A film by Stéphane Brizé

Cast:  Vincent Lindon, Sandrine Kiberlain, Aure Atika 

Jean is a good person: a good mason, a good son, a good father and a good husband. And in his daily life, between family and work, he crosses the path of Mademoiselle Chambon, the teacher of his son. He is a man of few words, she comes from a different world. They will be overwhelmed by the feelings that they have for each other.

Mademoiselle Chambon uses the language of love , canvas, and architecture . Vincent Lindon ( Jean) is a family man who has a wife and remodels old houses, he is a builder who loves his job and his family. He meet a substitute teacher Mademoiselle Chambon (Sandrine Kiberlain) who’s life is lonely due to the fact she moves from town to town. The narrative here is about moods, lust, love , and feelings. Stéphane Brizé has adapted Eric Holder’s novel with such a perfect timing. It is about the body language combine with arts and music which both are interested. The two actors is are awesome with great chemistry in playing with their feeling and body language talking and listening to some music. Here is a perfect romantic film done softly with some great classical music.

EN GUERRE (2018)

en guerre

selection officiel competition

A film by Stéphane Brizé

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Mélanie Rover, Jacques Borderie

English title: At war

In spite of heavy financial sacrifices on the part of the employees and a record profit of their company, the management of the factory Perrin industries nevertheless decides the total closure of the site. Agreement scorned, promises not respected, the 1100 employees, led by their spokesman Laurent Amedeo (Vincent Lindon), refuse this brutal decision and will try everything to save their jobs.

Magnificent fiction that feels like a documentary, La loi du Marché  appears today as the first film of a fierce social diptych where Stéphane Brizé and Vincent Lindon, director and committed actor, set themselves against the world of large companies, destined to grind its production in the ultimate quest for profit. From another angle, the trade union struggle, En Guerre shows the fight, that feels like a documentary, especially in the texture of the image, the choice of the camera on the shoulder, and the impressive game of amateur actors who live the fight. It feels like the fiction is real with the tv channels who report the news. This film will talk to people who has lived it. Here in France there are at least 115 strike a years we have one here now with the train company SNCF. Here the employees are pissed and strike to halt production. They demand to talk to the CEO. Yes it is like that in France I have seen it many times so the film feels like it is real at times due to the fact that there are few professional actors,  the others are amateur actors and everybody here has done a formidable job. Is the film inappropriate? On the contrary, does it fall to the point where the social struggle has never been so tense during the first year as President of Emmanuel Macron? Is it the confession of a lost cause?


En guerre is above all a complex film, behind a simplicity of feigned point of view. You see the fight with the mediators even between employees who are fed up with all this. Sometimes it goes on for months. Not a pretty thing here but a script well written again from the director Stéphane Brizé. A different view of the social struggle here without repeating himself. And yes it is presented at the Cannes film Festival.




A film by Xavier Giannoli

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Galatéa Bellugi, Patrick d’Assumçao

Jacques (Vincent Lindon), a reporter for a French newspaper, one day receives a mysterious phone call from the Vatican. In a small town in south-eastern France, an 18-year-old girl claimed to have had an apparition of the Virgin Mary. The rumor spread quickly and the phenomenon took such a magnitude that thousands of pilgrims now come to gather at the place of alleged apparitions. Jacques, who has nothing to do with this world, agrees to be part of a commission of inquiry to shed light on these events.

