BURN OUT (2017)

burn out

A film by Yann Gozlan

Cast: François Civil, Olivier Rabourdin, Manon Azem

Hot head, addicted to thrills, Tony (François civil)  lives for one thing: become a professional motorcycle superbike biker. Until the day he discovers that his son’s mother has a problem with the gypsy underworld. The only way out of this is to put his talents at the service of mobsters. Circuit biker during the day, go-fast at night, Tony is plunged into an infernal spiral that leads him to the brink of rupture …

BURN OUT (2017)

Tony is a hot head and does not think much or even see the consequence that is going to developed in his life after he is going to help his girlfriend out of a jam. He thought he got the handle on it but doesn’t and soon after it is going to collapse right in the front os him. Once you go into this kind of work you get out dead. Tony does two month worth of work for the gypsies mob. A go fast is simple tony is giving a motorcycle a backpack full of drugs and he has to deliver it and fast. He can’t stop for nobody. The stunt here are done in real speed no special affect here. It ads up realism into the film. Between suburban atmosphere, go-fast motorcycle and traffic of all kinds, Yann Gozlan sweeps wide and tries to hold the road to offer his main character a descent to hell and does he ever.. Close-ups of motorcycles and drivers, slow-motion effects, sound effects, everything goes to give the spectator the feeling (and it’s successful) to follow very closely the throes of Tony. Burn out is loosely  adapted from a novel Jérémie Guez.





A film Yann Gozlan

Cast: Pierre Niney, Ana Girardot, André Marcon

English: An Ideal Man. 

Mathieu (Pierre Niney) has a regular job but his dream job is to be a great writer one go those days. But nothing gives and he is not be able to be published. He works with his uncle who has a moving business. His fate changes when he stumbled upon the manuscript of a lonely old man who has just died. Mathieu hesitated before finally seize the chance type it on his computer, and sign his name to it. Became the most new hope for French literatures. 3 years later his publisher is still waiting around for his second novel and becomes more urgent.  Every day Mathieu will plunge into a pool of lies and criminal spiral to preserve at all costs his secret .

Here is a nice little French thriller done à la Claude Chabrol / Hitchcock and nicely done at that. What if you found a manuscript in an old man house who had no family and you were a writer who could not get published what would you do. Well you have to say to yourself what if? And that is not what Mathieu said to himself although he hesitated at first. The minute that he took the responsibility to sign his name to it one thing led to another and it is all going down from there. He become desperate to write an other novel but for 3 years nothing. His publisher gave him an advance and wants it back by the end of the week and Mathieu panics. It is like a weight on his shoulder that becomes heavier. Mathieu is a man who is ready to do everything it takes to keep is secret and slowly he becomes this monster. It is a different form of double personality. Great acting from Niney here who just receive a Palm d’Or at Cannes for best actor for the film Yves Saint Laurent (2014). The cinematography totally awesome I love that the fact Gozlan film that one in a big mansion in the country near a beach. We do have the most beautiful Mansion in France. Here is a thriller that works well but not surreal but who care it is entertaining.