything is at stake and Graham feared that she could make the wrong decision. There is tension in the film but lack of suspense and Bob Odenkirk almost steals the show here the guy who investigate he is the key piece of the post without him I think none of that would happen. You will see a parade of familiar actors in there as well.  the Post had balls knowing they could lose everything. The Freedom of the Press do not mess with it. Over all the film works well here and it is entertaining.




SULLY (2016)


A film by Clint Eastwood

Cast: Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney

I remember seeing the news in January 2009 when I was in Tampa when they announced that an airplane landed in the Hudson river to top it all off saves his crew and his passagers a whopping 155 of them. What I did not know is that the story behind the scene what the 2 pilots endured an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Clint here build the tension slowly and put not only the man who saved the passagers but his life how he got to be a pilot as you come de discover this man had done an outstanding job in 40 years flying but was really good at it. The thing is that the board did not get it they wanted to see why didn’t he go back to the airport and land the plane instead of crashing it in the river. It is a bit unnerving to see this crash but the reaction of sully he did not panic  he did what he is supposed to do. Whatever the N.T.S.B. was trying to find out why Sully didn’t make it to the airport. Well like Sully said to them you weren’t there and yes he is right he was not the one to fly the plane. The investigation here bought a touch of drama to the story which provided the flashbacks. The story  manages the emotional highs and lows to perfection. The screenplay was adapted by the book that Sully wrote. An other terrific film from the man himself Clint Eastwood.




captain phillips

A film by Paul Greengrass. 

Cast: Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman . 

The film is based on the true story of the 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking, an incident during which merchant mariner Captain Richard Phillips was taken hostage by pirates in the Indian Ocean led by Abduwali Muse.

I remember this on the news and it took 5 days to contain the situation. Thank god it ended up a happy ending on this one because captain Philips said most of the time it does not end well and people some end up dead. It organized crime in the waters at it best. Here is Tom hanks in an unusual film again but this time it is a boat who is being hijacked and the audience does not mind flowing him into those situations like the ones in Apollo 13 , Saving Private Ryan, and Casting away. In this film he plays a captain who’s  merchant boat is being attack. Somalia ids infested with pirates who will do anything to hijacked a merchant boat, I guess the money is good if you can get one. they don’t succeed , but the next day it is jack pot. Phillips acts as the mediator between his crew and the hijacker. He tells his crew to hide in the engine room and disable the boat very quickly. The story is told in 2 half, the hijacker hijacking the boat and then they get off the boat into a life boat. Captain Philips wanted them off the boat so no harm were to come to his crew that was hitting in the engine room. In this film the butt headed Philips with a AK 47 and plunge the life boat into the water. But Philips explain that he had to go with them because they did know how to pilot the boat , he had to show them how. 5 days of hell followed after that. The navy tried to negotiate but no go. So they went with as I call it with plan B. Greengrass didn’t shoot this on stage or in a tank. He rented a ship that is the sister of the ship that Philips, he went at sea and film the movie there. All the scenes were done on the boat, even the scene on the life boat were difficult to shoot because space in restricted. A $55 million budget film who make  $235 millon. Unfortunately it is happening every day boat are getting hijack and it does not end well.

captain philips

captain philiips

CAST AWAY (2000)

A film by Robert Zemeckis.
Cast: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Paul Sanchez.
Tom Hanks does a superb job of carrying Cast Away.
Hanks plays Chuck Noland, a time-obsessed Federal Express executive who troubleshoots all over the world, arranging hurry-up package transfers in Moscow before flying off to solve problems in Asia. Helen Hunt plays his fiancee, Kelly Frears, who tries her best to accept a man ruled by a beeper. She comes from clock-watching stock, and for Christmas gives Chuck her grandfather’s railroad watch. Noland hitches a ride on a FedEx flight across the Pacific, which is blown off course before crashing after an onboard explosion. He is in an island far away in no man land no other survivor than himself. Chuck, the time-and-motion man, finds himself in a world without clocks, schedules, or much of a future.There’s something wonderfully pathetic about the way he shouts “Hello? Anybody?” at the sand and trees. Like some one is going to answer him. There is flashback about his childhood form time to time during the movie. Zemeckckis shut down production so hanks can loose the weight in the story he stays on the island 4 years. he his trying to survive the best he can by fishing and opening fed ex packages that float, No no pizza there that’s too bad. There’s a lovely moment when he squats on the ground, contemplating a crate that has washed up, and the shot is composed as homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Hanks’ favorite film. I do not want too reveal too much for those who has not seen the movie Although if you seen the trailer Zemeckis gives away the ending . Great film.