Xavier Giannoli ventures not so much in a religious field,  but more in the field of raw truth . Not true and false, but the discrepancy between statements and what is “received” (seen, heard, understood, broadcast). Here is the thing could we believe a young psychic of what she has seen. There are going to be the believers and the non-believers ,  At the cinematic level, the film is interesting, but should have been a little shorter. here is Jacques is a septic he needs evidence that is why that the Vatican called upon him with others to investigate. The church however is partial. However we see in the film about others events that happened real one in Loudres in France , Fatima, In Portugal etc… There are a lot of them all over the world. As Jacques investigate a little deeper in the story, he has troubled with his hearing do to the fact of his investigative report over seas. As the story  beginning to be revealing in to deep psychological level you begin to think and form your own opinion. You are on Anna’s (Galatéa Bellugi) or on jacques side. Of course the big finally has a twist. Here Gianolli concentrate on Jacques and Anna which both actors are doing a an outstanding job. Who needed who and who is manipulate who or not. Plus the other story that is beginning to unfold is related or connected to Jacques passed mission in the middle east so Jacques thinks. The believers here are going to flock and pray on the site where Anna has seeing the virgin Mary to the point it is going to be a little bit of a circus. There a re going to be two movement the believers and the commercial side of it where Souvenirs and books etc… plus TV coverage will become in to play. The tension in film will rise and Gianolli never lets it go. Here is a smart film not to be missed. 




RODIN (2017)



A film by Jacques Doillon

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Izïa Higelin, Séverine Caneele

This film is presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. In Paris, in 1880, at the age of 40, Auguste Rodin received his first commission from the State: the Gate of Hell composed of figurines, some of which will make his glory as Le Baiser And The Thinker. He shares his life with Rose, his constant companion, when he meets the young Camille Claudel, his most talented pupil who quickly becomes his assistant, then his mistress.

No, Rodin certainly does not reveal a simple biopic. Doillon,  explores the most inventive and paradoxically the least appreciated period of the sculptor’s career during his lifetime, is primarily concerned with sentimental drama. At 40, the artist tackles one of his most ambitious creations: the door of Hell.  He wishes with this work to give a tangible illustration of the Circles of Hell from “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri, is a roundabout way of expressing his repressed impulses and feelings. Panting like a boxer in the ring, sometimes brusque, sometimes passionate, Rodin is interpreted to perfection by Lindon, who is this exceptional actor who nails it dead on. It is a joy to see him pulling no punches and going full blast like a torpedo. He said in an interview he had to learn how to sculpt 5 hours  a day for 5 months. Rodin was a hard worker who has a long time girlfriend , and also a mistress who was his student. Camille was crazy about Rodin and was hoping that he left his girlfriend, however Rodin had a weakness for women. Lindon here won for best actor for the measure of a man last year maybe well I do not want to jinx it for him. I hope he does.

Rodin film

Izïa Higelin, Vincent Lindon

WELCOME (2009)

Welcome 2

A film by Philippe Lioret

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Firat Ayverdi, Audrey Dana

This film is a sober examination of illegal immigrants desperately to go to England From Calais France. Kurdish illegal immigrant Bihal (firat ayverdi )has travel from Irak to Calais on foot underneath train and trucks to be reunited with his girlfriend in England. He then meets Coach Simon (Vincent Lindon) (Ex-Champ) at a local pool and asked him about swimming lesson (so he can cross the English Channel)

Here is an interesting concept for a screenplay both character has girl trouble. Simon is recently divorced and Bihal wants to rejoin his girlfriend. A Father / son relationship will develop between the two but when Simon meets Bihal, Simon think he might be reunited with his ex-wife without Simon knowing that will get him some trouble along the way. The two need each other in order to solve their girl problem but at what cost. As Vincent Lindon as said I am looking for a script that will grab you by the throat and this one did. firat ayverdi who is the first time acting has done an outstanding job here. The scrip is sensitive about the subject here although Calais was on the news not long ago here in France thousand of immigrant are stuck in Calais and my government doe not know what to do with them and more are coming every day ti migrate in other countries as well, agreeing problem here. There are two element to enrich the story the divorce of simon, the relationship with his wife and the relationship with Bihal. It is a superb piece of cinema where the landscape is at its purest form.


welcome 4



A film by Joachim Lafosse

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Louise Bourgoin, Valérie Donzelli

English: White knights. 

In 2007, individuals associated with charity group Zoé’s Ark were charged with child abduction in Chad. Their intention was to have the children placed into foster families in France, and this film is not based on a true story it is a fictional story based on what happen in 2007.

