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Cafe society-2

A film by Woody Allen

Cast: Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg

New York, in the 30s we find Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg), a young torn man  between conflicting parents and a gangster brother. Asphyxiated by this heavy family atmosphere, Bobby packed his bags and set sail towards Hollywood, where he finds his Uncle Phil (Steve Carell), an agent of renowned stars. Phil hires Bobby as a courier. That’s when the native Bobby from New York falls in love with Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), but unfortunately the beautiful woman is not free and Bobby is happy to be her friend . One evening Vonnie arrived in tears and tells Bobby she just broke up with her boyfriend. Suddenly, the horizon cleared for Bobby but…. Yes theres is a but.

Here Woody is at Cannes film festival where it kicked off today and has shown is movie . He actually has for the first time to see his film but does not like the idea of watching his own film because he is too critical of himself. With Café Society, Woody Allen uses the codes that made him a legendary director. Developed like a lively novel, the film plunges us into a delightful atmosphere where the whole society is mixed . Between gangsters, celebrities, politicians, Woody Allen takes a trip between New York and Hollywood, two different worlds. A love story will develop the moment Bobby sets foot in California falls in love with Vonnie (Kristen Steward). Vonnie exposes Bobby to the world of glitter of the rich and famous. Bobby takes it all in but that is not his world and would rather return to New York.

If we see a transposition of two different cultures – New York and Hollywood – family theme is an important part in the work of Woody Allen. Bobby here is the center of the story , his family has the highlight of his brother who is a gangster Ben (Corey Stoll).Bobby enjoys the support of his immediate family, which is not really the case of his uncle Phil who is preoccupied with his work and extra curricular activity. Bobby sees one thing only Vonnie. The film goes back and forth from New York to California where soon after Bobby manages the club of his brother Café society. Now I love this film it take you back to the 30’s and it is fun watch but I can to realized that the guy who does the lighting in his film is so popular because I heard he is the best at his job plus Woody likes to use natural light for his film  which is much better to me. Yes there is Jazz music in this film too which I also love. Here you have it an other film by the master himself. Have fun with this one.





Irrational Man

A film by Woody Allen 

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Parker Posey

Joaquin Phoenix plays Abe Lucas, a philosophy professor who has signed on to teach a summer course at a small-town college.  He has nothing better to do. Abe is bored with his life.  he has no reason to live after his wife died. But all that is going to change when first he meet a neighbor who wants to sleep with him. And then later a student Jill comes in and suddenly she is drawn to him. Jill has a boyfriend who by the way is perfect for her. When one day Jill is at lunch with Abe they hear a conversation of a woman behind them that spark up Abe’s spike for life again.His life has a purpose again.

Here woody has done a who done it but in a slightly different manner. He trows in the mix physiology which he knows a lot about it. It is about human relation where they can take a serious turn either for the better or worse. It is how intelligent people can clash very quickly. Phoenix plays Abe beautifully well had to add on a few pounds to get into the role of a professor. Emma turns detective here and analyze the scene of the crime plus ask many question to the other people around campus. That is the second time that Allen directs Emma. Irrational Man  becomes a film about the paradox of a man committing the most impractical act to nearly everyone else, but the most practical one in his own mind. Of course there is suspense, and the characters moves along as they should be. I love the fact that Woody in all his film uses a lot of dialogue.  It is not of the his greatest, but it is very good.

Irrational Man

Irrational Man


magic in the moonlight

A film by Woody Allen

Cast: Colin Firth, Emma Stone, Marcia Gay Harden

Stanley (Colin Firth) is a magician one of the greatest in Europe who spent his life to revealing fraudulent spiritualists. One of his friends invites him to a villa       in France to quickly uncover the truth behind celebrated spiritualist Sophie and her scheming mother who are a guest at the villa. However the more he spent time with her he begins to believe there is something on the other side and possibly an after life , without realizing that he is falling in love with her.

Yes Woody Allen is back with an other one he was in an interview in France and they told him that he was more appreciate in France than in his country and he replied you might be right about that one. That is weird because Jerry Lewis was loved in France like crazy but not in the states. Although the French actor Maurice Chevalier was loved in the United States nut not in France. Well Woody goes back to France to film Magic in the moonlight and let me tell you that the cinematography is outstanding as usual He didn’t miss a beat. It was near perfection. The film takes place In 1920 and Colin Firth incarnates the great Magician Stanley and does a great job at it. Okay he is world famous, no one outside of his closed circle of associates knows his real identity because on stage he is known as Wei Ling Soo, the Chinese magician. Colin Firth has some great lines and he delivers it perfectly well. He is a cynical and does not believe in the after life he thinks that spiritualist are a fraud and he knows that he is right. He does not seems to able to enjoy this great success that he is having. Brice tries to serenade Sophie with some corny song paying on his miniature guitar, he is in love with her immediacy. When we see Sopie (Emma Stone) for the first time you see the light hitting her face just right that gives her charisma and irresistible. Nice work form the light guy on this one on all the movie he has done a great job. Woody Allen is this great director but an awesome writer.

magic in the moonlight

magic in the moonlight


A film by woody allen.
Cast: Woody Allen, Janet Margolin and Marcel Hillaire.
This film is presented as a documentary on the life of an incompetent, petty criminal called Virgil Starkwell. It describes the early childhood and youth of Virgil, his failure at a musical career, and his obsession with bank robberies. The film uses a voice over narrative and interviews with his family, friends and acquaintances. Woody Allen’s decision to become his own director was partially spurred on by the chaotic and uncontrolled filming of Casino Royale, in which he had appeared two years previously.


A film by Woody Allen

 Stars: Sean Penn, Samantha Morton ,Woody Allen

A comedic biopic focused on the life of fictional jazz guitarist Emmett Ray. Ray was an irresponsible, free-spending, arrogant, obnoxious, alcohol-abusing, miserable human being, who was also arguably the best guitarist in the world. We follow Ray’s life: bouts of getting drunk, his bizzare hobbies of shooting rats and watching passing trains, his dreams of fame and fortune, his strange obsession with the better-known guitarist Django Reinhardt, and of course, playing his beautiful music.


Directed and written by Woody Allen. A young couple travel in Paris for business. they are forced to see that they are two different people that choose a very different path. woody begin the film with the best photography of Paris when it sunny then cloudy then raining. The music is great and his knowledge of writer, painters are dead on .Beautiful movie from woody.


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