White knights here will demonstrate the difficulty and the obstacle that the NGO has in other countries. Here it is it is a hell of a subject matter done with excellence, it has some twist in the story and some of it will run your stomach upside down. Here is a team from “Move for Kids” who goes to Africa to retrieves kids that are Orphan because the rebels killed their parents and there is the twist that is going to go into play. Of course there is the question of the paper work in order to bring the child to France. Lafosse will show you the difficulties that they will have to over come plus the negotiations with the village Chief. The film has a documentary feel to it which the director is very agile with his camera to build the tension slowly. Lindon has the other actors has pulled their weight and filled the role well. Good choice to bring Vincent Lindon on board here. It is a gripping film that at times will make you a bit uncomfortable.

les chevaliers blanc-2



La loi du marché (2015)

A film by Stéphane Brizé

Cast: Vincent Lindon Yves Ory, Karine De Mirbeck

English title: Measure of a man

At 51, after 20 months of unemployment, Thierry starts a new job that puts him soon face to a moral dilemma. To keep his job, can he accept everything?

This film provides an insight of a man who lost his job and is trying to get back on the horse after 20 month being unemployed. It has a documentary feel to it. Thierry (Vincent Lindon) who is laid off factory worker comes back from a course teaching him to operate a crane, only to find no one will give him a job if he doesn’t already have on site experience. He calmly express his frustration to the counselor at the employment office criticizing them for not telling the others who attended  the course that it would be effectively useless for them. The scene plays out in full going back and forth with the counselor only to offer him a job in  warehouse. The scene starts the style of the film here. It moves at a slow pace. It is the story of a quiet man with his own sense of dignity, which, despite his situation, he is never going to sacrifice. You see him to his every day life, He is married and has a son who has autism who goes to college, he is a bright young man. Thierry goes to dance class with his wife. He finally gets a job as a security agent at a supermarket where he caught thieves who are like him trying to made ends meet as a results they steals, there you see that it is going to make him uncomfortable. Brizé’s film is grounded in the social realism like the film of the Dardennes’s brothers of even Ken Loach. It is a melodrama, no anger management here, no I hate the world just a man who is trying to find a job, to have a purpose in life, to live his life, and not to give in even of time of desperation.

La loi du marché (2015)


MEA CULPA (2014)

Mea culpa

A film by Fred Cavayé

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Gilles Lellouche, Nadine Labaki

2 cops that are friends good friends. But something happened a while back that killed the relationship a bit a car accident, that cost the life of the passage including a kid. Simon was at fault and has that on his conscience. Things did not go well for him after that he got divorced from his wife and sees his kid on the weekend. One day the boyfriend of his ex-wife takes them to see a bullfight. The boy has to go to the bathroom, so he goes on his own. When he does not come back anytime soon his mother worries, well he his pursued by a criminal because the kid witnesses a murder. So they want to get rid of the kid so they are no witnesses. They find out it is not an easy thing to do.

Here is a great thriller by the very talented Fred Cavayé. I always love his film. Nothing that you didn’t see before here. Kid saw murder and bad guy wants him dead. There is a twist in the story here, no I am not telling. It is an action pack thriller that you don’t see enough in my country. It is a bit predictable but who cares you are going to enjoy the ride. Even a shoot out in a TGV A train that goes about 200 moles an hour, yes we do have them in France that is how I travel around France or out or I take the plane. The thing is in this story is that is done a la French so there is emotion going through the character not this mindless action film that you see in the U.S. which i call them Guilty Pleasure. So let’s recap you have a scooter chase followed by a foot chase, then a shooting out in the night club and to finish it all in the TGV . Now you are going to ask me what is mea culpa means well here it  is a Latin phrase that translates into English as “through my fault”. Great title for this film you are going to see why at the end of the movie. Enjoy the ride in this one and fasten your seat belt.

mea culpa


mea culpa 2